How to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word

How to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word? (Easy method 2021)

How to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word? If you are a student then you have heard about Grammarly. If not then you will shortly know about it in the next passages. Grammarly is one of the useful digital marketing tools for bloggers.

When I was a kid, I read in the kid’s section of a magazine that some parents want to develop a device for their kids. A device that will underline the spelling and grammar mistakes in writings. It would help their kids to errorless and learn more. The idea was so amazing that it left me wondering for days. With time and circumstances, we have moved to the digital age and that idea has also changed into reality.

Today we work on screens and many apps like Grammarly are here to help us to errorless and learn more. It is important to understand how to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word? Everyone wants to write assignments, articles, blogs, and reports, etc without any grammar mistakes. Getting a grammar checker at the same place where you write your works makes it more convenient than rechecking your work on different grammar-checking websites.

How to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word
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Here is how to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word:

  1. What is Grammarly?
  2. Why is Grammarly used?
  3. How to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word as an extension
  4. Advantages of adding Grammarly in Microsoft Word
  5. Disadvantages of Grammarly
  6. Conclusion
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What is Grammarly?

Grammarly was launched in 2009. It checks that you are writing clear and correct sentences. It also suggests synonyms for words. Grammarly flag issues in the text and make suggestions for corrections according to the context of writing. It not only helps with grammar but also with spelling, wordiness, style, and even punctuation. Grammarly app has an advantage, it can check plagiarism too. Previously Grammarly was a website. Consumers used to copy their text and paste it on the website and wait for the results. but now Grammarly is an app and it can be added to Microsoft Word and even on outlook accounts. It helps to write correct articles, assignments, and emails too.

Why is Grammarly used?

The number of netizens currently using Grammarly is over 30 million. Everyone wants their writing to be mistake-free, effective, and clear. There are many other competitors of Grammarly but those are mostly websites. It is very time-consuming to copy your work and then browse a website and paste your work there and wait for the results. Try Grammarly for free.

How to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word as an extension?

Grammarly introduced an add-in app for Microsoft Word. It enables students to add Grammarly directly in Microsoft Word. There is no need to submit writing through Grammarly’s website, users can simply turn on Grammarly once the draft is ready.
As Microsoft Word is an entirely different system, a subscription will be needed for Grammarly purchase or install extensions in Word. For installing it successfully, you need to have Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019 for smooth operation on your device.

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Here are some steps to follow for how to use Grammarly’s new app in Word and check drafts!

  • You will restart Microsoft Word so first close and save all the open documents in Word. Some pop-ups will appear in browser settings, allow them to complete the process.
  • Open Grammarly website, click “Get the add-in” to download the free Microsoft Office Grammarly app.
  • When the download finishes, click the file in the bottom of your screen.
  • Select “Get Started” on the welcome screen.
  • Click the dialog box next to the Grammarly app for Microsoft Word to make sure you download it.
  • Choose “Install.”
  • After installing it, select “Finish.”
  • Open Microsoft Word and open either a blank page or any existing document.
  • Click on Open Grammarly, in the Home tab.
How to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word

After pressing the button you will need to install Grammarly on your laptop. After installing the interface will look like the image below

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Advantages of adding Grammarly in Microsoft Word.

There are many advantages to using Grammarly in Microsoft Word. As you have learned how to add Grammarly in Microsoft Word, it is also important to understand the pros and cons of Grammarly. There are a lot of benefits of Grammarly. Grammarly added in Microsoft Word is a Real-time grammar correcting app. It corrects grammar mistakes in split seconds.

The second advantage of Grammarly is that it is highly accurate. It works automatically so there is no fear of errors.

The third advantage of Grammarly is that it not only identifies the grammar mistakes and corrects them but also explains them. These explanations are easy to understand. Grammarly also sets the tone of the document, it can figure out if your text is aggressive, neutral, confident, or disappointing, etc.

It can also judge whether your writing style is formal or informal. Grammarly is a life-changing decision for those who are not so good at grammar. Grammarly makes writing English easy. Native English speakers also use Grammarly in large numbers. Grammarly has very good reviews from its users that are proof of its excellence. Today, writing English is simpler than it was ever in past. You may now get an idea of how to use Grammarly in Microsoft word.

Disadvantage of using Grammarly in Microsoft Word

There are also a few disadvantages of using Grammarly in Microsoft Word. The free version of Grammarly is very limiting. It provides only basic level grammar help. Grammarly also has a premium version. Monthly packages give subscriptions for one month and users have to pay per month or they will lose the subscription to the premium version.

Good news

Grammarly provides very economical packages for its premium app. A lifetime subscription is also available. In lifetime subscription users have to pay just once and they can use the premium version of Grammarly for life on one payment.


By following the method above mentioned, anyone can learn how to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word. Grammarly is available in both a free version and premium versions. It is up to you how to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word, either in the free version or in the premium version.
Grammarly has a number of benefits. It can help to make your writing drafts clear, correct, and mistake-free. Grammarly is easy to use. Students, adults, writers, and teachers anyone who has to write English in their daily routine can learn how to use Grammarly. They can rely on Grammarly to write mistake-free drafts.