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8 Super Search friendly hacks to optimize your Pinterest’s SEO

Pinterest is undeniably a useful, yet underrated social media platform. It aids in generating traffic for bloggers and businesses help you optimize your Pinterest’s SEO. From travel blogs to recipe articles, it covers an extensive range of topics and provides a large room for storytelling and creativity for its subscribers. This platform is a good opportunity for people to discover new businesses, ideas, and blogs. It has now become the third-largest mobile application in the US.

Pinterest’s main focus is upon the discovery and curation of everyone’s content and this feature makes it unique from its competitors. These days the optimization of Pinterest’s SEO is necessary for all bloggers and businesses to survive. You can easily schedule pins on Pinterest and rest for the next week.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Google also gives preference to Pinterest. For example, Pinterest pins have a prospect of being visible in traditional google search results. Google directs buyers to Pinterest during the initial stages of their buying journey when they are looking for inspiration.

What is Pinterest SEO?

The process of optimization of an individual’s Pinterest profile and website to generate more organic traffic from Pinterest is called Pinterest SEO. Integration of keywords to optimize your Pinterest’s SEO is vital like conventional SEO for pages. Still, Pinterest SEO is a bit different. Optimizing SEO for Pinterest includes proper engagement from the target audience, perfect image formatting, and getting special features of Pinterest enabled. For example the rich pins and the ‘Save’ button. You may have got a rough idea what is Pinterest SEO.

10 important tips are mentioned below that are useful in optimizing Pinterest SEO

1)Set up a Pinterest Business Account:

increasing traffic on Pinterest
Photo by Fahim R. on Unsplash

Create a Pinterest business account and verify it by adding the link of code to your website. This is crucial if you want maximum benefit from this platform. By setting up a Pinterest business account, you get access to Pinterest analytics that provides beneficial insights into user behavior. Pinterest also allows you to use its interesting features such as Rich pins. Then in 500 words write down your business description and what value you will be providing to your customers. Look out for brands that have a profile similar to yours for inspiration. Your business description must capture the essence of your business

2) Generate content that is engaging and captivating: To optimize your Pinterest’s SEO

Search Engine Algorithms are great at comprehending what people want. This means that you can no more make use of poorly designed content that lacks the potential to capture the client’s attention. Start with solid content that is appealing and captivating. 

Try to come up with interesting and innovative ideas so that people may comment, share or follow. Also, be sure to attach an engaging image with every piece of content that you publish as that will help you to reach your target audience more effectively.

3)Search for keywords with high search volume and low competition

Make use of Google’s free keyword planning tool and look for keywords that are not insanely competitive. You can also use Google Trend for this purpose. Even though the data achieved will be an analysis of google searches as a whole and not of Pinterest searches, it is valuable. This is due to Google’s massive database. It gives you a knowledge of what the customer wants. Secondly, you might get some traffic because google searches deliver traffic to Pinterest. 

Keyword research is a lengthy topic, but one thing that should not be ignored is to look for longtail keywords due to their low SEO difficulty. For example, instead of typing good quality shampoos as a keyword phrase write organic and cruelty-free shampoos as this is more niche and will have less rivalry.

4) Pen down keyword-rich descriptions for pins and boards

This step involves creating content of good quality that is worth the client’s time and attention. Remember to write a detailed description of each piece of content that you are publishing. Don’t forget to mention the longtail keywords that you found in the keyword planning tools. Repeat the same for the boards that you will create to structure your content.

5) Use hashtags in your pins

From Twitter to Facebook, hashtags are everywhere. Theoretically speaking, 20 hashtags can be added in a post, but including so many hashtags can make the post look inappropriate. Two important things should be kept in mind while using hashtags:

  1. Incorporate keywords into the hashtags
  2. Hashtags should be relevant to the content that you are posting. It will help in increasing views right after posting something on the platform
  3. All those people who are following a particular hashtags will get a chance to see your pins.
optimize your pinterest's seo

6) Don’t forget to add the Pinterest tag to your website

Make sure that you add the Pinterest tag to your website. It will help you in tracking the traffic that will come from Pinterest. and will make your SEO efforts move a step forward. Adding the Pinterest tag will enable you to figure out which keywords will attract more customers. 

Furthermore, The Pinterest tag is useful in tracking certain types of conversions such as page visits, checkouts, add to cart actions, searches on your website, signups, video views, personalized tracking of specific events.

7) Mention the ‘Save ‘button to pictures on your site

Adding the ‘Save’ button to pictures on your website is another big step that should not be ignored. The ‘Save’ button will help the pinners to save these pictures to their boards by simply clicking a button. Another thing you can do is make the ‘Save’ button visible by default or make it appear when the user moves to the left quadrant of the image.

You can see below how I added the Pin to Later button in order to save this pin for later and you can read this later. It can also help you grow your Pinterest account and the number of pins saved. Eventually, it will increase your blog’s website.

Pin it for Later

optimize your Pinterest's seo

8) Research your analytics and make use of Pinterest ads

Another advantage of creating a Pinterest business account is that you get access to a pool of data. This data can aid you in identifying keywords that can drive customers to your website. It ultimately leads to meaningful engagement and clears the ground for your purpose i.e optimize your Pinterest’s SEO

Above all, paid Pinterest advertisement campaigns can help in driving customer traffic to the website site and can enhance engagement. Likewise, it can assist in reaching the target customers more effectively. Remember that you need to define your goals before setting up a Pinterest campaign. For example, do you want more customer traffic? Or do you want to achieve a click Thurs on a blog or do you wish to get more views on your videos?


All the above hacks are highly recommended if you want to optimize your Pinterest’s SEO. You may get an idea on what is Pinterest SEO. If you want a genuine method to increase brand awareness and website traffic, then Pinterest is worth trying. According to statistics, over 400 million people visit Pinterest monthly and 90 percent of them make their buying decisions on this platform. Hence, if you want to market your website on a global scale then Pinterest is an extraordinary platform