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Steps of writing product reviews for money in 2021? An interesting guide for new writers

Whenever we try to buy something new, the first thing that most of us check out is the reviews of that particular product. So if we find the product exciting and valuable, we probably buy it anyhow. That is how the whole system works. Writing product reviews for money is a great way to increase your income as a blogger.

Most bloggers utilize this strategy to get some commission out of these products by giving their honest verdict to their onlookers. For all those who don’t know how bloggers get a commission, it is by affiliate marketing.

Let me briefly introduce affiliate marketing. It is a kind of marketing in which bloggers or any marketer tries to promote someone else’s product and get a chunk of commission out of that product. This product can be a physical or digital product like an eBook, printables, or online course. These people try to promote these products by giving reviews of these products honestly and comprehensively.

What are product reviews?

Product reviews are comprehensive and detailed reviews of any physical or Digital product that a blogger wants to promote in a very considerate manner. The review contains every bit of information about that product, including its positive side and opposing sides.

Product reviews are critical because they provide value-added information that helps the visitors in buying any particular product. It is done by giving them a detailed piece of information about a product they will purchase shortly. Now you may have an idea of what are product reviews and how to write product reviews.

Whenever you try to search for any kind of product on the internet you will find a number of reviews with the mentioned rating like this.

writing product reviews

Writing product reviews for money is beneficial or not

One of the most important things to consider in writing a review about any product is leaving every bit of information about that product carefully. You should write the pros and cons of that product without taking any favor to that product in order to call yourself a genuine reviewer or blogger. Writing product reviews for money is also one of the best blog monetization methods.

In most cases, the bloggers or marketers do not try to highlight the negative aspects of the products and highlight only the positive side of that products.

Well, it’s human nature that if you want to buy something new, you would like to see the reviews of other people who have already purchased that exact product. There are very few exceptions that will buy a product from any online store blindly. Everybody needs a recommendation from either a friend or a blogger who he used to follow. That is why you should write an unbiased review of that product you will promote to provide complete value-added information to your readers and visitors to your blog.

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Does writing product reviews for money worth it? What are the benefits?

how to write product reviews

There are a lot of benefits to writing product reviews for money. If you try to play this review writing strategy right, then the chances of your success as a reviewer will be increased.

People will trust your opinion and buy different items if you leave an honest and detailed review of every product you review. Your opinions will matter to them, and you will become an authority in front of their eyes.

You will get a chance to earn some commission by promoting such products on your blog or website. Every product has a different commission and pays you when someone buys a product from your affiliate link.

You will start getting new traffic, and it will increase rankings and boost your website traffic in no time, which is a considerable fact.

You will get sponsorships from different companies to promote their products on your website and leave your honest review. Because you have made yourself an authority, and people start trusting you. It helps sponsors to generate some sales from your honest review.

If you want to write a product review as a sponsored post, kindly have a look at this article.

Know your audience before writing product reviews

When you are writing product reviews for money, you must know the target audience you will target. If your target niche is traveling, your audience must be those who love traveling or want to travel to different destinations worldwide. So in this scenario, you must know that the product you are going to review must be travel products and relevant to your audience.

If you want to promote a weight loss product to the one who loves traveling, this product review is useless. It will not be going to work. So always keep your reviews relevant to your niche. Just like this, try to note down several things that you must check in your audience.

  1. Is your product related to your audience?
  2. Is your product of good quality?
  3. Is your product have a great user experience and already have great reviews.

1) Start with a catchy introduction

The introduction must create a hook that will engage your readers to read your review till the last line of your product thinking. Make them feel prepared for what they are going to read in this upcoming blog post.

2) Learn about the product while writing product reviews

Whenever you are going to promote any kind of product, you must know the ins and outs of the product by yourself which you are going to promote. You should at least use this product once or twice to leave a valuable review on the onlookers. Try to write product reviews in which you have a firm grip and knowledge about that product.

3) Demonstrate the features of your products

After describing the introduction and importance of that product, start featuring the main highlights of that product. Try to highlight every characteristic that the product has in a precise manner. Some products like computer gadgets or electronic devices need detailed information and do not need alluring and persuasive words, so try to be straightforward.

In that case, let’s take an example. Let us assume that you are trying to promote and lead a particular brand. In that case, you should try focusing on the main characteristics like the screen size, display, intelligent functions, and warranty in a very straightforward way instead of using unnecessary jargon.

When you list all the main characteristics of that particular product, start featuring each trait in detail. This is when you are trying to pitch that reader to potential customers of that product. In that section, you have to persuade them how this product is unique and effective in comparison with other products by telling each and every single characteristic in detail.

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4) Don’t forget to highlight the cons of the products

When trying to review any product, you must know that this review should be unbiased and impartial. So try to highlight all the positive and negative signs of that product so that the reader gets complete information about its advantages and disadvantages.

Let us assume you just try to sugarcoat each and every single trait of your product. In that case, you will be going to lose your reader in doubt. He would search for an unbiased review on another blog and pay him that special commission you will get.

5) Compare your product with other products

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When you compare two different products, it gives your reader a chance to find out the choice for his needs and necessities. Secondly, when you try to state facts and basic functionalities of products in comparison, it helps the buyer determine the best product according to his own accord. This comparison would be highly beneficial for those first-time buyers who haven’t purchased such a product before.

6) Allow your readers to interact and leave a feedback

writing product reviews for money

It is a great way to ask your readers to leave their feedback on their utilized product and share their precious experiences. It will allow you to build a community of that product users and honest reviews.

7) Summarize your product review

At the end of the review, try to add your personal experience, which you have experienced while using the product. Try to write your opinion in an open way instead of being a closed one. As I have already said, try to be unprejudiced in your writings whenever you write a review.

Final remarks

It’s a game of strategy on how you play it. You should write a persuasive product review but in the limitations of being honest, unbiased, and factful reviews that people love and believe. Try experimenting with different copywriting and persuasive writing strategies to test your luck and see which gives you the highest sales and leads.