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A complete guide on scheduling pins on Pinterest in 2021: Also a powerful alternative to Pinterest scheduler

Publishing your pins on Pinterest is a very hard task to do. Which is the major reason why people like scheduling pins on Pinterest. Are you worried because you don’t know how to use Pinterest? The solution to your worries is in this article. Here is an introduction to Pinterest. Pinterest is an American website created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Even Sharp. It is for sharing and saving images, and on a small scale, animated gifs and videos.

They are in the form of pinboards. It is a bit different social networking site than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., because it allows the public to connect through images they find interesting. A user can bookmark the ideas he may like or find interesting. These bookmarks are called Pins.

  1. When a user shares something on Pinterest, his bookmarks are called pins.
  2. When a user shares someone’s else pin, they are repining.
  3. When a user makes a group of specific pins, they are called a feed.

What is Pinterest Business and How It Is Different from Other Social Media Businesses

You have started a business, and someone has suggested you use Pinterest to grow your audience? Here in this article, you will know how Pinterest business can help increase your business. Pinterest is not a typical social networking site. Many small businesses can grow by advertising their product and services on this platform. The advantages your business can have on the platform of Pinterest are as follow:

A Company can Increase their Brand Awareness

Nowadays, online platforms are an excellent opportunity for growing your businesses, especially for new companies in the market. A business can sign in on Pinterest with their logo, the description of their business, and the website link of their business. Later, they can pin their products on this account to share them with the public.

Writers can generate traffic to their blogs and websites

On Pinterest, users can add links in their every pin, making it an excellent traffic-generating site. A user can add links to their blogs or websites of their writings, and the public can enjoy their content. Pinterest is one of the best ways to boost your website traffic.

Pinterest Provide Free Promotions

In the present world, everything is costly, so any free service is of great importance. On the platform of Pinterest, a user can enjoy free promotions.

scheduling pins on pinterest
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If you want to know more about boosting your blog traffic, you can visit this article.

Learn Scheduling Pins on Pinterest Scheduler for Free

Why should you schedule pins on Pinterest? If someone’s schedule is busy and cannot give proper time to Pinterest, pining is an excellent option. A user can use ten pins in a day. So, instead of pinning all ten pins in one day, the user can schedule pins according to their suitability. The great opportunity available on Pinterest is that users can use pins for free, although it has some limitations and timeframes.

Steps on Scheduling Pins on Pinterest

Here are the steps to follow; how should you schedule your pins on Pinterest?

  • Open your Pinterest account.
  • In the upper left corner, you will see a +createsign.
  • Click on this sign, and a new dialogue box will open, click on Create a Pin.
schedule pinterest pins
Now you have to add the detail of each and every thing that is necessary for publishing or posting any pin on Pinterest. You will be needing the following things to add.
  • Pin Image
  • Title of the Pin
  • Description
  • Alt Text
  • Destination Link which is the most important one

Select the appropriate time to schedule and publish

After clicking on publish at a later date, you have to select the date on which you are going to schedule this particular item. After getting the exact date you will have to press the publish button so that you can wait for publish it and it will eventually publish on the required date which you have scheduled. Here is how you can learn scheduling pins on Pinterest.

Your pin is scheduled

All the steps have been done, you just have to wait for a few seconds and BOOM!!!!! You have learnt scheduling pins on Pinterest. You can see in the picture below that your pin has been scheduled.

screenshot 2021.09.21 20 51 22

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Pinterest Scheduler for Free

  • While using the free Pinterest scheduler, you can only pin once a day. Other schedulers like Tailwind, Buffer, Pinterest Native Scheduler, etc., allow you to pin 20 to 30 times a day.
  • You can use free pins on Pinterest supporting apps if you do not want to spend money, but you can face some limitations and keep your queue always filled.
  • On Pinterest, you should pin your content and only up to 10 pins. You can only schedule other people’s content by using the Chrome extension.
  • If you are using the free Pinterest scheduler, you will need to do several manual actions like pin your images to your boards, find the last pins to pin them again, and many others. However, these manual actions are automatic when you use Tailwind.

External Scheduling Tools for Pinterest

There are many Pinterest-approved scheduling tools that you can find to schedule your pins automatically. Here are some of them:

  1. Tailwind
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Later
  4. Planoly
  5. Buffer
  6. Jumprope
  7. Smart queue

The most used tool for scheduling pins is Tailwind, and it is a free tool.

What is Tailwind?

Why use Tailwind for scheduling your pins? And what is Tailwind? Tailwind is an app for scheduling pins on Pinterest. It is a handy app for content writers, bloggers, small businesses, etc., because it can create beautiful pins, share them on time on the Pinterest account, and get high engagement on pins in less time. It is a great way to schedule Pinterest pins.

How to Schedule Pins on Tailwind?

First, link your Pinterest account with the Tailwind, then they will ask for creating the password and your first name. Fill that space, and you can add a tailwind extension to your Chrome browser. Tailwind also asks you if your pins are ready or you want to design them. If your pins get prepared, you can click on the option of My Pins Are Ready, and if they are not ready, you can click on I Want to Design my Pins.

Once you provide all this information, you will be on the page to schedule your pins. Then click on + Create New Pin and upload your pictures and videos. Then you will see the calendar of your pins; you can select time and date.

Advantages of using Tailwind

  • One of the most significant advantages of Tailwind is that it is a Pinterest-approved app, and it is free.
  • It is easy a user’s friendly app and also very easy to use.
  • Tailwind also has a tribe community. Tribes are the Pinterest group boards. Tribes also help your content to reach a greater audience.
  • Tailwind investigates your Pinterest account, the audience’s engagement in your account and recommends you a time to publish your pins.
  • Tailwind can quickly find your best pins, it can re-schedule your pins easily, and you can add your pins to your tailwind tribes.
  • Tailwind allows you to quickly schedule pins on your desktop by adding a Chrome extension. If you are searching for something on any website, you can pin that on your Pinterest account using this extension.

Disadvantages of Using Tailwind

  • In Tailwind, you need to keep your queue filled from your data, but it is still better than pinning your content daily.
  • When you have to schedule your new pins, it works very well, but when it comes to viewing your already planned pins, it is sometimes a little slow.
  • Tailwind is not a convenient app to use on a mobile phone as compared to on the desktop. In the mobile app, you can only select one board at a time.


As described in the article, Pinterest is different from other social media networks, and it is significant for new businesses, bloggers, content writers, etc. Scheduling pins on Pinterest is a great way to kickstart your blog traffic. Pinterest is also useful for generating traffic on your websites, blogs, etc. Pinning your content can help you build your audience interest and increase your audience. Pinterest-affiliated apps are also beneficial in pinning your content. You can enjoy their services and can save your time and work properly.