how online shopping sites make profit

How online shopping sites make profit: How to earn money from e-commerce in 2021

The majority of the population reported their frequency of online shopping had increased in the recent few years for many reasons, and COVID-19 is one of the significant reasons behind this. In the United States, there are expectations that e-commerce sales might increase from $374.3 billion to $476.5 billion by 2024. The reason for this increase in e-commerce sales is changing lifestyles of the public.

A lot of people are keen to know about how online shopping sites make profit. Suppose your goal is to earn a lot of money through e-commerce sales, then You need to have a long-term vision to introduce innovations that will bring value to the online market.

What is E-commerce?

how online shopping sites make profit

E-commerce is defined as the buying and selling of any product online. E-commerce also involves the commercial transactions made electronically over the internet. For example., buying and selling physical items like Laptops, clothing items, digital products like softwares and ebooks etc.

Models of E-commerce: (How online shopping sites make profit)

There are different models of e-commerce, like:


Wholesale involves buying the products at a commercial level in a stock and then selling them through the online stores for profit. That’s how online shopping sites make profit. Wholesaling is actually selling the products in bulk quantity to either a person or an organization otherthan end consumer of that product.

Making and Selling

This is defined as making and assembling the products at the commercial level and then selling them at online stores over the internet and earning a livelihood. In this case, the seller owns the brand and products.


Dropshipping is the model of e-commerce in which the seller does not own or handle the products directly; instead, the seller purchases the products from a third party and then ships the respective product to the standard consumer.

Dropshipping is one of the methods of how online shopping sites make profit. Basically, dropshipping is the fulfillment method in which the seller doesn’t keep the products in stock.

Private Labeling

Private labeling refers to the model of e-commerce in which an e-commerce store buys products from another brand or company and then sells them by applying its label. This is one of the effective ways of how do e-commerce sites make money. The e-commerce stores specialize in creating a specific product and then want to supplement that with another related product benefit from private labeling, also called white labeling.

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Tips to Make Money from E-commerce:

  • Research E-commerce Business

This is the primary step before starting an e-commerce business. Research the model of e-commerce in which you are interested and then start working on it.

Everyone has different interests, so You need to work out your will and draw and then decide about the model of e-commerce that you are going to adopt. This is one of the ways of how online shopping sites make profit. This will have a severe impact on the progress of your e-commerce business.

  • Register Your E-commerce Business

Registering the e-commerce business is the primary step as it is directly associated with the profit you will earn through your online store. There are some steps in registering an online business. First of all, select a name for your e-commerce store and register your store, and then there are some legal steps that you should follow. Your brand must have a consistent name, as this is directly associated with how online shopping sites make profit.

  • Get Employer Identification Number

Employer Identification Number or EIN is required to open your business bank account and to pay your annual business taxes. EIN is a unique number that helps identify your business, and it is the social security number of your business.

  • Getting the Licenses and Permits

You need a specific business license and permit to start an e-commerce store. The requirement and sort of this license depend upon your territory, like city, state, or country. Getting the Permit is the legal way of starting an e-commerce business.

  • Financial Management

Financial management is the crucial step in establishing any business. It will help if you work out your investment to start that particular business. You need to figure out your profits; otherwise, You will not be capable of running your e-commerce business smoothly.    So, Financial management determines that how online shopping sites make profit.

  • Creating an Online Store

When you start an e-commerce business, you are an owner of an online store, and You need to register your domain and relevant URLs. Whatever plan you picked should be viable with your online business programming, as well. There are numerous softwares of online businesses, and selecting the appropriate software is not an easy task.

You need to access some critical factors like the abilities and skills of your web developer, compatibility with the structure of your online business, stacking speed, and SEO-accomodating features.

Generating Traffic Through Marketing How online shopping sites make profit

 You can use various ways of marketing to draw the public’s attention to your e-commerce store.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective way to generate traffic for your e-commerce website without spending money. You can share the articles, customer reviews, videos, and pictures of the samples from your e-commerce store so that Your followers will also share your content with others.

You can use different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. This tactic will also help you to increase the profit of e-commerce stores.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is necessary for every website or organization as it is the fundamental method to enhance the traffic to the website without spending any money. When a website is new, it is advisable to spend time on its image and content optimization.

SEO enhances the specific components to rank that specific website near the top of the search engine results list when people search for specified keywords. Search engine marketing is one of the marketing tools through which you can access how online shopping sites make profit.

Email Marketing
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Image by Muhammad Ribkhan from Pixabay

Email marketing is defined as the use of emails to send advertisements of a specific brand or products of e-commerce stores to a group of people. Email marketing has been developed as a direct and effective source of communication.

This is a form of marketing in which you can make your customers aware of every new product available on your e-commerce store. So You consistently need to nurture your audience or subscribers to increase traffic on your e-commerce website. This type of marketing is one of the ways of How do e-commerce sites make money.       

PPC/ Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing is also one of the effective methods to generate traffic to your e-commerce website, and that will consequently increase your sales. In this type of marketing, You have to pay a small amount of fee to search engines each time a person clicks your ad. Because by clicking on that specific ad, the visitor gets access to your e-commerce website.

PPC is a very prominent method of increasing traffic to the website, and hence it also enhances the sale of your products. Facebook post showing sponsors at the top is one of the examples of PPC marketing.

Similarly, you can use Google and Bing as means of PPC marketing. PPC marketing via Facebook enables you to get information about the gender and age of your audience. On the other hand, you will not be able to determine the age and gender of your audience while using Bing and Google as means of PPC marketing.

Working Out Profits:

When You have developed your online business and started making big sales, you need to maximize your profits.

  • Gross Revenue

Gross revenue is all the money earned in an online business, excluding the total expenses on all other items or products. It is calculated by multiplying the cost of selling your products by the total number of products you have bartered.

  • Net Revenue

It is defined as your total income in a business after including the expenses of all other items, products, and taxes. To calculate net revenue, you first need to multiply the cost at which you purchased the products by the total amount of products you sold. After completing this sum, you need to subtract this amount from your gross revenue, and then You will get the net income of your e-commerce business.


E-commerce has become one of the most important and advanced ways to do business and meet the demands of increasing populations. There is a rising trend of the public towards online shopping sites because it is a very convenient way of buying different products, instruments, appliances, clothing, and various daily-use items.

As there is a rising trend of the public towards e-commerce, it is one of the efficient means to earn money. This is how online shopping sites make profit. Different specified protocols must be followed to run an e-commerce business efficiently and to gain a reasonable profit.