Canva Pro Review

The Ultimate Canva Pro Review (2021) – Is It Worth Investing or Not?

If you have been using Canva and are skeptical if you should spend on the Canva Pro plan or not, then worry not because my Canva Pro Review is here to break it down for you so that you can make the right decision.

I had seen the cursive ‘Canva‘ symbol with different shades of blue all over the internet, and it made me download the application. I used it for a month, upgraded to the pro version, and here I am to share my experience with you.

We all know how the software has garnered quite a hype from the past few years among designers for its unique set of templates and features. It is now among the top useful digital marketing tools.

It was launched to take over Adobe in 2013, did its job, and swiftly took over the throne of the graphic designing industry within just a few years. It is now the biggest name in the design industry which has turned Melanie Perkins, its 34-year-old Australian owner, a billionaire.

In this Canva Pro Review, I am discussing:

  • The rich Features of Canva Pro
  • Fair Pricing of Canva Pro
  • How is the Pro version better than the other?
  • What made it outgrow its competitors and much more

But precisely, this Canva Pro Review is going to be all about Canva Pro’s user experience. So, without any further adieu, let’s get into it.

Canva Pro

why canva pro

The paid version of Canva, also known as the premium version, requires its users to pay some amount to avail themselves of the opportunity to use thousands of spectacular templates that are not available in the free version.

If you are a blogger, social media manager, digital marketer, YouTuber, or eCom seller, Canva Pro will help you design catchy graphics for the visual appeal of your audience. The tool has millions of unique layouts and limitless design features. It has been one of the most useful blog designing tools in 2021.

Canva Pro Review – Audience

Canva Pro Review is incomplete without discussing the kind of audience it attracts. It is a versatile tool. Anybody from a newbie to a professional designer can benefit from this tool. It has everything on the plate that a person requires as a newbie or to become an expert graphic designer. You can use the templates to create Instagram posts, business or other invitation cards, posters, flyers, and much more.

Canva Pro plan is for individuals and small teams of two to three people. For agencies and groups of more than four people, other plans like Enterprise would work well.

Canva Pro Review – Popularity

More than 30 million people across the globe actively use Canva to create designs and illustrations. The frenzy clearly shows that the tool has some great features that are worth trying.

With the emergence of more and more freelance opportunities,

Canva has seen a surge in its popularity. It assists users in providing companies with a lot of digital services for their brandings like logos, apps, and printables for cards, mugs, pens, and T-shirts.

Canva Pro Review – Interface

Canva has a straightforward dashboard that makes it an easy-to-use tool. If you are new to the tool, you would not require a tutorial to get started. Simply download the app, sign up, pay the amount, and just like that, get started.

canva interface
Canva Pro Review – User Interface

The ready-to-use templates are right there in front of you to utilize and attract masses of audience towards your brand. If you are a content writer and want to grasp every aspect of content writing to provide your clients with a complete and publishable draft, you should definitely make Canva your best friend as it is one of the best content designing tools go for.

As an entrepreneur, I am always busy building my brand, and Canva saves my time tremendously.

Canva Pro vs Canva Free

The Comparison

Canva Pro Versus Free
Canva Pro Review – Canva Free vs Canva Pro

Canva Free Version

Before going for Canva Pro Review, let’s talk about the free version. Canva’s free version has no deadline, and users can use it for as long as they want. It has restrictions on some templates and other data, which can only be accessible if you purchase a premium plan.

You can design anything and everything on the free version. The design features are all allowed, but they are pretty limited compared to the paid version.

Canva Pro Features

The features are the highlight of the Canva Pro review. The game-changing features can earn you a living if you can use them wisely. You can add the software to the extension folder of your chrome. It eases the process of importing third-party content.

It is one of the helpful chrome extensions for bloggers that allows the addition of engaging graphics to their articles directly without any hassle.

Once you are done with the payment with just one click, you can have access to

  • Unlimited pictures, videos, audio, and graphics. All this, along with everything that the free plan has.
  • 610000+ templates the number is regularly growing as the new ones are added on daily basis.
  • 100 Brand kits allow the pro plan users to edit and adjust color schemes of the data according to their brand’s theme.
  • You can adjust the size of any template or photo using the Magic Resize option.
  • The plan also provides the users with 100 GB of cloud storage to save templates for future use or for their team to use.
  • You can schedule and decide the team’s work for the upcoming projects using the Content Planner.
  • Canva pro is not just about adding content to the templates; you can also edit your photographs and remove unnecessary background details using the Background removing feature.

Other than these, the tool allows its users to share directly from Canva to any social or business platform. You can use it from any device, may it be desktop, android, or IOS.

Is Canva Pro Worth Your Money?

Canva Pro Features
Canva Pro Review – CaCanva’sremium Features

Isn’t it an all-in-one app? Not only these but there is an abundance of other features that the Pro version offers. However, if I start to mention each, my Canva Pro review will never end. And no one wants to drag it. 😉

Canva Pro Pricing

Canva Pro allows users to design like a professional. It is the best tool for bloggers. It has a lot of new features that a free plan does not. Let me give you a piece of genuine advice before defining the cost and payment details of the Canva Pro Plan.

Canva Pro Free Trial Review

Before buying the premium plan, I suggest you go for the 30-day free trial if you are wondering Is Canva pro worth it or not. It allows you to clear the fog around and make the right decision, which often ends up opting for the premium plan instead of sticking to the free version.

free trial
Canva Pro Review – Free Trial

The free trial allows you to look into each and every feature in detail and use it to its max without any restriction for straight 30 days. It definitely makes you a fan.

Pro/ Premium Plan

The Pro plan costs you 9.99 dollars per month if you go for a yearly subscription, whereas its monthly subscription is 12.99 dollars.

By making a purchase, you can unlock the premium stock, which is otherwise not available for public use. At a time, four different people can use the same subscription plan without any extra charges.

canva team up
Canva Pro Review – Canva Team Plan

Considering that it is just two and a half dollars a month if the four users divide the money. The tool is super reasonable, which makes it accessible for the masses. This point pretty much justifies the US$ 6 billion valuations of the tool in the year 2021.

Canva Pro Review – How to Use Canva Pro

Canva pro is generally more accessible than most apps a person uses regularly. A mid-level tech-savvy person who has a hand in running essential software and applications can quickly get started with the Canva and its Premium features.

To activate the Canva pro account, you will have to add your credit card. If you feel like canceling the subscription at any time during the free trial, you can cancel it right away, and you won’t be charged.

For monthly subscriptions, Canva can deduct the amount from the connected credit card. For a yearly subscription, you can pay the amount once and remove your card if you want to.

If you are a beginner and want to know about the tool usage, there is no rocket science; you can either watch YouTube tutorials or simply go for the ‘Learn’ option given right in front of the Canva logo on their website. You will get a drop-down menu showing the way to the company’s blogs, tutorials, and courses. You can also contact the company for a demo.

Canva Pro Lifetime

Yes, you read that right. Before writing this Canva pro review, I did not know that you can also have a lifetime. Canva itself does not provide any such plan, but there are several methods to have free lifetime access to Canva pro by cracking its server down.

Canva Pro Key

In this Canva Pro review, we have some fantastic news for teachers and students. You can find a bunch of methods to break through the Canva premium plan totally free of cost on google. There are several methods which include;

Canva for Education
Canva Pro Review – Education Plan
  • Signing in to the educational pro plan using an email with ‘.edu’ at the end. You can either use your own old email address granted by an educational institute or just borrow somebody else’s.
  • Also, you can change the version information by changing the keygen address. Many such tutorials are available on Google as well as on YouTube.

Canva Pro Review – Canva Pro versus Photoshop

I cannot exclude the short competitor analysis of Canva Pro from my Canva Pro Review. The Premium version of Canva has long outgrown most of its competitors. The developers of the tool are constantly working to improve it in all possible ways. Its database keeps regularly increasing, which makes it undefeatable. Adobe Photoshop is the only rivalry that has been giving tough competition to Canva.

Canva Pro vs Photoshop
Canva Pro Review – Canva Pro vs. Photoshop

With the launch of the Background removal option in its premium version, Canva has also taken over the photoshop guru tool Adobe. Now users can edit any kind of picture with catchy graphics for promotional or marketing purposes within no time.

You can also remove unnecessary details from the background of any image by swiping on it. Moreover, Canva has a feature that other design software doesn’t have, Canva Prints.

Canva Print is a service provided by Canva that allows you to print and order your fantastic creations. One thing to keep in mind about Canva Print is that, despite its rapid growth, it is not available in every country.

Thus, in my canva pro review, I can proudly say that Canva has been the best design tool in 2021 and is expected in the coming years.

Canva Pro Review – Pros and Cons of the Pro Plan

How can one conclude Canva Pro Review without discussing the pros and cons of the Canva Pro Plan? Here we have listed all the points in our Canva Pro review to assist users in deciding whether they should buy the pro version or stick with the free one.

Canva Premium Pros

  • Easy design flow.
  • The app works quickly and saves a lot of time.
  • Adding members and new employees is easy and fast.
  • Internal sharing option for a quick review and editing.
  • Highly user-friendly.
  • Autosaves on its own.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Provides high-resolution results.
  • Has professional-quality graphics and features.
  • Allows data export to a wide variety of software extensions.

Canva Premium Cons

  • The number of accessible elements should be increased.
  • Its UI is a bit cluttered.
  • They should improve the folder interface.
  • It can get clunky at times.
  • No option for animated video making.

Canva Pro Review – Final Verdict

Let me summarize my Canva Pro review for your ease. Canva Pro makes it easy to create great graphics without having to employ a professional graphic designer. It is the go-to design tool you’ve been looking for, with over 75 million digital assets, 420 000 premium design templates, and over 3000 distinct typefaces to select from.

Moreover, Nothing beats being able to quickly generate designs consistent with your brand and then resize and repurpose them for other platforms. The cherries on top of the pie are one-click background removal and animation creation—this and much more, which the Free version cannot provide.

This Canva Pro review has my honest opinion. This is exactly how I felt about it. It is definitely a steal for the amount. The features and the database is worth every penny spent. I would like to give it a 4.9 out of 5. Its ROI is very high if the tool is used to provide freelance services to the companies seeking logos, graphics for their websites, etc. From my side, it is highly recommended!

Canva Pro Review – People also Asked

Can I use Canva Pro as an individual?

Yes, the choice is yours. If you want to share it with a team, you can allow four people to use your Pro account; otherwise, a single person can use it too.

Can I add people during the trial period of the Pro plan?

Yes, you can add up to four people to try the 30-day premium version of Canva with you.

How much is Canva Pro for students?

Canva provides the students and teachers with a free premium plan with the name of the educational plan.

Is it possible to sell designs on Canva Pro?

The answer to this question comes with a question itself. Are you asking about Canva’s templates designs or the designs you have created on Canva? While you cannot resell Canva’s designs, but you can certainly sell your own Canva-made designs.

To put it simply, if you design something on Canva yourself, you’re allowed to sell it. However, you are not permitted to resell Canva’s templates or a design made on Canva’s template.

Can we schedule social media posts directly through Canva Pro?

Yes, we can schedule social media posts through Canva Pro directly.

Can I sell brochures that I created using Canva pro after canceling my subscription?

Yes, you can sell your brochures even after canceling the Canva Pro subscription.

I use Canva frequently for my small business, should I buy the enterprise plan or the pro plan?

The enterprise solution is ideal for large businesses, but for individuals, the pro plan is the best option.

Can I share my designs with my team on Canva Free account?

With a Canva free account, you can build a team and share your designs, but if you and your team want to unlock premium features like Brand Kit and other premium features, you’ll need to purchase the Canva Pro subscription.