How to make money surfing the web

How to make money surfing the web in 2021- An ultimate guide to 10 top paying sites

If you want to complement your 9-5 or have passive means of making money, does not it seem fascinating to get paid for the task you are already doing? Then you must now know the ways of how to make money surfing the web in 2021.

How about getting paid while surfing the web?

Want to make money online while surfing the web?

Doesn’t this feel more like a daydream? 

In this era of vast technologies, we spend most of our hours browsing the web: reading books and research papers, checking e-mails, and scrolling through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Sometimes intentional and sometimes aimlessly, moving from one webpage on the web to another.

licit means to make money online while surfing the web
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You are already browsing the internet, so why not take advantage of this and make some extra earning while you are at it. Everything seems to become remote and as far as your one click away. Then why not you want to benefit yourself for the things you like to do on your phone or computer and get refunded. So get paid to surf the web for the things you are good at in your spare time.

How to get paid for browsing?

In this write-up, I’ll let you know some legit and authentic ways from which you get paid while surfing the web online. All you need is a good network connection and one smartphone or laptop and you are good to go to earn money from google search or any other paying websites.

First, let me make one thing very clear in your mind, that these strategies are not worth a million and make you rich yet are fruitful side hustles.

licit internet sites_ get paid to surf the web

Here are some legit internet sites to get paid to surf the web. Let’s get started.

How to make money surfing the web.
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One of the popular internet sites that pays you for accomplishing basic tasks is Swagbucks. You can sign up for a free account at and earn points in the form of Swagbucks (SB’s). 

After signing up, you can earn SB’s by performing several tasks which website offers. You can watch entertaining videos, respond to their online surveys and daily polls, and install and play games from the Swagbucks gaming library.

Swagbucks users can make online purchases from thousands of their affiliate sites and earn cashback by buying stuff from their stores. 

Also, you can earn points via the Swagbucks search engine. Each time you use the search bar, you will get SB points.

Even just by installing the Swagbucks browser extension, you will get rewards. You can use coupon codes, customize cashback deals, and lots more. That’s why Swagbucks is considered one of the legit sites to get paid to surf the web.

licit means to make money online while surfing the web
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Swagbucks members can get up to 50$-100$ per month and even more. You can redeem these points for gift cards from your favorite retail outlets like Amazon or Walmart and even cash them in via PayPal. You can have an easy passive income from surfing the web via Swagbucks.

Microsoft REWARDS 

Are you a Microsoft user? If the answer is yes, then simply just register for a free account. After signing in for Microsoft Rewards, get points and make money by browsing the internet. You can also make points to get gift cards.

Like Google, the Microsoft search engine – Bing  is a user-friendly engine through which you can make points per search. You can get your rewards for searching on Bing, playing games, and shopping online at the Microsoft store. Complete daily quizzes and earn points. The Bing search engine is quite easy and useful internet site to get paid to surf the web.

licit means to make money online while surfing the web
get paid to surf the web
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Once you earn 5000 points, you can redeem these points for a 5$ gift card. It is quite an effortless and licit means to make money online while surfing the web.


Do you want to earn money by searching on Google?

Then here I’ll tell you about Qmee – one of the best browser extensions by which you can make money online by surfing the web.

How to make money surfing the web.
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Qmee offers you cash prizes and cash returns for searching and shopping online. When you use the Qmee browser extension to shop online, it displays related select ads on different brands that are click-worthy and pay you. It engages you with your favorite brands.

It also offers you to make money by participating in paid surveys and sharing your opinions. Payouts through PayPal and gift cards are also available.


Like Swagbucks, InboxDollars is also a legit site that pays money for browsing. 

Once you sign up for an account on InboxDollars, you can get cash rewards from different ways like:

  • Completing paid online surveys.
  • Watching videos like movies, trailers, and news content, etc.
  • Playing featured games.
  • Shop online. 
  • Reading e-mails.

You can redeem your money for gift cards as well as cash back. It is one of the lawful ways to get paid to surf the web.


No wonder the internet has reformed the way we shop. Online shopping has changed our traditional shopping style. 

Rakuten is an easy-to-use surfing site that notifies you while shopping online. When you browse their featured stores, this site benefits you with relevant promo codes and coupon alerts, and you get the best discounts on your orders in the shopping cart.

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If you want to make easy money, the Rakuten cashback button should be an essential add-on for your browser. You have to click the Activate button, and it will automatically update you with available cashback. Using the Rakuten extension is a legitimate way to get paid for surfing the internet.

Also check out useful chrome extensions for bloggers.


Another popular way to get paid to surf the web is MyPoints. On signing up for the app, you get 10$ bonus for free.

 Similar to Swagbucks and InboxDollars, MyPoints pays you for simple tasks you already do while browsing.

Tasks you can do to win points and redeem cash include:

  1. Search the web
  2. Watch fun videos
  3. Read e-mails
  4. Play online games 
  5. Complete surveys 
  6. Online purchases on your favorite retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.


Appen is an earning opportunity platform that offers a lot of online home-based jobs for its users. It is globally functional in over 170 countries and converses in more than 235+ languages. This company works with several search engine sites to check their performance.

After your registration on Appen, select the projects of your choice and complete several tasks that interest you. You can also earn by completing surveys and data collection and getting expertise in building your skills. 

Simple tasks include moderating the content, transcribing short audio clips, and categorizing social media posts. Appen indeed offers flexible part-time earning jobs. It is the website for you to how to make money surfing the web.


Are you a shopaholic person? Have you obsession with online purchasing? If you are, then you must install some useful browsing extensions to get benefits as well. Let me tell you about a  free chrome extension that will give you many advantages while purchasing online. This is how you can save and make money by browsing the internet.

You must read:

HONEY extension search for the best online coupon codes for you. Its free chrome extension automatically finds coupons when you are purchasing from your favorite online stores. You can easily apply these codes for purchases in better prizes. 

Join honey for saving your funds.


Isn’t that sound good enough to get paid in your spare time for sharing your opinions and giving your reviews and feedback for websites? I will tell you about how to make money surfing the web.

How cool!

UserTesting assesses several websites or brands and optimizes mobile app experiences via tests and surveys. Become a contributor at UserTesting and start sharing your perspectives for brands to improve the quality of products and customer experience and get real cash for your service. You will get paid per test via PayPal.

User testing is also a legitimate site to get paid to surf the web.


Want to earn money by playing games on your mobile phones. MistPlay is an app on your Android play store that gives you money for playing games. Install the app, start playing games in your free time, earn points, and you can redeem them for gift cards and prizes.

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There are yet several other online websites and companies that pay you for surfing the web.

  • IRazoo
  • QuickRewards
  • Survey Junkie
  • MobileXpression
  • Up Voice 
  • Checkpoints
  • These are some other websites suggested for where you can make money by browsing the internet.

Questions to ASK when surfing the web to get paid:

How much can I get paid for surfing the internet?

How can I earn money from Google search?

How can I make 100$ on the internet?

Which online sites are legit to get paid for surfing the web?

 How can I make money by browsing the internet?

Make money as side hustles may vary. But as I have told you earlier, these sites do not pay you loads of money or make you rich overnight.

You can get paid for surfing the web in your spare time to have some extra spending money.

Surfing the internet and working online through Google Search is manageable and easy to enjoy for adding assets to your wallet.


In this article, you have viewed the list of several easy ways to get paid for surfing the web. Explore the above-listed sites and their work demands. Proceed to check a minimum of the 4-5 listed above. Make sure you sign up for the one that best suits your schedule.  Also leave a note below regarding your side hustle activities. We would appreciate your comments on that.