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How To Find Group Boards On Pinterest 4 Helpful ways

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“Pinterest” I bet there is no single person who uses the internet and hasn’t heard of Pinterest, and there is barely a person who hasn’t used Pinterest. Have you ever heard of group boards on Pinterest? You must have used Pinterest countless times for getting inspiration or ideas about a particular thing as it is used commonly for this purpose. 

But is Pinterest merely for this purpose? And the answer is obviously “A BIG NO”, there are much more things that can be done using Pinterest or Pinterest surely can help you in unexpected ways.

Have you ever heard about Pinterest group boards being used for marketing purposes? If no let me tell you Pinterest play a crucial role in the marketing and promotion of your business, blog, and website. 

And your question now might be “HOW”? And the answer is Pinterest “GROUP BOARDS”. Now you probably are thinking what are the Pinterest group boards?

Don’t put pressure on your brain as you are going to know everything thing related to Pinterest group boards and how can you find group boards on Pinterest. 

Let’s start with the first question which was “what are Pinterest group boards?”

What Are Pinterest Group Boards?

group boards on pinterest
Source: Pinterest

It is a board created by a person where other people can pin their relevant ideas to that board. In simpler words, it’s a collaborative board where multiple people can collaborate. The owner of the board allows people or collaborators to contribute to the board.

For instance, someone has bedroom decor or setting ideas but they also want other people to share their unique ideas as well so for this purpose, that person created a board and allow other people to pin in that board. It’s like one HUB with all other ideas.

I hope now you have an idea of what the Pinterest group boards are.

At the moment you might be wondering why you should use group boards on Pinterest?

Exactly what are the benefits of these group boards on Pinterest? or how these group boards can help you in your business? and how you can find group boards on Pinterest?

Let’s step right into all these answers.

Why You Should Join Group Boards?

Let’s try to understand how the Pinterest algorithm works. Just imagine someone created a group board on Pinterest and there are some followers of that person and one of the followers repin the pin of that board (originally pinned by owner) that particular pins go up and Pinterest algorithm works on repin rate and higher is a person repin rate there are more chances of those pins to be shown to others.

Now the good thing is that if you repin someone’s pin and then your repin get repinned it will count as yours and it will benefit you because in this way your repin rate increases and will be shown to other peoples.

After this, I strongly believe you want to take full advantage of group boards on Pinterest. You will get a chance to boost your website traffic using these group boards on pinterest.

But how can you find group boards on Pinterest? as there are millions of group boards out there. You must find those boards that will help you increase traffic to your business in other words you have to avoid spam or low-quality group boards.

How To Find Group Boards On Pinterest

Finding Pinterest group boards is not a very easy task and can result in a merry chase but don’t worry it only happens when you don’t follow a proper guide. So it is necessary to learn strategies about how to find group boards on Pinterest before stepping into it rashly.

Look no one has that magic wand when they first started with something it always requires some diligent work and harmonious effort to obtain good results but in the end all that effort and work surely pay you off incredibly.

I am going to bring in some simple and basic strategies which help you to find group boards on Pinterest.

Look For Niche Relevant Boards

Finding group boards on the Pinterest home page is one of the easiest and most basic ways of finding boards. Follow the easy steps given below to find amazing boards.

1- First of all go to the search bar on the Pinterest home page and search for the board that fits your niche.

2- In the search bar panel on the right, you will see a drop-down arrow, from there select boards. Then only boards will appear.

Don’t go and search random boards as it only wastes your time and energy. Look for your niche-related boards. Look for the boards you can pin your content to.

Once you find some amazing group boards that sent them joining requests, the owner will allow you to join their Pinterest group boards after that you can share your pins on the board.

Now there are some boards that allow people to collaborate and others don’t so look for the ones that allow you to share your pins.

Inkedgroup board 1 LI


Yes, you read it right finding a group on Pinterest using Facebook groups. In this era who doesn’t know how to use Facebook groups? 

If you are having trouble finding out group boards on Pinterest you can simply use Facebook for this purpose.

Facebook is a marketplace where people are looking for contributors or collaborators for their Pinterest group boards. This includes all industries, every single niche, and topic-specific.

Just search for Pinterest group boards in search bare of your Facebook home page and it will show you the result. Look for group boards where you can share your pins.

Inkedgroup boards 2 LI 1

Create Your Own Board

Suppose you are searching for a particular niche-related group board on Pinterest and that niche does not have proper group boards then it is a great opportunity to fill that gap in the market that is already established and is really effective strategy.

You should create that board with high-quality work and the next thing you have to do is to reach out to people who you think can share relevant content to your niche. You can reach them out through Facebook groups.

This will help you display your pins in front of an audience. Do this little effort and the payoff is real.

You should definitely read this guide on how to schedule your pins.

Active Group Boards With Low Contributor

You must be thinking that how would you know which group you should join or which group help you achieve your purpose? 

1- It’s a good idea to join groups that have low contributors any group that has 100+ contributors is most probably a group with low quality. As having a large number of contributor increase the risk of posting low quality or irrelevant content.

2- The second thing which you should watch out for is the activity of the group. A group should be active but remember not hyperactive as it will only fast forward the things and there are chances that people will not be able to see your stuff (and it is directly related to contributors quantity also).

3- The third thing you need to take into consideration is the number of followers belonging to any particular group. Go for the board that has a large number of followers and what is the benefit of this? Well, a great benefit when you share your pins in such groups you are actually sharing your content with those thousands of followers, and guess what?

BINGO you gained thousands of followers instantly.

own board 1


If you use all these strategies carefully whether it’s directly finding group boards on the Pinterest home page directly or using Facebook groups or creating your own board these all will surely help you. Using this guide as following all these steps has a massive opportunity to gain rapid exposure to your brand. Wishing you very good luck on your journey.

I also recommended you reading How to find and join Pinterest group boards for more detailed information.