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Top 5 Social Media Scheduling Apps. [Find Out the Sensational Fit for Yourself.]

The creation of social media scheduling apps is associated with the increasing use of social media sites day by day. Statistics have shown a significant part of the population is associated with daily social media usage.

Social media has now become a more effective platform to grow your businesses. It’s making people fall for it due to its incredible charms. It has gone way beyond to enjoy and spend leisure. It allows you to market your brand and products with the least possible effort.

Social Media scheduling apps have emerged regarding this scenario. They are considered more than essential to control and manage social media posts. It helps you save time, and the bulk of work gets automated once you schedule it. To help you better understand their futures and functions, we have enlisted the top 5 social media scheduling apps.

What is Social Media Scheduling?

Social Media Scheduling is the act which schedules and managing posts on a social media profile. It may be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You need to schedule the posts and add them through the social media scheduling apps. The rest will go on its own.

Social media management takes a step ahead when hiring a social media manager to provide services. It’s a great way to manage social media profiles when you lack enough time to schedule and arrange content.

Why Use Social Media Scheduling Apps?

Social media scheduling Apps provide you with several benefits that make them count. It can make you pretty less worried about managing content. Also, you will get ample time to work on several other things rather than being worn out for profile management. Let’s discuss a few of those benefits.

The very first and foremost thing social media managing apps do is that it makes you aware of your progress and flaws. It gives you a general overview of how your brand profile should look. And also how to make it visibly more attractive to the audience.

You can schedule multiple posts in a single sitting, either for a week or a month; it’s your choice. You can set up an exact time weeks ahead of when you want that post to be displayed.

Social media scheduling apps can be valuable in the way that they can create multiple leads for your business by improving your performance. On this basis, you can understand your competitors and get a better digital strategy to go further.

Top 5 Social Media Scheduling Apps:

By now, you have got an overview of social media scheduling and its significance. Moving forward, here, you will learn about the top 10 social media scheduling apps. To get the best app for yourself, stick around and check the one with your desired features.

1. Hootsuite:

top 10 social media scheduling apps

Hootsuite is the best idea to organize everything related to social media management. It allows more than 20 apps for regulation and scheduling, and even more, can be added.


Hootsuite works efficiently. It contains a scheduler to choose your favorite time for social media posts scheduling.

There is an auto-schedule feature in Hootsuite that displays the posts at the best optimal time ranges. You can schedule posts for a week, month, or even longer. A CSV file upload fills the scheduler, and you can re-adjust posts by the drag and drop function.

Hootsuite has the impressive attribute of analyzing your performance. It works by comparing and contrasting your social media campaigns and their results. The report can be kept and exported by converting it into pdf, Excel, or CSV.

Hootsuite also monitors new engagement and connections on social media. You can check for a better keyword strategy by targeting a specific group or location among followers. It’s an excellent method to generate a lot more leads. Business or team purchasers can get a safe side by assigning a specific working feature to individuals. It saves from mishandling of passwords and accounts.

Hootsuite Pricing:

Hootsuite comes in various plans. You can get a Free 30-Day Trial for one user at $19 per month. It can schedule up to 10 social media accounts. A-Team plan for three users comes in $99 per month with access to 20 accounts and unlimited post scheduling. The last one is a Business plan for up to 5 users. It costs $599 a month, along with 35 social media accounts.

Pros And Cons:

User-friendly interface.Tagging people on pages is not always smooth.
Allow easy scheduling of social media posts.Integration with Instagram is less efficient.
Have a team collaboration feature.Picture and GIF library has a bit less choices.
Multiple account management at Dashboard.
Week view future to keep an eye on activity.

2. Socialpilot:

IMG 20211216 162041

Socialpilot is a well-known name among social media scheduling apps. It has multiple features that make it more easily accessible for users.


Socialpilot organizes all details of social media accounts in organized sidebars. It offers some highly effective team plans that sell like hotcakes. The primary purpose of social pilot features is to schedule social media posts. However, its support center is quite engaging to improve users’ productivity.

Socialpilot not only creates posts for individuals but also keeps a tracking eye on them. It provides reports on your performance on social media accounts and campaigns. Socialpilot has some exciting collaboration features for those running teams who plan to communicate actively among them.

The inbox for social media profiles can be leveraged for instant responses. It also shares suggestions to improve and diversify content related to your social media campaigns. Almost 500 posts can be scheduled via the bulk scheduling feature of the social pilot. You can have direct access to the URL shortening element in the app.

Socialpilot Pricing:

Socialpilot comes with both monthly and yearly pricing plans. Several options depend upon the added features and team size. Both Monthly plans and annuals have four sorts of options which make it one of the most feasible social media schedulers.

The monthly plan for a single user starts at $30 for up to 10 social media accounts. It costs $25.5 per month when billed annually. A small team plan for three users starts at $50, including 25 social media accounts. When billed annually, it costs $42.5.

The studio plan for five users with 50 social media accounts starts at $100 and costs $85 when billed annually. The Agency account is the final one in the monthly payment system. It costs $150 per month for ten users with inclusive access to 75 accounts. It reduces to $127.5 during yearly billing.

This sustainable pricing structure makes socialpilot among the best social media scheduling apps.

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Pros And Cons:

Socialpilot is quite affordable when it comes to payment costs.Instagram analytics are absent for no reason.
Bulk scheduling of posts is offered with image uploading. Though the interface is good at working yet, it is outdated.
It has a very advanced analytics team which makes it among the best social media scheduling apps. The free plan is not entirely free.
Contains an excellent curation feature.
It has a Strong team collaboration arrangement for team members.

3. Buffer:

IMG 20211217 055634

Buffer is among the most initial social media scheduler which has undergone various updates and added multiple features. When first launched, it was supposed to be the social media scheduler only. Later on, it diversified its working capabilities.

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The buffer starts with a default scheduler when you log in for the first time. The default scheduler has four types of slots that occur at regular intervals throughout the day. This timing depends upon the user’s time zone.

Buffer offers effortless scheduling, whether on the mobile app or the chrome extension. Buffer offers a free plan that sounds quite appealing for new users who want to get essential learnings before purchasing a plan.

Buffer has a huge analytics team that helps curate content. It also supports collaboration future where you can even engage with the audience directly.

Buffer Pricing:

The free plan starts at $0, which costs nothing. It allows three accounts for ten scheduled posts per account. The Pro plan starts at $15 per month for eight social media accounts. Each account can have 100 scheduled posts.

A small business account costs $99 per month. It offers 25 accounts for five users with 2000 posts per account. A medium business plan costs $199 for fifty accounts, ten users, and 2000 scheduled posts for each.

The Large business plan comes for $399 per month with access to 150 social media accounts for 25 members and 2000 scheduled posts for each account.

Pros And Cons:

Easy to operate as it organizes all the accounts in one place.The layout lacks variety.
Default scheduling feature to send posts at the best optimal time slots.The paid version costs more than average affordability.
Robust analytics to measure and improve the resulting outputs.The mobile app lacks as many versions as on the web.
It Generates statistics for each scheduled post.
You can schedule posts without being online.

4. Agorapulse:

IMG 20211219 071439

Agorapulse stands among the top 5 social media scheduling apps. It possesses some striking features that the users love. They are brought about by endless hours of research on users’ preferences.


The inbox zero communication allows the users to access the respond-needed emails all in one place. It saves one from the hustle of moving across multiple inboxes for various social media accounts. Instead, there is no reading content shown along the streams or side-bars.

AAgorapulse knows how to keep you in the limelight even without putting any effort into it. It shows a re-queue option for tweets that got the best responses from the public. It keeps reviving the content without making you schedule it. It is probably one reason that makes agorapulse the best social media scheduler.

Agorapulse doesn’t allow any spam to reach out to you. It thoroughly filters out such responses and gives the account holder access to many features that can be set up as per the preferences.

It also contains robust analytics that is displayed in PowerPoint. Users can get great benefits by having posted to post statistics and leads.

Agorapluse pricing:

The Free plan starts at $0 for a single user and three social profiles. The Pro plan costs $79 per month when billed annually for two users and ten social media accounts. This plan is for the small teams who want the best social media scheduler.

The Premium plan is for strong and advances business teams which starts at $159 per month. It gives access to four users and twenty social media accounts.

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Pros and Cons:

Re-queue option in post scheduling.The pictures with a bit larger size are unable to upload.
It has Strong analytic reporting in the form of metrics and visuals.Tagging images on Twitter is challenging sometimes.
Keep updating and adding new features.Integration with Instagram should be more effective.
Special pricing features for NGOs.
Highly active support system.

5. Sendible:

IMG 20211219 175644

Sendible is rated among the top 5 social media scheduling apps. It is a complete package with multiple scheduling and posting features. The characteristics which makes it best social media scheduler is it’s affordability. It allows access to unique tools in less price.


Posts can be scheduled for multiple platforms by queuing options. It automatically sets your evergreen content for re-posting without scheduling. Pending tasks are displayed in a calendar, exhibiting the optimized future content timings.

Sendible allows you to monitor and analyze your competitors by keyword selection. It can filter the content you add there—even the cheapest plan of the sendible offer as many good things as possible. It curates and modifies the content you post.

It allows users to access inboxes with ease. Replies and direct messages can be sent to the entire app network. You can add preferences for news alerts. It will then follow up with that particular news alert you wish to receive.

Sendible Pricing:

The Creator plan starts at $39 per month for one user and six social profiles. The Traction plan costs $89 per month, including four users and twenty-four social media accounts.

The Scale plan is for growing businesses at $199 per month. It gives access to 49 social media accounts for seven users. The Expansion plan is for large teams at $399 per month. It allows 15 users to get access through 105 social media profiles. These extraordinarily and reliable pricing varieties make sensible a tremendous social media scheduler.

Pros And Cons:

Accessible to schedule posts at multiple platforms.The tagging feature is ineffective.
A detailed insight into the campaign is provided.Pinterest account management should work better.
Displays optimized intervals to post content.User Interface could be more enhancing.
User Can see the analytics of a post on more than one profile.
UX is simple and eeasily accessible.

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Social Media Scheduling Apps- A summary:

The top 5 social media scheduling apps mentioned above are aimed to teach you about the best and worst of them. Though we cannot neglect the importance of scheduling apps, at the same time, it is essential to make a wise decision. Every app containing abundant features can indeed have a dark side for a group of users.

Making a wise decision states to choose the one whose cons affect you the least. It changes from domain and business. By reading the above information of the top 5 social media scheduling apps in the market, you can learn to sneak out the one which truly defines you.