top 10 blogging niches

Top 10 Niches For blogging you must consider: (Best blogging niches for beginners)

Top 10 blogging niches

Want to start blogging? want to know that how to make money with blogging? Are you confused about which niche you should be working on? We know it is tough to decide but this article will help to make it easy for you. we will be describing the duties, advantages, and earning techniques of the top 10 niches for blogging.

What is the definition of blogging?

What is the definition of blogging

Blogging sounds too cool and exciting however before starting something you must learn what it is and how does it work and what is the definition of blogging. Blogging is just like your online diary that everyone can read. In your blog, you record and write about your whereabouts, opinions, and what you do or love to do.

Now the question arises why people do blogging? It is because it helps in engagement with the world and blogging plays an important role in forming opinions about any current issue, place, and fashion. After a while blogging can bring business, fame and, money. Blogging can also help new businesses to grow and create an online presence.

Working on blogging is quite simple you just need to choose a topic or niche and start exploring, capturing, and writing on that particular topic. we may need top 5 or top 10 options every time we choose something then why not look at the top 10 niches for blogging to choose your blogging niche.

Can Blogging make you money?

can blogging make you money

If the question arises that what is the most profitable blogging niche and can blogging make you money? Then the answer is yes! Blogging can bring you money but you have to work harder and harder to get into the public eye and attract advertisements or catch profit for your good.

Top 10 niches for blogging:

We gathered the top 10 niches for blogging for you to look at with a little explanation of how it works, what are the advantages and challenges of a particular niche, and what is the most profitable blogging niches among them.

Food Blogging:


can blogging make you money

Food blogging is sharing your experience, reviews, and food tips. It consists of food reviews, restaurant guides, recipes, and new foods of the town. In particular, a foody posting food review of various eateries or a cooking expert sharing and guiding how to good mouthwatering food is called food blogging.

Advantages of Food Blogging:

The biggest advantage of being a food blogger is free food. Food bloggers are invited to several new openings of food places for their food tasting and marketing. You will have chances to experience different flavors and new foods. It is also considered as one of the best blogging niches if you have a knack for eating ad cooking delicious items.

Making money with food blogging:

food blogging is one of the most profitable niches among these top 10 niches for blogging. You can earn money as a food blogger by creating your recipe E-book, creating a YouTube channel for cooking tricks and recipes, or you can collaborate with restaurants for food tasting and reviews or market them on your blog and running different kinds of ads on your blog is also a good option for earning.

Travel blogging:

Explore the world and let the world explore you.

Sharing your exciting travel experience with the audience comes under the banner of travel blogging. You must have aesthetic photography and videography skills to be a successful travel blogger. You have to be skilled in beautifully explaining your experience and adventurous enough to explore new places every time. Ravel blogging can be costly in advance because it takes a great fortune in constant traveling.

Advantages of Travel Blogging:

Challenge brings its advantages with it so the biggest advantage of travel blogging is sponsored trips from various traveling agencies to promote their brand and services but you have to work hard for this

Making Money with Travel Blogging:

YouTube channel is the most important platform for earning for every blogger. Apart from YouTube, you can earn money by being the face of some traveling agency. Collaboration with various travelers,  earn from your blog and you can create a help blog to suggest places to people according to their desires of exploring. You can monetize your blog in different aspects and there are several different blog monetization methods.

Fashion Blogging:

fashion blogging

Fashion blogging is one of the most important niches in the top 10 niches for blogging. Fashion bloggers are said to be the trendsetters in the world of beauty and fashion. Presenting your views, opinions, guides, and priorities appealingly is known as fashion blogging. You have to explore the world of fashion and come out with something unique and beautiful to present and suggest to your audience and followers. You can work on trending clothes, jewelry, makeup, and hair with guides and tutorials.

Advantages of Fashion Blogging:

What sounds cooler than we are sending you your gift? Nothing. The biggest perk of being a fashion blogger is the PR packages from different brands for marketing purposes. But still, you have to work hard to reach that point.

Making Money with Fashion Blogging:

There are a lot of ways that can bring you to cash in fashion blogging. From brand ambassador to collaborations, you can earn by marketing brands, creating your brand, and counseling your audience for transformations and beauty tips.

Health blogging

Covering health topics and health-related concerns comes under the banner of health blogging. Health bloggers guide about the diet, exercises, diseases, and cure to the diseases. Health blogging describes whether the problem can be cured by health tips or is there any need to concern a doctor. Health bloggers can also cover doctors who are experts in various fields. health blogging secured a noticeable position in the list of top 10 niches for blogging due to its importance in society.

Advantages of Health blogging:

The biggest gift you get from health blogging is your healthy lifestyle, healthy heart, and a healthy and fit body. For becoming an inspiration for health you must have to take care of your health and follow all the diets and exercises by yourself to guide others. Therefore you could be one of those rare people who got paid to be fit.

Making Money with health blogging:

Health blogging can bring you cash through your youtube channel. You can be a coach and start your coaching sessions. You may also publish your health and fitness guide book and can launch your physical products as well.

Lifestyle Blogging:

best blogging niches

Presenting your everyday life creatively with lots of ideas and inspirations is known as lifestyle blogging in our list of top 10 niches for blogging. Lifestyle bloggers present daily life equipment, decorations, and home décor ideas, furniture ideas, advice, and family relationships. You can either portray your own life or you can create a help or suggestion blog for lifestyle tips both of them are really good options.

Advantages of lifestyle blogging:

You could be one of those freeloaders who got a lot of free PRs from brands for their promotions. Brand collaborations and an upgraded lifestyle are the advantages of lifestyle blogging

Making money with lifestyle blogging:

You can earn with lifestyle blogging by brand sponsoring, advertising, youtube channel, and by promoting the brands and covering their business for marketing purposes.


covering everything about glamour and beauty like makeup, skincare, haircare, skincare tips, hair tips, hair, and makeup tutorials is called beauty blogging. You can write about makeup brands, salons, best products, and everything that is considered a beauty tool.

Advantages of Beauty Blogging:

Beauty blogging gives you a beautiful appearance, brand collaborations, free PRs, and a lot of attention. It is one of the most profitable blogging niches with a lot of benefits.

Making Money with Beauty Blogging:

What feels like more blessing than the beauty coming with money? Nothing right. You can emphasize your beauty and earn money with beauty blogging by creating your Youtube channel, organizing makeup master classes or you can start your salon that is likely to be successful due to your recognition online. Beauty bloggers are likely to be selected as models for different brand promotions.

Academic blogging:

Academic blogs are writing informational and educational blogs. It is the main attraction to students as it consists of explanations, guides, and notes related to the required topic. it is in the list of top 10 niches for blogging due to the significance of education and student queries.

Advantages of academic blogging:

The basic advantage of academic blogs is your enhancement and increase in your knowledge.

How to Make Money with Academic Blogging:

You can earn money by paid query resolving and question-answer sessions on a particular topic. Advertisement and affiliate marketing can also bring you money with academic writing.

Art and Crafts:

Creating craft tutorials, recreating things from wastes, old clothes, and other things are known as craft blogging. You can share your creative ideas with making things and coming up with creative ideas for decoration pieces, gift wrapping ideas, and so on. this needs to be in the list of top 10 niches for blogging because once in a lifetime all of us have searched for any craft or gift wrapping ideas

Advantages of craft blogging:

Promoting creativity is the biggest flex on craft blogging. You can get more and more creative with your blogging and you might attract various sponsors.

 Making Money with craft blogging;

Brands pay a handsome amount for using their products in your crafts tutorials. You can also earn by selling your craftworks. And advertisement and affiliate marketing are no less when it comes to earning.

 Shopping: Best blogging niches

Who doesn’t like shopping? So why don’t you guide them to make it easy? A guide to fashion top markets, shopping tricks, and tips, what to buy and what not be buy, cheap replicable of expensive products comes under shopping blogging. You have to visit and research places, prices, and everything related to buying and selling for being a successful blogger.

Advantages of shopping blog:

The vast audience, fan following, experience, and easy ways of shopping, all are advantages of running a shopping blog. Malls and brands’ collaboration to cover their new outlet and gifts as a token of appreciation is a plus point to shopping bloggers.

Making Money with Shopping Blog:

last but not the list in the top 10 niches for blogging list. You can earn money with shopping blogging by brand collaboration, launching your brand, reselling products, advertisements, and affiliate marketing. We can also add it in the list of best blogging niches.

What is the most profitable blogging niche:

Above mentioned top 10 niches for blogging can bring you money but some specific niches can attract more audience and scopes for bloggers like beauty blogging, fashion blogging, and food blogging. But they are a little more challenging at the start. So you can work any blogging niche that requires less effort from above mentioned top 10 niches for blogging and them slowly move toward a bigger blogging niche after securing your ads and audience. There are different useful digital marketing tools that you must consider after creating your blog.


Let’s open the door for blogging and let the excitement enter!

We hope this article’s top 10 niches for blogging covers everything you were looking for. Blogging is something that you need to harvest and you will be able to enjoy the fruit in peace. So what are you waiting for choose your blogging niche, gather your material, work on your creativity and go with it? We are looking forward to writing from the top 10 niches for blogging to the top 10 bloggers with your name in it. Good Luck!