how to Make money with sponsored posts

How to Make Money With Sponsored Posts in 2021? An ultimate guide for beginners

If you are the one looking for an ingenious guide on how to make money with sponsored posts, then stick around, this post is truly written for you.

The existing world situation has created huge disarray in job situations worldwide due to pandemic outbreaks. It resulted in disrupting the lives of millions, creating poor economic growth and unstable life standards. Online earnings can be a great alternative to generate money. It includes regular earnings from a source that operates with the use of the internet.

How to make money with sponsored posts

One of the most highly growing categories in this regard is Freelancing. There are several skills that a person can adopt as a freelancer. Here is the complete guide to the 15 best freelance services in 2021.

Sponsored Posts :

Writing and creating content is amongst the high-in-demand online earning services. The reason is quite obvious as words are the medium of communication for all ages. All businesses and brands, at instance, are in dire need of written content to convey their services and products to the communities around them.

There are further categories in content writing that can be a great path to generate income. One method is to make money with sponsored posts.

A Sponsored Post is being written with the intent of a business or brand promotion where the writer is being paid by the company. This allows bloggers to create revenue even after years of publishing content. 

With time and experience, creators can reach thousands of dollars in earnings each month through sponsored posts. Here is the story of Alexis, who earns more than $3000 each month as a sponsored writer on her blog “Fitnancials“.

To elaborate on the question of how to make money with sponsored posts, we have enlisted all the details below concisely and predictably.

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Types of Sponsored Posts:

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There are a lot of ways to be a sponsored writer and add extra money to your income. Among a wide range of types, top 3 are discussed below.

1. Product Reviews:

It is one of the easiest ways to promote sponsored content. Product reviews are written for a product that the company offers you to try and then you describe the features of the products. When buying products online, people trust the reviews to choose the most compatible merchandise for them. Its importance can be estimated by the fact that 88% of the online buyers rely on the reviews listed below the product. One should be unbiased while writing the review by adding both pros and cons. It adds to the writer’s credibility and people’s trust. The writer gets the earnings from the brands for whom they write reviews.

2. Blog Set-up:

You can create a new blog or if you are having an existing blog with good traffic then you can be a sponsored writer for brands and businesses. For this purpose, you would be required to reach out to the potential brands and place a request for writing sponsored content for them. You would share your blog’s monthly traffic report to get a plus point. After being authorized as a sponsored writer for the brand, you would get a commission on every purchase by the readers of your blog. It is a lifetime money generation way, while you only have to put effort once and it will keep growing with the audience.

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3: Google Adsense:

 It is another great way for bloggers to earn money without writing any reviews or partnerships with the brands. Google Adsense program is for bloggers with a considerable audience. It allows Google to display sponsored ad posts on your blog. With each click and impression, Google will pay you and it will result in a permanent monetization of your blog. The ads continue to display even if you stop putting new content on your website and it will keep generating a lifetime revenue for you.

How to Get into Partnership with Brands?

For a regular flow of sponsored content on your blog, you should go for a long-term collaboration with brands. It requires proper research and homework to get noticed by potential businesses. Here are the few simple steps that will lead you to brand affiliation.

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(a) Sign Up on the brand’s website:

Some of the top brands allow bloggers to create their profiles on their websites for sponsored opportunities. This is a great way to get into their eyes and display your abilities before them. 

Create a high professionals profile and fill out all your blog’s in-depth details. Put the concise yet convincing information that can grab the employer’s attention.

(b) Write Proposals To the Brands:

It is very crucial to remember that you should go to the brand that matches your blog niche. Reaching out to the perfume brand while having a vehicle-related blog, would bring nothing. 

You can find out your favorite brand with a little comprehensive research. Here are a few examples,

Next, you are going to get the company’s email addresses and enlist them.

A tentative explanation is required while formatting a pitch or proposal to the business management. You must place your blog’s statistical analysis of impressions and clicks by the audience. 

Have a convincing tone to persuade brands for your selection as their sponsored writer. Once, you are successfully qualified, it will open up doors of opportunities to you with a massive hit in your income.

(c) Create a Media Kit:

A media kit contains your bio and your blog’s statistics along with the demographics in a pdf file. It is a great way to elaborate all your information in one place. It not only saves the reviewers time but also displays an organized image of you. 

Don’t forget to update your blog’s statistics when creating a media kit. The update will cover any rise in the count of the audience and it may go in your favor to get you affiliated with the brand.

Final Words:

Coming up with the idea of being a sponsored writer seems quite fascinating, but it can only be fruitful if you are willing to get in with all your zeal. You must know your worth whenever offering services. Do not be overwhelmed by the “fear of being rejected” and get to know what you are capable of.

Sponsored posts can be a great idea to earn a full-time income even if carrying it as a side hustle. But still, it is recommended to have considerable knowledge about the process before setting off. It will bring a lot ease in a long run.

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