10 Must-Have Useful Digital Marketing Tools for Success

The world, from brick-and-mortar to the digital era, is definitely evolving. With it, blogging has become a new norm. But most of all, it has also become a demand of time.

The perfect solution to your less cash flow and busy work schedule, blogging gives you the full opportunity to generate passive income and work independently at the time that best suits you.

Now you’ll be asking yourself, “is it that simple?”, “Can I do it?” Oh, yes! One can do everything when one has the right tools.

So, here we are with the most informative and knowledge-enriched article that will help you understand how useful digital marketing tools are and why they are essential for successful blogging.

However, before moving on with that, it’s vital to take a brief overview of what digital marketing tools are and how they work in our favor.

Bonus: Also, stay with us until the end of the article to learn how you can choose and devise useful digital marketing tools and techniques.

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What Are Digital Marketing Tools?

Digital marketing tools give wings to your business – but only if chosen wisely.

The many software solutions that companies, brands, and digital professionals utilize to produce and advertise their products and services are digital marketing tools.

In this digital world, it’s probably safe to state that to attain our objectives efficiently, the support of useful digital marketing tools is necessary.

We can generate a substantial income and preserve a competitive lead if we select the appropriate marketing tools and then utilize them effectively to our advantage.

How Useful Digital Marketing Tools Are for Our Digital Growth?

We need a digital marketing campaign to spread our blog everywhere and gain more traffic for successful blogging. Digital marketing tools automate this process by leveraging digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, etc., for our successful digital marketing campaigns.

Thus, with the perfect fusion of digital marketing strategies and the best digital marketing tools, we can drive our campaign to success and get a higher ranking on SERP.

Now, let us learn about the different types of digital marketing tools, their numerous uses, and their benefits for bloggers.

Types of Digital Marketing Tools

Type and search “useful digital marketing tools” in Google’s search bar. Overwhelming scores of ads will pop up on the screen. There are many useful digital marketing tools on the market. Every digital marketing tool is useful for some function or part of blogging. 

Finding useful digital marketing tools depends on the market, audience, or clientele you want to pitch your message or blogs.

The most significant types of Digital Marketing tools are,

  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Social Media expansion tools
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • Content Writing Tools
  • Graphic Designing Tools

In addition, other types of digital marketing tools increase the speed of your website and improve the front end of your blog.

Probably you cannot wait any longer. “What are the best digital marketing tools” is the question in your mind. We are here to address precisely that query.

Useful Digital Marketing Tools: Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is one of the very first modes of digital marketing. It often goes underlooked now. However, any expert on digital marketing will tell you that email marketing still is one of the most efficient and practical marketing techniques.  It is a cheap but the most reliable instrument.

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Email marketing is an easy and effective solution to your marketing strategy. You only need to scrap data to target your audience. Useful digital marketing tools for email marketing and campaigns will do the rest for you. They send automated and scheduled emails to convert the leads for you.  

The tools of digital marketing for emails are multiple. We have shortlisted the top digital marketing tools list. Let us discuss each briefly.

·       Aweber: A Reliable & Useful Email Generating App

Aweber is one of the most useful digital marketing tools for email campaigns. It is straightforward to navigate. It gives you complete control with advanced backend control so you can control how your emails are viewed.

On top of that, ready-to-use email templates make it easier for you to send responsive emails and convert the leads. The auto-response feature is the reason why Aweber should top the digital marketing tools list 2021.

·       Mailchimp: Best for Emails

Mailchimp is very popular with small e-commerce business owners. It is so because it provides a complete package for digital marketing. Mailchimp is an all-in-one tool, thus making it a compressive and useful digital marketing tool.

Mailchimp is very effective for email marketing. It covers every step from creating a subscriber list to sending emails with custom templates. You do not want to miss out on this useful digital marketing tool.

·       GetResponse: The Name Says it All

As the name suggests, GetResponse aims at converting leads from your email list. It is effortless to use for the not-so-tech-savvy and geeks. Ease of use makes it a top-of-the-line and useful digital marketing tool.

GetResponse distinguishes itself from other tools by free templates and scores of images. Visually aesthetic emails are more effective for conversion than long and tedious emails.

·       Sendinblue: High-Converting Email Copy Generator

With Sendinblue’s advanced email features, you may create a personalized email template. You may also use it for customized SMS marketing and live chat. Users can build a high-converting email copy through this perfect email marketing tool using the tool’s heat maps, A/B testing, and real-time statistics.

Sendinblue comes with extra capabilities like the Facebook ads module, retargeting, and landing page building. Therefore, it’s also a good tool for eCommerce. We’ve been utilizing Sendinblue for a while now, so we’re well-versed in its capabilities. Due to these reasons, we have included it in our list of blogging tools.

 ·       Constant Contact: Perfect List-Building Email Marketing Tool

The list has some amusing names, one must admit. However, do not take Constant Contact lightly. It has many unique features. The automation on Constant Contact is second to none. You can schedule welcome emails and resend emails to inactive subscribers.

Other features like powerful list-building, email series, and contact segmentation are the reasons why Constant Contact makes our list of useful digital marketing tools.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media has become an online store. Social media is the hottest place to sell, buy and influence shopping patterns. For your business to grow and your clientele to soar, missing out on social media marketing is a loss.  

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To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of useful digital marketing tools 2021 for social media marketing. Let’s know them.

·       TweetDeck: The Twitter Digital Marketing Manager

Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms. It is an asset for bloggers and business owners alike as most users are very active.  TweetDeck is the best and most useful digital marketing tool for the short blogging platform.

TweetDeck is a Twitter manager and is officially part of the network. It is a virtual social media manager. It allows you to use and manage different accounts on Twitter. You can schedule tweets for the day and get insights on the response of traffic you generate.

·       Tailwind Create: All-in-One Social Media Marketing Tool

Tailwind is reliable as more than 700,000 plus users. It includes business and social media influencers.

Tailwind realizes the need for visual aesthetics and keeps up to date with the latest features of almost all social media platforms. The creative and ready-to-use designs make you look like a pro graphics designer, and your feed generates likes and responses instantly. You can schedule posts and automate your accounts for maximum productivity with Tailwind Create.

Tailwind Create makes our list of useful digital marketing tools because of its versatility for all social media platforms. You can manage all of your social media in one place.  

·       Facebook Creator Studio: Useful Digital Marketing Tools for Facebook

Facebook Creator Studio is an extended and updated feature of Facebook.

Facebook Creator Studio helps bloggers, influencers, and business owners manage posts, insights, and messages from multiple Facebook pages in one place.

With Facebook Creator Studio, you can manage and filter uploads from any page. The most remarkable feature is the upload of multiple videos at the same time. Facebook Creator Studio’s additional functions like help with monetization and running ads make it a useful digital marketing tool.  

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Keyword Research and SEO Tools:

You must have heard of Aesop’s fable “The goose and the golden egg.” In a similar context, the keyword research tool is the goose, and keywords are our golden eggs.

A keyword research tool aids in the discovery of Keywords (content ideas) that people are searching for on Google, Yahoo, and Amazon, etc. It makes it easier for us to come up with content ideas that are in demand.

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Most importantly, keyword research tools also show us which keywords are helping our competitors to rank on top of search engines. After that, we may tweak our content to target those keywords and attract their audience, netting their market.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most powerful keyword research tools for SEO.

·       Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is the Swiss Army Knife of content marketing because of its multi-purpose features. You may generate thousands of keyword suggestions using Ahrefs’ keyword explorer. It’s an optimal choice for those looking for a long list of authentic and golden keywords.

It’s the best digital marketing tool for competitive analysis. On a silver platter, It serves keywords your competitors are ranking for (but you aren’t), so you can produce fresh content pieces centered on those topics.

Ahrefs also provides a variety of other valuable tools. Its valuable competitive intelligence feature also displays new keywords and keyword moves in search queries. That is why Ahrefs is our top choice personally.

·       AnswerThePublic:

AnswerThePublic is a unique tool as it offers keywords in a great visual way. AnswerThePublic’s keyword results are based on the auto-suggest / auto-complete function of Google and Bing.

You can click any of these keywords to conduct a Google search, opening in a new tab. It will reveal which content is currently ranking for those keywords.

It is an excellent tool to try if you’re just getting started with SEO and keyword research. It provides hundreds of fresh and in-demand content ideas that we can instill in our article and have an opportunity to rank higher. That is why we have listed it among the other useful digital marketing tools for bloggers.

·       The Google Keyword Planner:

The Google Keyword Planner is mostly for advertisers that want to run their ads on Google. It is, however, also a very beneficial tool for SEO keyword research and planning as well. Unlike other commercial products, it works on freemiums. However, on access, it will ask for a Google Ads account.

It’s one of the efficient and useful digital marketing tools. It lets you find keywords related to your niche and see how many monthly searches they get, as well as how much it costs to target them.

Moreover, when you’re looking for keywords to employ in your campaign, you may use Keyword Planner to get suggestions for relevant terms. This process is quite helpful when it comes to finding keywords for your sites. Hence, it is one of the best tools for bloggers.

·       Yoast SEO: One of the Most Useful Digital Marketing Tools

When it comes to search engine optimization, nothing could beat the most popular WordPress plugin, “The Yoast SEO.” It is, in fact, one of the most used WordPress plugins ever.

Yoast appeals to us because of its tremendous ease of use. When you’ve built a page or published a post, all you have to do is follow Yoast’s instructions, and you’ll have basic SEO on every page.

It also handles several optimizations behind the scenes that don’t require your input. Overall, it is the most efficient and valuable digital marketing tool. 

Content Writing Tools: Useful Digital Marketing Tools

Aside from detailed and unique content, flawless writing is a key to win Google’s heart. Easy said than done! As flawless writing is no piece of cake. To write with clarity, you need guidance, suggestions, and tips.

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Similarly, a post needs to be clear, readable, and error-free to gain likes and ranking. For this purpose, what can be more beneficial than useful digital marketing tools, available for analyzing your writing? Here are two of the best tools that can help you nail your content piece.

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·       Grammarly: A Writer’s Partner in Crime

Grammar mistakes are a sin. There are unpaid grammar Nazis all over the social media and internet that will make a big deal of any grammar mistake in your posts, blogs or content.

Grammarly is a lifesaver. Its clever AI system points out and corrects all the grammatical shortcomings in your content. It suggests changes to make your content more engaging and readable.

If you are a blogger, Grammarly must be included in your list of useful digital marketing tools.  

·       Hemmingway App: A Pro App Among the Useful Digital Marketing Tools:

This pro-writing app aims at improving your writing style. It is not just another grammar corrector app. It analyzes your writing style and gives you tips to make your writing better and inflow.

The online app is free and convenient, but the desktop app offers more features. We can also use it offline. It recommends ways to make long sentences more concise and replaces words that you have used inadvertently.

Hemingway Editor will teach and coach you to write clearly and concisely to increase your readability and score higher SEO.

Graphic Designing Tools: Useful Digital Marketing Tools

If you think creating or using visual content in your blog posts is a waste of time and space. We advise you to think again.

Simply including a few images and infographics in your blog entries can make a huge difference. Visually pleasing images and templates generally generate more responses and conversions. According to OptinMonster, 32% of marketers or bloggers think visual graphics are an asset to their actual content. 

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There are plenty of tools, apps, and other exciting platforms to discover and use when it comes to your creativity. Let’s take a look at two of the useful digital marketing tools for creating and designing images.

·       Canva: Be a Pro Designer

Canva is a useful digital marketing tool for designing posts and creating responsive images. If you want to have a bright feed that people cannot help but follow, Canva is the best designing tool for you.

You can add your own content/design to your visual projects. Furthermore, we can create unique and contemporary custom banners using Canva’s hundreds of layouts, elements, text styles, and backdrops.

Canva is an excellent tool for bloggers who want to design custom featured post images or infographics. That’s why it tops the list of designing apps for bloggers.

·       Pablo: A Designing Tool for Social Media Marketing

It lets you generate eye-catching customized images and graphics to share on social media sites. Pablo has an image size guide to help you choose the perfect size of the canvas.

For example, if you’re on Pinterest, there’s a size recommendation for optimizing your photographs for the platform. The same can be said about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also switch templates; there are more than 600,000 to select from. Additionally, you can apply filters, add messages, and overlay your own logo or artwork and use these artistic images in your blogs.

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Bonus: How Can You Choose the Useful Digital Marketing Tools?

While on the one hand, the article would have undoubtedly helped, on the other hand, it would have made you confused too. From the many tools that we have listed above, you will be considering which to choose. Well, be happy! Because we are not done yet. We have devised the following questions for you to decide which tools will suit you best.

Ask yourself the following questions and decide on your tools:

Question#1: What are my strategy and set goals?

In order to choose the most useful digital marketing tools, you should focus on your roadmap and identify your blog strategy and marketing goals.

Question#2: What is my budget?

It’s a good idea to determine your budget before beginning your hunt for digital marketing tools. Decide do you need marketing applications for long-term or short-term projects and then choose wisely.

Question#3: What is the tool’s Price-Performance Ratio (PPR)?

It’s critical to choose useful digital marketing tools based on price-to-performance. First, consider all the pros and cons of these tools, then check if the paid tools serve their purpose thoroughly or not.

Question#4: Do the useful digital marketing tools have features that I require?

You must choose only those digital marketing solutions among the many available that will help you perform better and have the required characteristics. Visit the apps and compare them to analyze which app has more valuable features.

Useful Digital Marketing Tools – In a Nut Shell  

Digital marketing is the new norm. With more and more businesses moving and scaling online, these useful digital marketing tools will only make life easier. Use them accordingly, and take your blogging journey to a new height. However, with so many options comes confusion. Therefore, it is a blessing that you came across our article. You can try a few tools from our list and decide which tools suit your needs best. Don’t forget to thank us later!

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