Top 5 basic SEO courses for bloggers (Idea guide for beginners)

SEO courses for bloggers

Are you looking for the best SEO courses for bloggers? Or strategies of SEO for blog writing? If Yes, look no more. But before we dive deep into SEO courses for bloggers let me ask you one thing.

Have you ever wondered why SEO became the uttermost necessity in the last decade? Like everyone around you is concerned about SEO no matter in which market they belong.

Well with the advancement of technology methods and algorithms of search engine websites like google also updated.

And now you must know tips and strategies of SEO for blog writing if you are willing to have long-term growth of your blog.

SEO is the only way that your blog can get to NOo 1 page on google and let’s be honest here who doesn’t want to be on the top page of search engines… well everyone… you, me, and clients.

But in the beginning, SEO feels like a complicated foreign language, doesn’t it? As I remember I used to be so scared of this word SEO and wanted to avoid it every time because it seemed like a big monster but then I agreed to learn it as I got no other option and while learning it I realized it wasn’t a monster, like yes it was a bit hard in beginning but it really wasn’t a monster.

Coming back to the topic. How to do SEO for blog posts? Wait before doing SEO for blog writing shouldn’t you know a bit about SEO? (if you are new to it)

what is SEO?

You might think SEO is only some keyword research but it’s far more than that. It also includes improving content.

In SEO you do keyword research and also look for the questions and queries people are asking on google and then write about it including those words.

Well, this is very brief information on SEO.

Now let’s jump into our best SEO courses for bloggers.

1-Stupid simple SEO 

This is one of the amazing and best SEO courses for beginners by Mike Pearson.

If as a beginner you have no clue from where to start or need some strategies to find perfect keywords or you are overwhelmed by SEO, then this course is definitely for you.

What will you get in this course?

This course provides you with 6 video series and step-based tutorials to implement SEO tips.

What you will learn in this course?

  • You will learn about Domain authority. What it is and how it works
  • What are Keywords 101
  • Complete and intact knowledge about On page SEO checklist and many more things

  • By the end of the course you will be able to implement SEO strategies in your blog writing as all the techniques taught in this course are immediately actionable.

PS; basic 6 video series of this course is free and then Mike Pearson also offers a premium course for advanced learning. You can look at the free version here.

2-SEO Nibbles course

Travel Plan Photo Collage 2

The second best course is the Nibbles SEO course by the award-winning copywriter and content writer Kate.

This course is exclusively aimed at bloggers, small business owners, marketing managers, and e-commerce store owners.

If you want to learn about traffic secrets and advanced strategies to establish your blog using excellent then step into it.

What will you get in this course?

This course will be delivered to you via emails and you will get videos, educational tutorials, and practical exercises. Complete day 1 and jump to day 2 and so on.

What will you learn in this course?

you will learn a proper and sound understanding of SEO

plan and strategies on how to boost your page traffic and conversations

learning this course will give you confidence in your SEO journey

you will get the whole idea about how search engines work

and most importantly you will know does ranking really matter?

and much more…

PS; This is a mini free course delivered by email. I will recommend this course as it is not very time-consuming and you will learn a whole lot of new things that will definitely help you in SEO for blog writing. You can check this course here.

3-Not your average SEO course

Travel Plan Photo Collage 3

If you are looking for ways to reach out to more people or how to get more page views or a perfect plan to earn money through affiliate marketing and ad revenue then this course is definitely the ultimate guide for you.

Not Your Average SEO course is by Sarah Chetrit who has years of experience and now runs her own blog.

What will you get in this course?

This is one of the high-quality SEO courses out there in the market and learning tips and strategies through this course will definitely improve your SEO for blog writing.

In this course, you will get support through pdf files, Google sheets, downloadable guides, pitching templates, calendar tracking, and even hands-on experience through her Facebook community.

What will you learn in this course?

what are essential elements of SEO

this course will make sure that your whole site is search engine optimized

teach you how to do keyword research so your blog can rank on top in search engine optimization

tips on how to do competitive research that will able you to write better articles than your competitors

SARAH CHETRIT personal and secret tip that will allow you to rank on the first page in search engine optimization

data analysis to make your strategies better over time

PS; Sarah will give you two bonus modules. First how to use ads that pay you well and the second how to use SEO to bring money through affiliate marketing along with blogs. Isn’t it great?

Also, you will get lifetime access to this course so you can come back to it every time you feel lost in the blogging world and get back on track. 

You can check here how to subscribe to this course if you are interested. Hurry seats are limited!

4-SEO email course

Travel Plan Photo Collage 4

This course teaches complete SEO for blog writing offered by Debbie Gartner. This course will not only walk you through SEO but will help you master the art of search engine optimization.

If you get confused and fear strikes you every time you hear of the term search engine optimization SEO (just like me) then this course is for you.

What will you get in this course?

You will receive emails by Debbie Gartner that will walk you through the whole journey of SEO step by step and in the end make you able to write without flaws so you can grow your blog.

What will you learn in this course?

what are the SEO blogging myths and how to break them

what are the common mistakes all new bloggers make and how to avoid them

how can you rank on google especially if you are a beginner blogger

basics and best practices of SEO

PS; All this knowledge is laid on Debbie Gartner’s free email course. In this course, you will learn what are the things hurting your blog and how to get rid of them for a healthy blog.

Check out this page if you are considering subscribing to this course.

5-Adventures in SEO

Travel Plan Photo Collage 5

This amazingly helpful course is by Lenna Gott for the bloggers who have very little traffic on their blog. If you also have some knowledge of Pinterest then you can do amazing with this course.

This course is a blend of Google and Pinterest (both powerhouses) strategies and teaches how to make the most of these two platforms for the growth of your blog.

What will you get in this course?

In this amazing SEO course, you will be provided with easy-to-follow video lessons, printable cheat sheets, checklists, and guides making sure that you will implement all the strategies side by side.

Also, you will be added to the Lenna Gott students only Facebook community where you can ask for help any time you feel stuck somewhere or can ask for feedback not only you can ask for help from others you can also share your wins in that community.

What will you learn in this course?

You will learn about 5 modules in this course all of which include video tutorials

how to use google and Pinterest to grow traffic on your blog

how to focus on one goal at a time so that you can not feel overwhelmed

You will learn how to find perfect keyword phrases for your pins

how to create content that is click-worthy that will drive more audience

how to nurture a blog that has lost its ranking

how to narrow down a huge list of keywords and how and where to put keywords in the content

You will learn to optimize your posts for Google and Pinterest

and much more things in each module

PS; Along with 5 modules you will get 2 bonus modules for free that is worth $341. If you want to enroll in this course check this page out.

Pinterest is also an amazing platform for making money and you can make most of it alongside your blog. If you want to know how to make money using Pinterest check out my blog.


Ranking on Google is the first and foremost goal of every blogger. No one knows the exact algorithm on which Google works but from experiments, it’s proven that SEO is the main factor of ranking on Google.

So instead of struggling with blogging, it’s better to learn proper SEO. I will recommend subscribing to 3 to 5 free SEO courses if you don’t want to spend money on it first.

Once you know the basics of SEO and know how to implement it in your blog then you can learn and dive deep into SEO.

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How to Create an Instagram post on Canva; 6 incredibly easy ways

Simple Blog Instagram Post

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the digital market. Businessmen and influencers use this platform to build their brand image and promote business with eye-catching images and stories and it’s true that they hire some social media managers to deal with all this stuff.

Does this mean that only some professional or graphic designer can deal and handle business on Instagram? Again a big “NO”.

This blog will be about how to create an Instagram post on Canva but before we step in let me ask do you think today people use Instagram just for posting pics or scrolling down their feed? Obviously a big “NO”. Instagram is not a platform used merely for posting and scrolling through different pictures and videos; it’s undeniably one of the most powerful marketing tools that exist today.

An ordinary person having little knowledge about graphics can start his or her own business on Instagram as this platform is not limited to professionals. 

But you need some way to step into this world where there are amazing professionals everywhere.

Don’t worry I got your back. Today I will introduce you to an amazing website ( and you must have probably heard about it before) where you can create amazing posts and eye-catching stories to attract your audience.

The website is CANVA ( you heard about it before right?). No need to hire and spend money on some professional designer as Canva is going to be your best buddy designer and you can create an amazing Instagram post on Canva.

You just need to learn some tips and tricks to create a stunning feed for your page that captures your audience’s attention and they don’t have any other option but to like your images and follow your page.

In Canva you got millions of pre-made stunning templates and layouts to create presentations, brochures, flyers, e-books, and many more.

Without further delay let’s step right into it!

Canva an Amazing start way

Why create an Instagram post on Canva of all the graphic designing websites and software? Well, it’s one of the easiest and most user-friendly websites in the graphic world especially for beginners who don’t have much knowledge about design.

Unlike other professional software, you don’t need to learn to drive this website. It’s basically for non-designers. You can just create professional images and stories with a few clicks, start playing around with pre-made templates, drag and drop a few elements, change the font and TADA your design is ready, and guess what? It will look so professional. Isn’t it amazing?

But before you play around with templates you should have some idea about how professional images or stories can be created for an Instagram post on Canva. So let’s learn about different tips.

Post with Quotes

Screenshot 2021 12 29 041722

Have you ever come across Instagram posts with quotes and wondered how they create such professional posts? Well, it’s quite easier than it seems.

You can also create these professional quotes containing images by yourself with Canva. Especially if you want to run or are already running a motivational page. 

Sign up for free in Canva if you don’t have an account already then look for the templates bar on top and search quotes in there. 

You will get hundreds of amazing templates with different quotes, select the one that suits your content and replace the already written quote with your favorite saying. You can also change the font and color of the text according to your demand. 

You can change the background with some pics and create posts with overlying quotes. Just be careful about the overall look of your post, match text color and font that go with your pic. And use a background that goes according to your text. Don’t put odd things together as it will not attract an audience and then download Instagram posts on Canva for uploading on your page.

Pro Tip; Re-use the same templates and colors if you want your feed to look consistent as it will give a visual treat to your audience.

Customize your own Highlight covers

Screenshot 2021 12 29 041914

What is the most common thing on the page of all the influencers? Their amazing stories and in stories their beautiful and clever highlight cover icons that give the audience an idea about what the story will be about.

You can create your own highlight covers in Canva and make your Instagram stories and posts more engaging.

Go to the template search tab in Canva and look for Instagram highlight covers. You can create highlight covers regarding fashion, pets, food, lifestyle, fitness, art, and whatever your business or page is about.

After searching you will get an array of beautiful options and some options also contain variations. Find the one that matches your interest and if you can’t find the one you are looking for don’t worry you can create one.

Just click on the create design option on the top and choose an Instagram story, a blank page will appear, take a square from the elements tab and put it on the blank page fill the color of your choice, add a circle in the middle, browse the elements library, find a suitable element and put it in the circle. For instance, If you want to create one about traveling, draw a circle, search a suitcase in the elements and you will have many options. Select one and put it in the circle, and it’s DONE. it’s easy right and I’m sure you will enjoy the process.

Create Collages

Screenshot 2021 12 29 042058

While posting something if you ever feel like one picture cannot convey the whole meaning you always have an option of creating a collage for your story.

Influencers and brands use collage stories to express themselves more creatively to their audience so you should give it a try.

Canva has an option for Instagram collages. Just go to the template search bar and search Instagram collage, you will get many options. You can add 5, 6, or 9 images ( but I recommend you not to add more than 4,5 images as it becomes too occupied). Changing the background it is better to go with soft/pastel colors and you can also add text along with images.

Asking questions and queries

Screenshot 2021 12 29 042309

It’s very trending nowadays asking queries and quizzes to followers and it’s not only kind of fun but also helps you know what your audience wants to see on your page. Brands and influencers also post “Get to know us/me” or “Ask me anything” that help them create warm bonding with their audience.

You can create a query Instagram post on Canva. Search in Canva poll, quiz, or question in template bar and you will get many options. Modify design, add your queries, change colors and post it on Instagram.

Animated Instagram story

Managing an Instagram influencer, business, or brand account is not an easy job. It’s all about posting something interesting at the perfect time.

Sometimes you post and it does not get many likes or comments like you anticipated the main reason is many of your followers missed your post because in most cases people/audience follow thousands of pages which means they go through hundreds of new things in their feed every day.

So it will be an intelligent step if you put a story about the thing you recently posted there are more chances of people engaging in your post.

Posting a story alone will not be enough. You need to design your story in a way that stands out from the rest of the stories on your follower’s pages.

How about trying to make some kind of animated story? Don’t worry there is no rocket science about it at all.

Your buddy Canva again got your back.

Search animated Instagram stories in the templates search bar. With a click, you will be able to get plenty of story templates. Select the one that catches your attention and change a bit of things. You can also add a sound of your choice and after messing around when it’s done download it in JPEG or PNG format and post it on your page.

Brand story

If you are running a brand on Instagram then the stories will be a bit different from regular pages. Don’t fret, you don’t need any graphic designer, just pay a bit of attention while creating stories for your brand. Here are a few tips.

Make sure all your posts and stories are cohesive. Always keep in mind the color of your brand while designing stories and posts and don’t forget to add your brand logo. Use the same layout across a series of stories and choose some aesthetic filters and tones. This is definitely going to attract your audience.

If you want to learn more tips regarding how to create an Instagram post on Canva for business do check out

Some Tips of nailing Instagram posts

Pages having millions of followers on Instagram are not run by bots, the people running those pages are human beings just like you so don’t get overwhelmed. You just need to learn a few tips.

1- While using Canva templates either for posts. Reel or stories don’t make too many modifications.

2- Try to keep things simple and elegant instead of piling up.

3-If you are using images then always go for those with high resolution.

4-Don’t change too many fonts in a single post/story and try to keep a balance overall.

5-Never click images on your smartphone and upload directly on the Instagram page, always polish your image.

6-Try different layouts and look at which will get more engagement.

Pictures or post Pre-planning

Pink and Violet Grunge Circle Sip and See Invitation 1

I know it’s challenging to start fresh every day and sometimes it’s quite tiring alone to think about what you are going to post today.

To avoid this anxious situation it will be a lot better if you pre-plan your post schedule. Then it will not be hectic for you every day and you can work without getting anxious.

Post-pre-planning is also important because your followers expect some visual treat from you, something that they can recognize in their feed. Pre-planning will help you make amazing posts ahead of time and increase traffic to your page.

Take out time every two weeks and decide on the theme or series of stories/posts for your brand or page. Think about style. Look, at quotes, tips, BTS whatever you want to share.

Take inspiration from your surroundings, other pages, and brands. You can also take some high-quality pictures at your home when the light is good. Do take some BTS images, desk selfies, and aesthetic photos.

Make enough content for 3 weeks or a month and save it in a folder. This will greatly help you save time wondering what to share. Not just time you can also create some quantity content for your audience.

Pro-tip; Experiment and try different images and stories ideas and look at what receives more engagement. This will give you an idea about what your audience wants to see. ( Do check out this blog for the top 5 social media scheduling apps that will greatly help you in your tasks)

Final Talk

Let me sum up and say Canva is the best designing tool out there in the market. It’s my all-time favorite buddy whenever I need to create any design. Canva got my back.

All I can say is Canva is an amazing platform and you should explore the endless possibilities it’s providing. 

All stunning layouts, templates, fonts, elements, animations, and whatnot you all get in one place. I highly recommend using this website for creating amazing feeds for your Instagram brand or page.

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