The ultimate Rakuten review (2022): Is Rakuten a good deal?

The ultimate Rakuten review (2022) is here. Before going into details about Rakuten, we will highlight some points of cashback websites and their significance.

Cashback websites are the best-hidden treasure on the internet. These are not new to us, as most websites are almost 20 years old or more. TopCashback, Rakuten, Swagbucks, MyPoints, and many more cashback websites exist on the internet, which still claim to give you back your spendings. So the first question that might pop into mind is, Is it true? Can you get your money back?

This article will give you a comprehensive and precious review of one of my favorite cashback websites, Rakuten.

The ultimate Rakuten review (2021): Is Rakuten a good deal?

 What is Rakuten?

The question is so important because it’s the point of thinking about. So, Rakuten is an e-commerce website, and there is no direct conflict between one and the other; it’s a different kind of cashback website. The company Rakuten is the king of cashback websites. It offers the most benefits and has had a lot of experience on the market.

It is a marketing e-commerce company that launched in Japan in 1999, and at present, it’s probably the biggest cashback website in the world. By acquiring eGifter in December 2010, it acquired the domain, launched in August 2002. is said to have broken records, and in 2008, it was reported that users had collected about $150 million by only spending $60 million in the year.

The company cooperates with 750+ stores that contain various items of different varieties. You will buy the product you want and will get cashback on each purchase. Rakuten claims to give you up to 30% cash back and a $5 welcome bonus.

In other words, you will go shopping as you usually do and will get your money back.


 Is Rakuten a good deal?

Many readers would think that Rakuten is an online shopping site that offers cash back or discounts from online stores. Unfortunately, if you go to this Rakuten site, there will be nothing much to offer but offers from Amazon. This is not where you can find exclusive offers and discounts on your favorite brands from Amazon. You need to be logged in with a bank account to get cashback, which requires registering.

If your bank account doesn’t exist, you can create a virtual wallet in Amazon, and you will get the cashback, and you can transfer it to your bank account. But wait, the problem with this is that you might get paid on the same date on which the offer is accepted.


Is Rakuten free?

Using Rakuten is completely free. You do not have to pay anything to create an account and join a group.

Is Rakuten Safe?

Rakuten promotes its services as safe and secure. As the two Regional Attorneys who used to prosecute online fraud started a company, the whole situation regarding security became even worse.

Therefore, the Rakuten website has a TRUSTe certificate, as well as an A + rating from Better Business Bureau. In addition, the site is tested daily by McAfee security.

When it comes to adding a credit card to Rakuten, all the information you provide is encrypted and secure.

Creating a Rakuten account

Joining Rakuten is easy, and always free. You can start buying and earning Cash Back as soon as you sign up.

Create a secure account by sending your email address and password. You can also join using your Facebook or Google account.

How Does Rakuten Make Money?

Rakuten makes money with companies that offer cashback.

If you click on a link to the store you want to buy from, this link will also earn Rakuten a commission from the seller – this is how it works with relevant links on blogs and other websites.

Rakuten will reimburse you a portion of the money they earned from you by clicking on their membership link, in the form of a refund.

There is nothing wrong with this model – this is a very common way for sites to make money, that they do not give you value for their work.

There are many stores (over 2,500!) In Rakuten, you can get cash, which is great news if you are shopping a lot online (and perfect for Christmas).

Examples are:




Forever 21






Kendra Scott

Rakuten Review: Pros & Cons

Like any other platform, Rakuten also has its advantages and disadvantages. Our Rakuten Review brings you a complete overview of all the important benefits and risks.

Pros of Rakuten

There are many good things about Rakuten, such as:

Easy to Use

Using Rakuten is very easy, whether you choose a website, a browser extension, or an app. All you have to do is create an account on their website, click on your favorite store and buy the way you used to.

It’s that easy!

However, using a browser extension is probably the easiest way to use Rakuten as it does not require you to search for deals.


Who would not like to save some money, especially if the process is unnecessary? With Rakuten, you can save money on the shops you usually buy. The site has a variety of refund offers in many different stores.

By using Rakuten, you can get from 1% to 40% cash discounts.

Variety of deals

Rakuten provides refunds to more than 2,500 stores and companies. In other words, the chances of finding a shop where you already buy are very high.

In addition, cashback offerings are available for online shopping, as well as in-store purchases.

Referment Plans

For all those who want to earn more money, Rakuten has you covered. In addition to paying you a $ 10 welcome bonus, they will also reward you for bringing in new members.

In other words, they will pay $ 5 per person who joins the group and buys at least $ 25.

In addition, they sometimes have additional promotions. For example, they can give you $ 25 per person for up to three people.

Free and Safe

Creating an account is completely free. In addition, using the site is safe and secure. Rakuten is certified by TRUSTe and tested daily by McAfee protectors.

In addition, they promise not to provide your personal information and credit card to third parties.

In this way, they protect customers from fraudulent charges and data theft.

Customer Service

Rakuten has excellent customer service. Contact them for a service ticket. After completing the form and submitting your electronic receipt, they will contact you as soon as possible.

Rakuten Cons

The site has a number of features that need to be improved, such as:

The Payment Frequency

Rakuten payments are sent four times a year (every three months).

In other words, you cannot choose for yourself the refund of your Rakuten if you wish. Instead, they will send you a check every quarter.

Produced Products

Almost all stores installed in Rakuten do not include products. This could include the purchase of cell phones, gift cards, financial institution activities, etc.

In other words, things where you can get a discount.

Fast Shopping

Excessive sales and refunds can lead to unexpected purchases. If you have a problem with overspending, self-control is needed when using Rakuten.

Limited Limitation Purchase

The use of Rakuten is limited to the United States and Japan. In addition, companies, legal entities, and affiliates are not permitted to make purchases.

Order News

Once you place an order, you cannot change or cancel it. Also, orders may take longer to deliver if you are not Japanese.

Account problems

You cannot purchase or sell products without creating an account. However, the created account may be permanently closed without any prior notice.

Final thought

Rakuten is no doubt an e-commerce giant. It has spread its arms to cover almost everything that an online shop has to offer.