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How do I become a Social Media Manager in 2021: An interesting guide on becoming a Social Media Manager

Do you want to become a social media manager? Or DO YOU STILL WONDERING HOW DO I BECOME A SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER? This article consists of a complete guide on how to be a social media manager, social media management tools, what skills do a social media manager needs, the job description of a social media manager, and how to be a better social media manager. Social Media management is considered of the best freelance services that you can offer as a freelancer.

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What is Social Media Management

The process of managing your online interaction with your clients or customers via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Creating and posting content related to your products and services or promotions, analyzing reviews of the users, and answering their queries with the help of social media platforms is known as social media management. Skilled individuals who do social media management are called social media managers.


Social media is the easiest and cheapest way to promote your products, get your customers up to date about the new launch, attract customers by announcing discounts and promos, and globalize your business. It is the most attractive platform to connect sellers and buyers. Social media in business marketing offers an efficient and quick way to market your business.

Job Description of Social Media Manager
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An expert in the field could be an advisor, an employee, or a team member who is skilled in social media management. They can help boasting social media platforms by increasing followers and sales revenue of the business. A Social media manager covers all the social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. They create posts, content and keep followers up to date about the company or business. This article will help you answer your question that how do I become a social media manager along with the roles and responsibilities of a social media manger. The roles and responsibilities of social media managers are as follow

  • Creating and publishing social media content according to the company for which they are working
  • Response to comments and reviews to keep an engagement between customers and brand
  • Creating campaigns
  • Tracking campaign results by observing ratings and engagement
  • Focusing on the top trends
  • Make the brand appealing and attracting
  • Gather the audience
  • Build the reputation of the brand you are working for
  • Market the brand in an attractive way
  • Writing catchy blogs 

Now the question occurs How do I become a social media manager?. Here is the answer to your question. For becoming a social media manager following steps must be taken by an individual.  

  • Learn how to use social media
  • Learn and gain experience in social media management and marketing
  • Undergo training
  • Build a portfolio
  • Build your own social media and fill it with amazing techniques


For learning how to become an efficient social media manager we must know about the social media manager tools that we must use while working to get a better output.

Social Media Manager Tools
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5 Best Social Media Manager Tools:

 Following are some paid and unpaid tools.

  1. CoSchedule
  2. Buffer
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Sprout Social
  5. SocialPilot


For becoming a high demand social media manager you must know the skills you need to be a social media manager. Although a social media manager could be a social media marketing manager, a copywriter, a designer, or he may be doing all of the above mentioned tasks so the skills may be vary depending upon the duties and expertise of a manager. Following are the must have skills for a social media manager.

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1. Communication Skills:

Social media communication is more about written communication rather than verbal communication where you need confidence and body posture. But still, social media written communication is a little bit tricky because you have to be creative and attract the audience with your words, you have to appear polite and friendly while answering your customers so for this purpose you must use suitable emojis, gifs, and stickers to create a healthy platform. 

Pro Tip:

Hearing TED talks and socializing can help to improve communication skills.

2. Writing:

Social media managers require to have excellent writing skills including correct grammar to make the message tacky, sparkling, and attractive. Social media managers are effective copywriters who can make the product so appealing and attractive that can attract customers. Creating engaging content and tailoring their writing according to the audience is a specialty of social media managers.

Pro Tip:

There are tools like Hemingway editor, Grammarly, grammar girl that can help in improving writing skills. Apart from tools observation and reading can also help in improving your writing.

Use Grammarly for the best writing experience.

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3. Creativity:

The definition of creativity is to create the difference it is important in every field but much highlighted in the field of social media management. Social media managers are bound to think out of the box to keep the audience engaged because humans need newness in everything. As a social media manager, you must consider the following points to pull out the creativity.

  • Launce unique and new social media campaigns
  • Create attractive and engaging multimedia content
  • Let you and your team do some brainstorming to find a new idea
  • Define brands and products in a suspensive way.

Pro Tip:

There are creative morning events that connect the community to share ideas and bring out creativity. There are courses that highlight ways of creative thinking. Also surfing the internet and related sites can also help in improving creativity.

4. Customer Care:

Customer service is a combination of customer service, worker’s skills, and problem solving tricks. Often customers find it convenient to approach the brands via social media. As a social media manager one should must be able to satisfy the customer considering keeping the customer loyal in the future. Customer care makes an impact on the buyer’s heart so you must be able to keep it as much positive as you can.

Pro Tip:

Watching podcasts and observing customer care seniors can help in improving customer care abilities

5. Agility:

As discussed above newness and creativity is the core talent of the social media manager. Social media is all about trends As a social media manager, you must keep up with the new trends and be able to use and modify the trend according to the need of the brand you are working for. For example, nowadays people are attracted to memes considering these many brands are now marketing their products in the form of memes.

Pro Tip:

There are various sites that can be visited for this purpose like meet your meme, google alerts. Hashtags and trends on Instagram and Facebook can also keep you up to date with the new trends.

6. Data analysis:

It looks strange to have this skill on the list but as an effective social media manager, you just need to look into the data regularly and take actions accordingly. Here analysis means checking out the trends suitable for your domain and responses coming from the running campaigns.

7. Time management

All the social media managers have the ability to manage their time in a way that they make their content live at the most effective time.

How do I become a social media manager (A guide):

The answer of how do I become a social media manger is for becoming a social media manager you must get command on fulfilling all the above mentioned responsibilities and get a command on the skills mentioned in the article


The question, how do I become a social media manager is important but what’s more important is that how to become a better social media manager. You need to appear as a shining individual to beat your competition and earn in this field. Following are some tips and tricks you must follow after becoming a social media manager to master in your domain.

  • Curiosity: one’s curiosity is the first step toward their success. You have to be curious about the new trends, technologies, and techniques related to your field, and expertise. 
  • Sense of humor: social media is all about trends, But funnier the content is greater the chances of coming into the trend. As a social media manager, you must learn to balance between humor and respect to avoid offenses and attract the audience.
  • Consider your audience: to become a successful social media manager, you must take user generated comments in account to make your content more appealing to the audience.
  • Research your targeted audience: as discussed above you have to consider your audience to rule your social media platforms and for this purpose, you must research about your audience, which age category will be attracted to your product if this product is for any particular gender. After successfully identifying your audience it would be easy to create content that will be sparkling for them.
  • Remember you are being watched: as a social media manager, you must consider each and every word and visuals of your content because everything you post will go public.
  • Social media platform: depending on the nature of the content, the selection of social media platforms is a tricky task. For example, if you are going to promote a new product of the brand Facebook and Instagram are the perfect picks for this. However, if it is a threat or a story Twitter and Facebook are the correct picks.

Social media managers work as a bridge between the brands and the customers. It depends on the strength and power of the bridge that how much traffic it can afford to carry. For becoming a better and effective social media manager you have to be limitless, full of passion, and unique in your way.  Hope this article answers your question that how do I become a social media manager