8 fascinating tips on using quora to boost blog traffic

Your mind’s brimming up with creative ideas and your blog is filling up with the written word. But very few people are there to read. And fewer to appreciate. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, wipe those tears away! We have solutions for you. With an app like Quora, blogging and generating traffic is a child’s play. You may get to know quora to boost blog traffic in this blog.

Quora is a website that breaks down the biggest questions and answers people have on the internet. If you want information, Quora has tons of it. Interestingly enough, this website is created, edited and organized by its consumers. Now if you’re not leveraging Quora to advance your blog, you are probably missing out. Quora can prove to be an extremely valuable source to boost high-quality traffic and visibility for a blogger. If you use it properly, your blog can go viral within weeks!

If you got funds, you easily just create an ad campaign on Quora. But why spend money when there are easier ways to advertise your blog for FREE!

Now here are some very useful and fascinating tips that every blogger must know when using Quora to generate blog traffic.

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When you enter yourself on this platform, your Quora profile must look stellar. Add a professional-looking profile picture and provide your name. Explain all of your credentials, your educational progress and what kind of a blogger want to be. And make sure to look highly professional. Explain what you do for work and 

what your workplace is. Include links to your Instagram, blogs, etc.

Simply describe who you are in the most catching manner possible.

Quora isn’t the place for passive and incompetent people. Now, if you’re passionate about your blog, you need to dazzle with your profile, so that you get some followers. Now when you’ll post something people when get notified of your great content.

Now that your profile is set up, start answering questions and ultimately, skyrocket your blog traffic!

Plan your research on quora to boost blog traffic

When it comes to Quora, don’t just start answering every question that you see. No.

Instead, take your time.

Be strategic with the questions you want to answer.

When you search for questions regarding your blog, choose the questions with the highest following. That way, when you answer that question, your blog information will reach a larger amount of people. Now that’s not only it.

Filter the questions and make sure to answer the newest ones.

In your question research, observe two things.

  1. More amount of followers
  2. The latest questions.

Now, the second most important thing is to search for questions related to your blog on Google and check for the top ten results. If the question is available in the results on Quora, answer that particular question. That way, you get higher traffic from the Google search engine to your blog FOR FREE!

If that question on Quora, isn’t available in the top ten results, change your wording to the question and search again.

Now, once you’ve chosen your question, you can go to the related questions on the side. Quora will show a list of questions, similar to the one you answered. Answer those questions as well and that way, you will be answering the same kind of questions.


Congratulations! You are done with an important part of your successful Quora use. Now the next thing you want to do is PLAN YOUR QUORA ANSWERS.

But what does planning an answer mean?

Create an answer template:

When using Quora, you are going to want to answer as many questions as possible. But that takes time. You can’t type an answer for every single question over and over. Instead, you create answer templates. You can simply use GoogleDocuments. Create several types of answer templates for the different kinds of questions you are going to answer.

And now, the task is simple. Just copy and paste. From your templates to Quora answers. In this way, you can use quora to boost blog traffic.

You can answer almost 15 to 20 questions every day in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. In this way, you conserve your own time and also advance your blog smartly.

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Make your answer memorable and easy:

The questions that you would be answering, would be the same ones hundreds of other people are answering as well.

 Why would anybody focus on your answer?

 What is so special about your answer?

You have to make sure your answer catches the eye and stands out among the others. How?


Use a graphic symbol, first thing in your answer. With most of the answers being just text text text, your visual imagery will grab attention. Your powerful image will compel the scroller to stop and read your particular answer. And it is so simple to create a good design with a wonderful app like CANVA!


Nobody likes messy text. Nobody is going to spend time figuring out what exactly you’re talking about. They will simply scroll away.

Your answer needs to be easy to read. Make titles. Use bold text. Use an engaging writing style. Hook your consumers!

If you are new to Quora, you can’t just start pasting links in your answers. Quora will deem you spam and BAN YOU!  

What you need to do is build a good reputation and relationship with Quora first. Earn its trust.

Just like you cultivate business friendships. As a good practice, in the starting week, answer without links. Answer more, but without pasting links. After a week, start including links in a few questions. For example, if you answer 10 questions a day, add links in two of them. This makes a ratio of one link per five questions. Complete a month with this practice.

 Once, you’ve developed a reputation and trust in like a month, you can now paste links in every single answer of yours and Quora won’t mind a thing! Quora trusts you now.

But NEVER include an affiliate link. You directly get deleted. If you are selling something, use your blog as a landing page and then add an affiliate link there. When you get traffic to your bog, people will get the product advertisement there. Don’t worry, you’ll still get proper conversions. In this way, you can use quora to boost blog traffic.


Now, here on Quora, we have something called Spaces.

Now, Spaces is something like a Facebook group or a page. What you have to do is, go on the Quora search engine and type the particular topic you have in mind for your blog. On the left-hand side, underneath the “BY TYPE” will be Spaces.

Now pick the Space with the most amount of followers and follow it yourself. Then try to become a contributor in Spaces.

To become a contributor, go on the space page and on the right sidebar, click the people section and you will find the moderators, the admins, the followers, and the contributors there. Click on the view more and you will see an option to apply as a contributor. This will be if the admin has allowed requests for more contributors. Now, wait for the response.

If the space has no “Want to be a contributor” link, then try to contact the admin or directly comment about your wish to be a contributor on the space.

Once, you’ve become a contributor, you can now post your own blog on the Space. Now every single follower will be notified of your post. This will give you better exposure, provide value to people, and a good reputation on Quora. You will also be able to make your Quora profile look better. You can simply reach more people in these Spaces, get popular on Quora and use it for content marketing.


These Quora stats are very important to understand and scale up on this platform. Observing the performance of your answers will provide you with a better awareness of how Quora works, what exactly do the people want here and how to grow further on Quora.

If you use Quora and go to your profile and click stats, you can analyze your statistics and observe which questions are giving you better views, upvotes, and shares. You can then go on those questions and analyze how you have answered them, what comments you have and what exactly is making them so popular and successful. You can duplicate those answers and create better answer templates.

 You can also perform the A B SPLIT TESTING. You can check which answers are doing better, gather information on it. Then, go to the Quora search engine, type similar questions, and just start answering left and right!


Once you are finally done with the tiresome process of researching questions and planning answers, you can now shift to the fun process of sharing your answers on social media. With the captivating answers like you have, this is simply going to shoot your traffic further up.

Try sharing in different kinds of Facebook groups, especially the ones with the blogging or writing communities. They are definitely going to be a big hit there. Very often people are also looking for good writers on these groups, you might even have a good chance to be recruited.

Try also sharing on Twitter with the trending hashtags where more amount of people are interested in that sort of information. That way, you generate traffic directly from Facebook and Twitter to your quora answers and then to your blog. Talk about a win, right?


Quora is a goldmine for bloggers when it comes to contacting mainstream brands, executives and popular bloggers. Most of these above-mentioned people also use quora as a channel for their own promotions. You can contact bloggers and write guest posts for them and provide value to them. You can also leave insightful answers to their questions to get attention from such authoritative publications.

You can expand your own unique brand by attaching your name to the above-mentioned people. This will open up ample opportunities for you in the future times.


At times, writers face a slump or a loss of new ideas for the content matter. Quora can act for you as an idea-generating machine. This platform keeps up with the trending topics globally. If you ever feel like you are running out of creativity and have no clue what to write anymore, Quora has suggestions for you in ABUNDANCE!

Simply enter a few keywords into the Quora search engine and you have your next best topic right there in front of you. You might need a bit of a tweak here and there and voila!

Your new fresh idea presents itself in all its glory.



Time and time again, these simple tips have proven themselves extremely worthy and valuable. If you follow these tips smartly, you are surely on the pathway to growing your blog in leaps and bounds.

It is definitely going to be exhausting following these tips.

It is definitely going to take time.

But lose no hope because it is going to be WORTH YOUR WHILE!

Hopefully, you will find this article similar to a helpful friend in your need. Now that you have finished learning ways to promote your blog on Quora and use these tips to increase traffic. There are several other ways to boost blog traffic aswell. check out our other articles aswell.

 It is time to spring into action and BREAK A LEG!