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What is canva? How to make money with canva ( 7 Best Tips and Tricks to Earn 50$ daily)

Canva is the best website for Non-designers and entrepreneurs to create eye-catching graphics quickly with thousands of templates and millions of images & elements with its 30 days free account and also can buy its premium account.

I have been using this tool for the past two years. When I was in university, I used it to design logos for university events, to make my presentations. Later, I got internships in content writing, then canva has helped me a lot. It helped me to create the best Feature images for my content.

There is a lot of ways to make money with Canva. I am sharing some simple tricks and tips, So by following these you can make money with Canva.

 how to make money with canva
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It’s almost six months since I am making money with Canva. You can also make money with canva, it’s easy and won’t require a lot of knowledge about designs. You can create your free Canva account on a laptop or mobile phone and get started. Its Pro offer includes different features like background remover, Brand kit, content planner, etc. The best thing is you can try Canva Pro for free for 30 days.  You can also buy the Canva pro version to get more versatile designs. Canva premium offer includes accessing millions of photos starting at $1 each. You’ll also get exclusive access to 400,000 free photos, illustrations, and templates. You can upload your own images.

Now let us discuss What Canva is and how you can get started with Canva? Here are the best ways to earn 50$ daily by using canva.

1.Selling Templates:

It is one of the best ways you can make money with Canva. All you need is a Canva Premium account, as it allows us to share our designs as templatesIn the past few months, I have made over 1500$ by selling templates.

Whether you do not know how to share your design as a template. Create your designs on canva and when you do that, click on the share button. Then you will see the option to share in 3 ways (View only, Edit, Template), then select the option, share as a template from the dropdown: and you will get the sharable link for your template. (Canva Pro Feature). You can also make money with canva by selling your templates.

Now, you will ask where & How Can I sell those templates?

If you want to sell the templates, (Create a pdf in Canva, add the links of templates designed by you, and do your branding to the Pdf. Once your pdf gets complete, you can sell it on 3rd Market, Etsy, or any other platform.

Gumroad is the platform I’ve used to sell my templates bundle, So I must say Gumroad is amazing to sell your digital products.

2.Content Creation Service

You can offer a Content creation service for social media and make good money. Content is highly in demand because all the brands want to post appealing and engaging content. For this purpose, they hire the best content writers.

You can start your freelance content writing journey and start creating content using it. It’s easy to do. You can make money with Canva by providing your content-creating services.

Now, you will ask about where or to whom I can sell my content creation service? There are multiple ways you can get started. Some of these are:

  • Sell on Fiverr or Up work
  • Reach out to your friends and family.
  • Reach out to a business that is looking for content Creators (Search in LinkedIn or Facebook).
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3. Canva Coaching/Training

If you’re someone who knows Canva in-depth and loves to teach others, you can start providing Coaching Services and charge money. Many busy entrepreneurs and non-designers are willing to learn Canva to make content quickly and effectively. You can get in touch with them and offer your Coaching Service.  Best coaching services for canva.

Start establishing your presence and build credibility around Canva to jump-start your Coaching services. There are so many people (Business owners/students/non-designers etc.) who are very keen to learn in-depth about this tool and explore better possibilities for them. You can help them by sharing your knowledge of the platform as a you can make money with Canva by providing coaching services for Canva learners. But you have to Buy a Canva pro Account to access more versatile designs to teach your learners the best.

canva premium

4.Become a Canva Creator/Contributor

Canva designing tool is used by over 50 million users from 179 countries, opening up a whole new market for your work. Become a contributor now and start selling your content. Canva premium account gives You more opportunities to get and use more new Designs.

Canva is accepting applications for Canva Contributors & Creators who are willing to submit their templates. Once your application gets approved, you can create and add templates to it. When other people use your templates, you will receive money as per the Canva payment policy. So this is the easy way to make money with Canva.

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To apply for Canva Creators Program, Click here!

When you apply for its creator programs, by filling the form, the Canva team will reach out to you within few days depending upon the number of applications they are receiving. 

You will get all the details to submit your templates as a Canva creator and started making money with Canva.

canva creater programs

5.Become Canva Affiliate:

Canva has its Affiliate program, and you can get this opportunity to make money just by referring. If any of your referrals purchase Canva Premium after a free trial of 30 days, you will get the amount set by Canva for an affiliate in your account. Canva Affiliate is another way to give you a chance to make money with Canva.

To apply for Canva Affiliate Program, Click here!

canva affiliate

6. Set up People’s Account

There are people many people who are not interested in technology or do not have an IT background. You can make money with Canva by simply offering your services in this regard. You can bring order and clarity to their designs, organize their projects, or give them a newbie tour. You can also set their Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest accounts, can promote their business, blogs, marketing.

  • Therefore by managing other people’s accounts is an easy way to make money with canva. You Can also buy Canva Premium for this purpose.

7.Impress & Convert New Clients

Remember that your client is your money check. Once you make your client happy. He will order you more, and happily, will prefer to work with you.

Canva Premium offers you a lot of Designs and Impress your customers by making a positive first impression. Use Canva to create project proposals and other designs. Be creative and make your al designs appealing. Happening this would impress your new clients, they might end up purchasing your services for that sole reason!? So by impressing your clients, you can make money with canva. Canva pro offers you a lot of Designs and features. 

Final Words:

Making money online is becoming a trend in this Era. Everyone is making money online. Follow these simple steps and start to make money with canva. You can get cash from it in different ways like Paypal, Skrill, and Payoneer. You control the payout threshold and control fees. 

 I suggest you buy canva premium to reach out to new innovative designs and access more photos and videos. I hope you like all these ways; I mentioned making 50$ daily by using Canva.

So Why are you waiting? Go! Get started soon and make money with Canva.

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