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Useful blog designing tools in 2021 (A Complete Beginner’s guide to visual content designing)

Creating value-added and optimize content is the most interesting and important aspect in blogging. Besides this, appealing and visually attractive content is also necessary and some of the useful blog designing tools are the answer to resolve this query. If you have stumbled upon this article in order to get some unique blog designing tools ideas then you have chosen the right spot.

Are you interested in why there is a boom in designing tools for blogging? The answer is simple because our mind interprets visuals content promptly than text. The relevancy of images and their design make blogs noteworthy for future referral also.

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We will delve into the topic by keeping in mind the following points:

What are the useful tools for blog designing in 2021?

How can I personally design visual content for my blog?

Can I hire someone to prepare visual content for my blog post?

Should I go for free tools or buy designing tools?

As you can see, even the same questions also pop up earlier in my mind before exploring and using these tools. No need to worry; I will guide you on the simplest ways to make the best of blog design tools.

Let’s start with the widely used and my most favorite online visual content designing tool for blogging and freelancing.

Canva : A useful blog designing tool in 2021 ( Highly Recommended)

Every freelancer is aware of Canva because of its user-friendly interface. Even if you have no idea of designing, you can create some beautiful designs with built-in features. The app is so intelligent that it detects that you are dragging some element in the template and will facilitate you accordingly.

The collection of templates is outstanding and more appealing. This tool is not only included in the list of best blog designing tools but also the best tools for bloggers.

Other design tools have a limitation as they excel in a specific area, but Canva is flourishing because there is regular up-gradation with new features; that’s why people never get bored of it.

It’s just a start; you can customize your design by branding them and saving them for later use. You can import background, font, images, icons, elements, sound, pdf files, videos, infographics, quotes, podcasts, and color palettes. SO we can say that its a great package of designing tools for bloggers.

Canva covers all features under one umbrella; image resizes one of the best features for social media. You can also remove/blur background from images easily. You can create featured photos, logos, presentations, banner posts, videos, business cards, email headers, and eBooks.

There are two versions of canva , a free version and a paid version. I would personally recommend you to choose the Pro version as I am using it myself and my experience with Canva Pro is great and I am doing all my stuff with it. You can click here to sign up for Canva.

The ultimate Guide to useful blog designing tools (alternative to Canva)

There are loads of apps, tools, and software for visual and multimedia designing are available. Plenty of choices make beginners confuse about deciding on a particular tool according to their needs. I will brief you on the best alternatives to Canva very concisely to give you a birds-eye view.

Adobe Photoshop (Recommended only if you are expert at it)

In raster images, Adobe Photoshop is King and referred to as yardstick worldwide. It is literally one of the most diverse and best tools that designers must use. You can create almost every single kind of designing with this software.

The only thing that you must keep in mind is the expertise this software demands from you if you really want to be good at this software. You must learn this tool before making designs on it but overall it is one of the best tools I have ever encountered as a designing tool.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free online tool with loads of options like free images, icons, high-quality templates, themes, fonts, and much more.


 Pick Monkey is an online photo editing and design service. Pick Monkey is becoming popular because of its effects, filters, collages, banners, YouTube design templates. One more thing you can download this app on mobile free of cost and can share your post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.


Visme is an online visual content platform. The free version has some catchy offers; paid one is more extensive.


 Snappa is a must-have tool for beginners and offering useful features. You can customize infographics, design templates, banners, YouTube thumbnails.


Crello is Offering both free and paid versions. Anyone can learn it in minutes as it is effortless to go and provides excellent features in the free version.  But if you want to work on a large scale, you must go for the paid ones.


Stencil is Offering both Free and paid versions. You can enjoy free with limited access but paid one with rich features.


PlaceIt is for people who are beginners in designing. They can customize design templates, logos, videos, mockups, and gaming. You can also customize screenshots of your website home page and make it more dynamic.


Venngage has both free and paid versions. This tool will help in designing charts, graphs, and reports.


In Piktochart,  you can customize infographics and visuals.


Another free online photo editor and collage maker


For beginners, it provides the best combination of photo editing and collage


Pixlr is a free photo editor and online visual design tool. Pixlr has similar features to Adobe Photoshop, but its friendly interface is the spirit for beginners.


Designhill is offering both free and paid versions. It is a marketplace for graphic designing so that you can hire someone related. If you are trying some design yourself, you must follow the instructions to get the desired result.

Ecover Maker (Premium)

Ecover Maker is used for presentation resources mainly. Even beginners can create an eBook cover, ecover for the magazine, album cover, and 3d cover art.

Do check this guide for blog writing this will help you a lot. Beginners guide to content writing in 2021- A comprehensive content writing guide for beginners

Segregation of Useful Blog Designing Tools by their category

Font Tools

1) Google Fonts (Recommended by NovicX Team)

You can easily add these fonts to your website or download them.

2) Font Joy

Font Joy helps you in choosing the most desirable combination of fonts.

3) What Font

Sometimes font clicks you, and you don’t recognize it; this site will help you identify it.

4) Tiff

 Tiff is a great place to select a unique font compared with other fonts.

Template Tools

1) Hubspot’s 10 Infographic Template

Hubspot allows you to get free and customizable quality templates.

2) Hubspot’s 50 customizable template CTA

Hubspot’s customize templates mainly helps you make a customizable template for Call to Action purposes. These templates will help you in converting your audience to a lead.

3) PowerPoint

 Powerpoint provides you the template and different multimedia options in Windows.

4) Keynote

Keynote is functional in Mac and similar to PowerPoint in features.

5) HubSpot’s 5 PowerPoint SlideShare Templates

Hubspot will give you an edge if you don’t have hands-on experience in PowerPoint with their templates to share your blog promotion on Slideshare.

Color Picker Tools

1) Coolor

Designers are very picky in the color of their designs. This site will give you suggestions for choosing the right color combination.

2) Color Zilla

Color Zilla is a little bit advanced tool with HEX code and DOM elements. Once you learn it, you will become a fan of it.

3) COLOURlovers

COLOURlovers have a massive combination of color and pattern. It can also be considered in the list of best designing tools for bloggers.

4) Pitacolous

 The world is advancing day by day by making things possible. If you want to select a particular color from any image, Pitacolous will help you.

Stock Photography Platforms : Useful blog designing tools


Unsplash is the most popular site with a variety of quality images with and without attribution.

Pixabay (Recommended by NovicX Team)

Pixabay has 2.4 million stunning images to use anywhere. Pixabay also gives you the oppurtunity to download images without giving credit to the photographer. Not only this, but it also allows you to download it in your particular pixels size.


 One million-plus free stock photos and videos, no attribution required. It is also one of the useful blog designing tools that I have used so far.

Death to stock photos

You can get their stock photos weekly by email. These are free, but you must read their terms and conditions.


Vecteezy will satisfy your creativity tooth by keeping their most incredible creation at the top.

Stock photos from Hubspot

If you are tired of attribution,  this one is for you; download their batch and use them anyplace.

Startup Stock Photos

This tool helps you to download free stock photos for a startup.

Infographic / Icon  Tools

Infogram ( Recommended by NovicX Team)

Infogram helps in creating infographics not only in graphical format but also in video format.

A team of professionals will help you in creating infographics.

Noun Project (Library of Icon)

Giant library of icons of every type.

Screen capture and Annotation Tools

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot helps you in annotation on screenshots within your browser. Chrome and Firefox support this tool.


Skitch works best on Mac and helps you point, circle, blur, and add text to screenshot. This one is one of the great designing tools for bloggers. For blogging designs it is a great tool.


Page2Images tool helps you take complete website screenshots downloaded easily and shared on Pinterest.

Photo Quote Tools


Create visuals quotes for Android. You enter the text and select layout, and your visual content is ready.

Quozio (Recommended by NovicX Team)

Quozio is the fastest way to create quotes, save and share. This one is one of the most recommended designing tools for bloggers. I would like to conisder this in the list of best blog designing tools.


Pinstamatic allows you to create pins from your website, blog, photos, pinnable quotes, and Twitter account.


Pinwords help you to add beautiful captions to photos and pins instantly.

Social Media Image Maker Tool

Free Image Optimizer

Free Image Optimizer is an online tool to resize, compress and optimize images.

Online Image Compress

 Online Image Compress is a tool that helps in optimizing and compressing JPEG and NPG images.


Another online tool helps to resize, scale and crop multiple images.

EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin (Recommended by NovicX)

The WordPress plugin help make your site browsing faster and optimize image using tools on your server. This one is one of the most recommended designing tools for bloggers.

Smush It

WordPress Plugins to optimize your image. Whenever you are trying to optimize your blog images then you must utilize this tool in order to reduce the excess and unnecessary size of your images and optimize it.

Concluding  remarks for useful blog designing tool

At the very end, I would like to recommend my personal favorite Canva at the end. In the article’s start, we discussed four questions; now, I will conclude the topic by answering them.

What are the useful tools for blog designing?

After discussing the essential step-by-step guide for making the best blog design tools, I have answered the first question in detail.

How can I personally design for my blog?

For the second question, my answer is I have highlighted plenty of user-friendly tools by which you can customize the design for your blog post and always choose the best designing tools for bloggers.

Can I hire someone to design for my blog ?

The third question was about hiring some professional designer then it all depends on your budget and ease. You can hire someone at economical rates at Fiverr or some designer from a premium platform, but the drawback is that you will have to halt, and nobody knows its outcome (good/bad).

Should I go for free tools or buy designing tools?

Now the last question is for free or paid tools; I would suggest at beginner level go for free and then gradually when your blog flourish then opt for a paid one.

Blog Design Tools / Visual content tools will help you in ranking your blog, boost traffic, and of course, be a permanent source of passive income.