3 Ways To Leverage Video Content For SEO

Billions of people use the internet every day. They are scrolling social media or surfing browsers. There is also a high influx of information on the internet. And every business wants to reach out to its target audience. And for that, you need to adopt some strategies. So, how do you stand out or get the proper visibility in this data pool? How do you make your content accessible on the top results? A simple answer to this is – SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a technique to ensure that you stand out from the crowd (SEO). In simple terms, when someone types a search term on any search engine, your website will appear as one of the first results. 


There are various methods to build and improve your SEO results. For example, you can place the right keywords or publish elaborate content on the website. But the most persuasive tool is video content. Video content strategy dominates the internet traffic. The reason being is that videos are more engaging and creative. It helps to get higher traffic, more visibility and higher conversion rates. People tend to relate to videos more than text. Therefore, marketers use them in their marketing plans. Video strategy gives the highest return on investment as per various marketers. Hence, there is no doubt that it is one of the most effective strategies to leverage for SEO.


Do you want to know how to use videos in your SEO? Then you have arrived at the right place. This blog will see three essential strategies to increase your website’s SEO by using video content. Let’s get started!




Do you know which is the second-largest search engine after Google? Yes, it’s YouTube. It has over 30 million viewers every single day. Thus, it is a powerhouse of content. Hence, video SEO is critical to digital marketing success with the kind of impact and reach it has. But are you posting videos on the YouTube account business and not getting enough views? So it’s time to reconsider your strategy. YouTube marketing success lies in getting videos to rank higher on Google searches. Consider the following things described below.


  • YouTube’s most popular videos are how-to, tutorials, and product reviews. Create more content around it.
  • Try to keep your videos at least 5 minutes long. Longer videos outrank shorter videos on search engines. You can use a video trimmer to cut out longer videos available.
  • Look for keywords in your niche. See whether they have YouTube video results and enough search volume.
  • Use keywords in the appropriate places. For example, include your keyword in the filename and the video’s title.
  • Add text description. It informs search engines about the topic of your video. Add keywords in the explanation as well.
  • The description should be around 250 words. Include the correct tags to get better results.
  • Add a link to your video in forums and Q&A sites. Please post it on social media and your website or blog to increase your views.


Note: Keep user experience in mind while creating YouTube videos. Thumbnails, comments, and shares play an essential role in determining the quality of the video.




One of the neglected but significant ways to boost SEO through videos is through webinars. First, it helps you to promote your business and attract new clients. It establishes you as an industry expert. The best part is it helps in SEO building after the webinars are over. For webinars, keywords linked to how-to and lesson content are also effective. Besides, webinars allow you to repackage content. It uses white papers, reports, case studies, infographics, etc.


But, to run a great webinar, you should start planning ahead of time:


  • Create and optimise customised landing pages for sign-up. Try to rank on the keyword ‘webinar’ in the required search engines.
  • Leverage social media, email marketing and blog posts to promote webinars. 
  • Create Twitter hashtags for webinars. Encourage participants to tweet about the webinars using them.


Don’t forget to publish recorded webinars on YouTube. It will help you to get more views. Webinars are sometimes very long. Therefore, you can trim the unwanted parts with the help of a video trimmer. You can also create a transcript of the webinar and post it in the form of a blog post. It will boost your search engine ranking. There is a vast capability and prospect in webinars. Leverage it to the fullest! 




An underrated but impactful way to leverage SEO is live-streaming. Unlike creating videos, it does not need huge expenses. The immediate nature of live-streaming makes it stand out. Moreover, it presents content in raw and genuine form. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have billions of video views every day. And live video features have a significant role to play in this. It allows users to interact with the audience and increase engagement. You can save the live streaming and post it later by cutting it with the help of a video trimmer. So, make sure you use this function to improve your SEO. But how can you do that? Here are a few ways to use live-streaming as an effective tool.


  • Share live events of your business. Please keep track of comments and ask the audience who they want to meet. 
  • Host a fun live chat between the company CEO and the audience.
  • Host expert chats for sharing knowledge and information about your business.
  • Organise employee or customer interviews. 
  • Highlight your company culture, and take your audience on a tour of your company. Show your human side too.
  • Show the audience how you make your product or how your business functions.
  • Show Behind the scenes to your audience. 
  • Share your knowledge.
  • Organise Q&A sessions.


To conclude, videos are a great tool to include in your SEO approaches. Video provides fresh experiences for your target audience and viewers. Furthermore, it also boosts SEO ranking and helps you meet your objectives. But that doesn’t mean you will only rely on videos as a content strategy. High-quality content will always be the primary instrument to get a better order. In addition, it should also be user engagement driven. Video is one component of a much more comprehensive approach. So keep it as an addition to other ways to get better results. Elevate your digital marketing efforts with the tips given above. Make your place on the top of search engines by using videos.


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