honest Skillshare Review

An honest SKILLSHARE REVIEW : Is skillshare worth your money in 2021?

In the passing decade, the online learning trend has reached a skyrocketed level. According to GlobeNewswire, research conducted by facts and factors concluded that by the year 2026, the global e-learning marketplace would have reached USD 374.3 billion.

The reasons are pretty obvious; e-learning allows people to learn from the comfort of their couch at best suitable time. People can manage their working hours and get ample opportunity to master new skills at their own pace.

Online learning platforms save one from the hustle of any institution far or near to their residence. Instead, people can utilize this time in performing some other potential activity. The growing trend gave rise to the creation of hundreds of online learning platforms.

It creates a lot of heck to choose the best online learning platform to develop and enhance new and existing skills. With a comprehensive and meticulous analysis of the top brands in the market, we have made it to quote Skillshare as one of the best online learning platforms.

This honest skillshare review is aimed to teach is Skillshare worth your money in 2021or not. Before proceeding to the honest skillshare review, let’s find out what Skillshare is.

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What is Skillshare? Honest Skillshare Review.

Skillshare is one of the most widely used and trusted online learning platforms based in New York City. It was founded in November 2010 by Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong. The site was available for the public in April 2011. Since it was created, Skillshare has managed to build and maintain its credibility. 

Skillshare statistics

Skillshare has more than 12 million registered learners, which makes it much more reliable. Revealed by skillshare, it’s been observed that the average skillshare user spent three times more during the pandemic in 2020.

As the world confronted severe lockdown, millions of people considered learning skills that could help them generate passive income. Skillshare was their favorite pick.

Which courses are available on Skillshare?

As of May 2021, Skillshare has almost 30,000 premium classes in a wide range of niches. People can access nearly 2,000 free courses without paying a single penny. The courses on Skillshare are divided into four major categories;

  • Creative Animation, Drawing, photography, 3D design, Art, Adobe Illustrator, etc.)
  • Business (Freelance & Entrepreneurship, Bitcoin, Blogging, Branding, Finance, etc.)
  • Technology (Data Science, Blockchain, web de, word press, Javascript, etc.)
  • Lifestyle (Crafts, Baking, Fashion Design, Knitting, Makeup, Sewing, Languages, etc.)

Since Skillshare was founded, it has had a total of 12 Million registered users. When first launched, it had only twenty-five online courses, and now Skillshare is trusted worldwide with its subscribers from 180+ countries.

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Why Skillshare? Skillshare Review 2021.

The internet is loaded with thousands of online courses from several online learning platforms. Each one of them quotes themselves to be the best in the market. However, there certainly are some who have taken over the industry. Skillshare has been ruling since it started, and the primary cause of its credibility is among the first few e-learning sources.

Its features and specifications make it unique to others. Let us check out the reasons that compel one to join the thriving community of Skillshare. Here are the top picks to know is skillshare worth your money in 2021.

a. Skillshare Groups:

Skillshare has created a powerful way to collaborate between the creators and the learning community. These groups are made with the contribution of skillshare teachers. It provides an excellent opportunity for the learners to get part of a thriving circle. The groups are divided into the same four categories as the courses.

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By joining these groups, the users can get access to the other community members and the creators. They can discuss their concerns and queries with the experts and get to learn a lot. Free users can access these groups, but they cannot enjoy posting anything. Premium users get a permit to post and share.

b. Student Projects at Skillshare:

Another factor that makes Skillshare unique is the projects assigned to the learners. Skillshare has introduced project-based learnings that enable learners to empower their skills and talents. Projects allow practicing teachings from courses.

screenshot www.skillshare.com 2021.10.04 08 42 50

These projects are published on the skillshare website, and the community can share thoughts by adding comments there. These assignments develop practical abilities in learners to deal with the problems in their concerned industries. Not only do they practice their skills this way, but the entire community also witnesses their expertise.

c. Skillshare Instructors:

Expert teachers and trainers play a critical factor in teaching and equipping learners with the later provisions. Skillshare possesses an extended group of highly qualified alumni. They are no doubt masters in their understanding and know precisely how to engage the learners.

Skills have more than 8,000 teachers for an enormously vast range of classes. Each class is divided into a short topic of around 2 to 6 minutes to make the content easily digested by the viewers. It’s been estimated that skillshare teachers earn an average of $2,000 per month.

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Skillshare PROS:

Joining the skillshare community is full of joyful learning experiences. There are several advantages that one can avail with Skillshare. Let’s check out the highly appreciated benefits from Skillshare. Below are the skillshare pros.

1. FREE Classes Offered :

Though Skillshare allows most of the actions performed by the premium membership holders, anyone across the globe can access a considerable number of free courses. Almost 2000 free classes in a wide range of niches are available. Anyone interested in learning for free can get the classes without any restrictions.

2. Affordable pricing:

Skillshare is one of the fewest platforms which provides quality education and teachings at a very low cost to your budget. They have both monthly and annual plans. Users can choose the one according to their convenience and kick-start their learnings.

It costs $167 for a yearly program that comes out to be almost $14 per month. Skillshare also allows buying premium membership for teams. Three sorts of team memberships are available at Skillshare ;

IMG 20211004 215409

Starter, Enterprise and Revive.The starter is for 2 to 20 team members and costs $139 per year. While Enterprise and thrive are for custom memberships for more than 20 and 50 members respectively.

3. One month Free Trial:

This is the ultimate way to join skillshare premium and access all courses for an entire month at a $0 cost. Skillshare allows new members to go for a one-month free trial membership. Users need to put the billing information and then can enjoy unlimited classes throughout the months.

However, if you do not want to proceed further with Skillshare after trial, you must cancel the billing information and membership. Other than that, Skillshare would keep deducting money, considering you are a registered member.

4. Engaging Community:

Skillshare has a highly collaborative community as it provides many chances to participate actively and showcase talent to the members. Skillshare groups are a rich source of community collaboration, which helps them learn more than regular classes.

Skillshare projects are also a great way to express progress. Moreover, instructors and field experts do reveal their thoughts by continuously engaging themselves in these platforms.

5. Project-based learnings:

As discussed earlier, skillshare projects create a better way to master and practice skills. This is probably the most significant advantage for those interested in getting a good command over new understandings. This characteristic feature by Skillshare is highly beneficial for skill builders. That is why Skillshare is unique to other online learning platforms.


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Skillshare CONS:

No doubt, Skillshare provides users with a wholesome of advancements in learning. However, a few limitations to the platform could be a primary requirement for many learners. An authentic and honest skill review requires to lists both skillshare pros and cons to the audience for their knowledge. Here are a few skillshare cons.

1. No certifications Provided:

Besides good learning and skill development, Skillshare does provide certificates for successful course completion. This fact might not be crucial to those who are doing it for the sake of their self-productivity and generating better revenue in their business.

But a large community wishes to showcase their accomplishments in the form of certifications. It might affect those who desire to place these certificates before some recruiters. Unfortunately, for such requirements, Skillshare has no option available.

2. Content Quality:

More than often, skillshare courses content is composed of novelty and advancements. However, this complaint came in notice that a few courses lack high qualifications and knowledge a few times.

This concern must be treated soon by Skillshare as it can result in losing members to the site. Members can check if the content of a specific class is up to the mark or not and can switch to another of their choice.

3. Limited Languages:

A group of non-native English speakers complains about the non-availability of courses in languages other than English. A large community is, however, at ease with the Language. Probably, Skillshare should consider this factor to increase its community in the future.

Who Should Use Skillshare?

The question, who should use skillshare has a very thoughtful answer. Skillshare is the best option for everyone craving to learn and build new skills, but a few communities can get the most out of it. Let’s check out those.


Freelancing has appeared as a potential source of generating passive income within the past few years. One can adopt a freelancing career by choosing the best services that suit their passion and skills. Freelancers can join the Skillshare courses to learn from scratch. Skillshare has multiple methods to learn and cope with advancements on almost every sort of freelance service.


Online learning platforms serve as a blessing for students who want to acquire skill-based learning along with their traditional education. Priorly, it was a difficult task as joining physical classes in institutions is quite problematic. But now, online learning platforms have made it much more convenient.

Students can learn and master new skills from Skillshare and practice them in their available hours. It can enable them to get practical applications of their academics which can be a plus for their worthwhile careers.

Professionals Who Crave to Retain More:

Skillshare is an ideal match for entrepreneurs, business holders, and professionals who desire to enhance productivity and stay up-to-date in their respective communities. They can join Skillshare free classes or premium to get better at their existing experience and add more fun learnings.

Small business holders can learn strategies to grow their business and generate more revenue. Entrepreneurs can learn from the insightful experiences of experts and instructors by connecting with them. It will increase their productivity and broaden their vision.

Skillshare Mobile App:

For the ease and convenience of users, Skillshare has launched a mobile app. Using this app, members can enjoy learning on the go. The app has been downloaded more than 1Million times.

IMG 20211004 171321

Users can download lectures and can take them offline. The app has overall ratings of 4.5/5 from 48,000 reviews. Skillshare mobile app has an attractive interface and contains all the necessary features.

Modes of payment for Skillshare Membership:

Skillshare has introduced several payment methods for membership to get complete access to skillshare premium features. Following are the verified payment methods for skillshare enrollment.

  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Play (on Android devices)
  • SEPA
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

The variety of different ways allows people worldwide to choose the one that suits their ease. Hence, getting enrollment in skillshare can be done from the comfort of the couch without worrying about payment barriers.

An Honest SKILLSHARE REVIEW – In a Nutshell:

Skillshare is a legit online learning platform that has been given thousands of positive reviews all across the internet. Those who are determined to utilize every moment of their life and constantly want to improve their present are taking advantage of Skillshare.

The free trial for Skillshare is highly recommended to everyone who wants to pursue skill learning using this platform. It will help the learners to know if Skillshare is a suitable choice for them or not. Without any cost, One can easily access all premium classes and courses.

An enormously large community plans to take skill development courses online but ends up without practically participating in any of them. The key to master any skill is practice. Choosing the best suitable learning platform, you should start building new expertise right from today.

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