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How to boost your blog traffic and promote your blog for free in 2021

Every blogger dreams of desired traffic to prosper in his niche, gain fame, money, and readership. Now the question came to mind that how to boost your blog traffic organically and promote your blog for free? The answer is YES, there are multiple ways to promote your blog for free and boost traffic.

Nowadays, many people are writing a blog to spread up-to-date knowledge of different niches of life. Publishing blog is now hassle-free. Similarly, accessibility to information is effortless now; anyone can search-related info via the internet. But if you are new to blogging, you must be aware that publishing itself is not enough

But all this cannot come along with solid content but also need a strong marketing campaign and the constant phenomenon of promoting your new and old blogs. The primary purpose of marketing is to reach the correct audience at the right time.

Now let’s discover the methods to boost your blog traffic and promote it for free.

Platforms and Sites on which you can learn how to boost your blog traffic for free

how to boost your blog traffic
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If you are wondering how to boost your blog traffic then the medium is the answer to these questions. Medium is a platform where you can publish your article for free. Medium has 60 M unique visitors in August 2021, so if you meet their requirements, there is a chance to get more readership and boost traffic.


Pocket is another platform where you can find great content. It has an advanced feature that if you want to save something to view later, put it in your pocket. This site is also becoming popular as there are 16.13M visitors in August 2021, so you can also try your luck to boost your article circulation.


Flipboard is a news aggregator website that collects news stories and other information to publish in a specific manner. 8.82 M people visited this site in August 2021. Promoting blogs on different platforms will help you in fetching new audience traffic.


Twitter is a social networking platform where you can tweet about your blog from your account. Refresh the tweet every time to be noticed and not marked as fake. Total visitors in August 2021 are 6.88B


Pinterest is a pin /image sharing and social media service to promote ideas in the picture/animation format. Pinterest must clearly describe the content in the image because it helps target the relevant audience. 1.12 B visitors visited this site in August 2021. There is excellent potential to increase traffic by posting relevant and eye-catching pins in your blog. I have made a complete blog post on how to get traffic from Pinterest.


promote your blog for free
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Youtube is a free video-sharing and social networking platform. Youtube is now becoming an ocean of videos, and around 35.11 B people visit this site in August 2021. For promoting your blog, you can upload videos on Youtube to keep your audience updated. It is a great platform to promote your blog for free.


Instagram is another photo and online video-sharing platform with advanced filters. No one has time to read 1500 words in today’s busy world, but people prefer to get the crucks in one image. The way you present it is crucial; if it clicks, people will read your blog also and become your follower. 6.62 B people visited this site in August 2021. If you have a large following then Instagram is a great way to promote your blog for free.


Facebook is a social media and social media networking platform. People use Facebook to stay connected with family and friends. There are also like pages and Facebook groups which you can join according to your interests. Lots of people are using Facebook as their marketing tool in local communities. An average of 22B people visits this site in August 2021. Facebook has excellent potential for promoting your blog for free.

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how to boost your blog

Formerly Stumble Upon, now known as Mix

How to boost your blog traffic is a great way via stumble upon? Stumble Upon was a discovery and advertisement engine that will send you content recommendations according to your interest.

Install the stumble upon badge on your blogging site and boost your traffic. You can also interact with the people of the same interest in stumble upon a community, which will help promote your blog. The number of users who visited this site in August 2021 is 393.59 K. How to boost your blog traffic is a great way via stumble upon?


Reddit is a social news aggregator, web content rating, and discussion website. Here you can submit your blog, which can be rank as up or down. You must follow the Reddit rules to avoid any inconvenience. 1.68 B people visited this site in August 2021.

Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote is a content marketing tool that will daily promote your content to real people on their social media accounts. This tool can also help in boosting traffic to your blog. The number of visitors in August 2021 was around 65k.


LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented online service. Mostly professional people use it for career advancement and connect with people of the same interest. Rumor is that LinkedIn will be the next freelancing platform soon. Many people are already promoting their blogs and selling them on LinkedIn, so you should also try your luck. The number of visitors in August 2021 is 1.41B.

For searching monthly traffic on websites I will recommend you to use similarweb because it’s free.

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How to boost your blog traffic with Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee is a free social media promotion platform. In VCB, you can either share your own or other people’s content on social media. For sharing the content of others, you get credit points for which you can promote your blog for free.


Slideshare is a slide hosting service where people/organizations share presentations in PowerPoint, PDF, or Open Office Document format. There is one thing in common between Slideshare and LinkedIn: their audience is professional in their fields, that’s why LinkedIn now owns Slideshare. There is a bright chance of being noted when you post slides about your blog on Slideshare.

Life hacks to promote your blog for free and boost traffic for your blog in 2021

Apart from these, several other ways to promote your blog, but remember that SEO is essential for your blog promotion. In 2021 Google made seven-time updates to the SERP algorithm. For boosting traffic, you must take these steps.

Keyword Research strategy

Understanding your niche psyche is very important to penetrate the market. Keywords are the magical words that increase your site SEO and provide you more ideas about your niche content.

For a keyword search, I would recommend Uber suggest because it gives you three free searches in a day.

Add more Backlinks to Your Fresh Blog Posts

When you comment on other articles, you get backlinks because appreciation will help you both. But comments should be without any bias and in a constructive way. Build relationships with other bloggers and eventually increase your traffic. You must write a well-structured article. You can read this blog post to get some tips for writing better content.

Make your website user-friendly / more accessible

If your website is working slow, you will lose potential visitors to your blog. Nowadays, people are more accessing sites on mobile rather than on laptops and systems, so if your site is not working on mobile swiftly / properly, this will also be a factor for minimal traffic to your site.

Components of  standard Blog

Frequency of publishing

The frequency of publishing should be twice a week to increase the traffic. In this way you will boost your blog traffic.


Google algorithm ranks lengthy articles higher. At least 1500 to 2000 words per article.


Since there are thousands of articles published in a single day, no one bothers to read the whole article but goes through the design/elaboration by heading—display matters for further engagement on your page.

Reviving old Blog

Google is refreshing its algorithm, so you must refresh your old articles by updating new information and removing old ones.


Infographics provide a glimpse of your blog compellingly.

Video Post

 Video posts grab the audience’s attention and conclude in boosting your site traffic.


A picture is worth a thousand words, that’s true. By adding a relevant image, you can enhance the worth of your blog.

Email List

Email List is still in fashion, and you can create your own for sending emails to your fan about a new blog post.

Identify Pro in your niche

In every community and group, some people have authority and influence, so if you can impress them with your blog, this is an achievement. This will lead to generating more traffic to your blog.

Participate in Blogger Round-Ups

Every niche has several blogs that do round up monthly/ weekly to evaluate the best content. The summary of the roundup is published weekly/ monthly, which helps in boosting the share and promoting your blog.

Guest Post

Guest post is another good way to increase your readership while writing for a blog more extensive than yours.

Free ebooks

Free ebooks of your blog also help in promotion and reach to target audience via email list.

Cartel your content on best blogging websites

Some best blogs in your niche allow republishing content on their site while acknowledging your efforts. Publishing in the best blogs site will increase the credibility of your blog and hence traffic.

To get an insight into the detailed free and paid promotion you must visit it.


There are numerous other ways to promote your blog for free, but in my opinion, these actions are more empirical. Besides free, a vast field of paid promotions is also there to promote your blog. By following above discussed points, one can achieve the desired traffic, fame and monetize the value of their blog.