How to Boost Your Blog Traffic? Try these 7 Easy Strategies Now!

Are you a new blog owner? Or maybe you are someone struggling to boost your blog traffic for quite a long but failed to do so? Whatever the case may be, you won’t think again of quitting your blog just because you aren’t getting noticed.

Yeah, I’m not kidding. Leave all those thoughts that constantly tell you that blogging isn’t your thing; you will not generate good income through it because competition is relatively high these days, or people don’t bother to read long blog posts when they have better options like YouTube. Well, that’s not the case. For your information, there are about 70,000 google searches each second, 227 million an hour, and 5.4 billion Google searches per day. Hence, before paying attention to any false rumors, try out these 7 easy yet most overlooked strategies to boost your blog traffic like a pro!

1) Create User Friendly, SEO Optimized Content

If you run a blog, you might be well aware of the terms like SEO or User-friendly content and thinking why am I bothering to tell you these simple things. But if you are here, maybe you are not implementing these terms quite well to boost your blog traffic.

An SEO-optimized article is the one that allows google to crawl to your website whenever a user searches your target keyword. You might be using Yoast SEO, Rank Math, Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, or other blogging tools for good SEO results. But relying solely on tools is not the right thing. That’s the mistake majority of the bloggers tend to make. By making their content SEO optimized, they sometimes fail to create user-friendly content. Here are few things points you should never overlook.

For Selection of Right Keyword

  • Use Google’s automated method or checkout google related searches section to understand better what kind of content people seek.
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Google automated search
boost your blog traffic
Google Related Searches
  • Go on various forums like Quora or Reddit and check out what people are talking. You may seek advice regarding your future blog post. In this way, you can know the best topics or keywords you should write about.
  • You can also create Polls on any social media platform to become aware of high demand and viral topics.
  • As far as tools are concerned, Ubersuggest or Answer the Public are good to go.

Things to avoid while writing the content

  • Don’t overstuff the Keywords only to attain a good SEO score. It will break your content flow and affect readability.
  • Avoid using super simple phrases to achieve a grade 7 readability score. Come on; a 7th grader doesn’t mean a person cannot understand English better. Hence, always mix up simple and complex sentences to make your article sound good for readers of all ages.
  • Use active voice, but passive voice can be used to spice up things. However, avoid using excessive use of passive voice. Understand your reader’s intent and provide them value instead of just following the SEO guidelines blindly.  

Remember, well-structured content is easy to read and helps boost your blog traffic as people always look for something valuable and effortless.

For more tips on writing great content check out

2) Share the Word by Social Networking.

Your Network is your Net worth,” said Tim Sanders. I swear this quote is the formula of success in online business. Social Media is a widely used medium in today’s world. Why not use this opportunity to build a vast network for your brand? You can market your services, products, or any type of content on Social Apps. Here are few ways you can utilize social media to boost your blog traffic like a wildfire

  • Add social media share options in your blog/article.
  • Build a large community by optimizing your social media profiles.
  • Show your presence by replying to your audience, asking questions, or generating polls.
  • Interact with same niche influencers
  • Giveaway any special offer or discount to attract more followers.

3) Check Blog Demographics to Communicate with the Right People at Right Time

Checking your blog demographics helps you to understand how often people visit and stay on your blog. It also tells you what kind of people are interested in reading your content. You should check your blog analytics daily; if not, then once in a week is a must. You can also use plugins like Google Analytics, Alexa, Mixpanel, Matimo, Piwik Pro, or any other built-in plugin on your website are use to increase blog traffic.

How does it help?

Let say 1 minute is the average time reader spends on your website. Now, if you are making long blog posts, make sure to answer their desired queries in the initial paragraphs. In this way, you can communicate with the right audience at the right time. Also, check the age and gender of people who visit your blog. In this way, you’ll know them better, understand their pain points that help you to boost your blog traffic.  

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4) Create Eye-Catchy Headline to boost Click-Through Rate

Have you bothered to browse this article if the title sounded like ‘Ways to increase your blog audience”? I’m damn sure you’ll skip it and move forwards without having a second thought. But I need you to come. That’s why I address your pain point, promise a solution, add a call to action, and make it more specific, i.e., Wondering how to boost your Blog Traffic? Try these 7 easy strategies, Now. Sounds terrific? This is a game-changer that’ll boost your blog traffic like hell. Well, I’m not trying to sound like Self Trumpeter, lol.

It intends to tell you that a good headline opens the loop for your reader and leave them no choice but to scroll down your article. Even if they have no plan to read your article, they will still skim and scan it to fetch their curiosity. However, never make any promise in your title that you are not able to fulfill in your article. It’s hypocritical and unethical to waste someone’s time through false words. You’ll lose your loyal audience.

5) Reach out to your Target Audience via Email Newsletters.

You already know your reader thanks Google analytics, but the next step is How to communicate them? Email Newsletters are the best way to reach your reader’s inbox. It’s a bonus way to connect them and speak your heart out. Here are some things you may convey in Email Newsletters to boost your blog traffic.

  • Update your audience about a new blog post. It would be best if you related this with your reader’s life by storytelling.
  • If you are working in the marketing niche, tell them about your new products.
  • Add visuals, gifs, or anything you find interesting to make it sounds compelling.
  • Ask your subscribers to write guest posts (if they love to write) for your blog.
  • Give them bits of advice, share comics or anything you find amusing. It will strengthen your connection with the audience.
  • Ask your subscribers about their feedback and how can you improve your blog. Seek recommendations for your next article.

Remember, you should prefer sending emails weekly. Otherwise, it will spam the user’s inbox, and they won’t pay attention to them. 


6) Keep your Content Up to Date

Update your content regularly according to new trends as nobody wants to read outdated data. Every day brings new technological breakthroughs to the planet. Therefore, it’s not enough to write a new blog post. To rank higher among competitors, you also need changes to the preceding one. Moreover, keep a sharp eye on your competitor’s website and adjust your blog accordingly.

For some great tips on editing the content check it out.

7) Publish new content regularly.

Blogging requires consistency. Therefore, you should be consistent in publishing your articles regularly. It will maintain your website SEO and increase your chances to rank on SERPs. You should try to post content daily or at least 2 to 4 times a week. However, you should never compromise on the structure and quality of the content. Quality always is considered before quantity to boost your blog traffic.

So, these were some tips that can be game-changers in your blogging journey. Are you using these tactics? What are the areas you are struggling with? Do let me know in the comments so that I can help you.