6 Amazing Methods On How To Blog consistently In 2021

We think blogging is mere writing and everyone can start it. Yeah…. Everyone can start but the question is how to blog consistently which is the most important step to reach that peak of success like all other top bloggers.

Blogging is the most emerging field in this modern era of science and technology where every person is looking for some information or solution to their problems online and fortunately, many bloggers earn handsomely through their blogs.

Consistency is the real success mantra, it’s impossible to achieve our goal without being consistent with it. One of the most common hurdles people face is consistency. It’s really easy to start blogging but hard to maintain. 

Not only does quality content matter in blogging but also how much you are posting this quality work. Blogging is long-term relationship work. It’s like you are in that long haul.

After reading all this you might be thinking that blogging is so overwhelming and you want to quit it. Don’t hassle….Most of us are busy with our everyday work routine, job, family commitment, friends, and many more. It’s not easy to take time off from things or maybe it’s easier than we think and we just need a little plan.

I am going to share with you some secrets and little tricks that are really going to help you on How to blog consistently despite your everyday busy routine.

In this simple guide, you will find practical advice which can help you to get stuff done.

So let’s start our simple tricks on how to blog consistently because without consistency traffic to your website or blog is going to dwindle.

Hook Up To Deadlines for consistency

How to blog consistently

One of the most effective and simple ways on how to blog consistently is sticking like glue to deadlines.

First of all, make a flexible schedule and by flexible I mean realistic. Be realistic (because better than anyone you know which routine you can follow without burdening yourself) and then make a plan how, when and what you are going to write. Once you are done making your schedule then start following it with firm commitment. 

Effectual way of your plan to work is to write it on some paper and stick it where you can often see it and it will remind you and make you conscious of your commitment. Studies showed that writing something increases the rate of doing it by 100%.

Once you create your deadline, divide your work into portions, and then do a bit each day in this way you will not be overwhelmed by your work.

But for some people like me, it’s more unchallenging to complete my blog in one sitting. The choice is yours, look what works for you. And if your weekdays are manic then take two hours Saturday-Sunday each and work on weekends.

Write Everwhere Without Exception

Consistent blogging

One of the secrets of successful bloggers is that they write everywhere and everywhere means everywhere without any hesitation or nervousness.

If you are writing on paper then always carry a small notepad with you to all the places otherwise we have our mobile phones with us. You can write in the library, coffee shop while waiting in a long queue or in a bus. Whenever you get an idea instantly jot it down.

In this way, you use your spare time in blogging even if you are troubling to take out special time for writing. Do try a bit hard on blogging consistently in the beginning and later on it just become one of your habits.

Now there is plenty of software which you can use on your mobile phones and this makes it even easier and simpler to work consistently.

My all-time favorite software is Google docs. It’s free and easy to use for our business and personal writing. It is the best option and insanely flexible. Isn’t surprising that most of the blogs were born on google docs.

Giveup on Perfectionism

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I asked someone how to blog consistently and her answer was to give up on perfectionism. And then I realized that perfectionism is the most usual barrier among emerging writers and one of the important reasons why people don’t stay consistent on blogging.

Because of perfectionism people waste days after days because they want to create something perfect.” Perfection doesn’t exist “ let that sink in mind no matter how many days you are going to work on something in the end it will have some sort of flaws its just a nature thing. So come out of this cycle which you can’t control.

It’s just human nature that you are not going to be fully satisfied with your work but you know what is amazing that people don’t know what’s going in your mind and what are the flaws about your article you are seeing so they are just happy with the results, they are totally fine with that version.

Don’t break your consistency because of perfectionism because you ain’t got any idea what’s going to be hit and what’s going to flop.

Just do your best and leave the rest in the hands of God.

Generate Content Calendars or List of Ideas

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People start procrastinating and are not able to stick to consistency because most of the time when they sit to write they don’t know what to write about simply they don’t have any idea. One thing we need to understand is nothing is going to work before we do some pre-planning and especially in blogging consistently.

The best way to avoid such a situation is to plan your ideas ahead of time and it’s genuinely helpful when you have little time to write every day.

In my opinion, it is a good idea to make a content calendar with all the ideas and topics of your blogs on weekends. Sit down and pinpoint ideas you can think of by yourself and also can take ready-made ideas from the internet like Pinterest and Quora. And you can also take inspiration from readers’ choices. It’s a great source of new ideas and especially what your readers want to read about.

The topics of your blog don’t need to be very hard, fancy, or technical, just start with some simple ideas. Note down as many ideas you can pinpoint without judging whether it’s good or bad. Once you are done with this process then you can start sorting out the ideas.

You can make content for a month or two so when the next time you sit to write your blog you can start right away. This is extremely helpful in how to blog consistently.

You can also view this guide on how to blog consistently.

Point Down Your Ideas… Just Write

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What will you do in a situation when you sit to write but don’t have any idea what to write in the intro? Unfortunately, many people make mistakes here when they don’t have any idea what to write or how to write an introduction they call it a day. They forget that there is no need to start with an intro.

Yes, you can write whatever you want to write at that particular moment whether it is a particular bullet point or conclusion. Just write be consistent

Draft your posts in several batches and write your intro, main point, bullet points, explanation, the conclusion in bits, and then you can just combine them, and BOOM your blog post is ready. 

Instead of putting yourself under immense pressure, do a bit of work every day and in this way, you will not avoid working every day on your blog, and guess what without consciously knowing and putting in extra effort you will be consistent.

Develop Habit of Holding Yourself Accountable

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A practical way of becoming consistent is to construct a habitat to hold yourself accountable. Accountability makes you responsible and conscious. 

You can have external accountability your buddy a friend who can ask you on a daily basis about your progress so you can stay consistent. If you don’t have such a buddy you can always make your readers do this job for you.

Let your readers Know what’s coming up next and you are going to post on such and such day in this way you know no matter what you have to complete your task as thousands of people are waiting for it. You can give the title and brief description about your content to readers this will also encourage readers to subscribe for email updates and in this way you can also learn how to blog consistently plus it will increase your traffic.

Windup Discussion

Blogging is not just mere writing, real work is preparation and building process and you can not do this until you know how to blog consistently. 

Don’t waste your time just sitting and wondering what to do instead take action and start working. Do these little habits on how to blog consistently and you will be surprised how it will work and you will be able to create beautiful blogs without feeling overwhelmed.

And once you developed this habit of consistent blogging you should go for learning about content writing tools which can definitely improve your blog