high paying affiliate programs for new bloggers

Top 10 high paying affiliate programs for new bloggers

The present era is an era of affiliate marketing. This massive industry is coining money for millions of people. If you are a blogger and want to monetize your blog to generate money, affiliate marketing is the right and best option to get started. There are hundreds of high paying affiliate programs for new bloggers out there in the market. It is one of the best ways to help your blog make its place in the billion-dollar affiliate marketing industry. According to Statista, business spending on affiliate marketing will touch the figure of $ 8.2 billion in the US by 2022.

Thousands of new affiliate programs and networks are introduced here, and many are in queue to launch. This situation may confuse you if you are a newbie in this digital world. No need to worry. Chin up!!! There are loads of the best affiliate programs and networks ready to accept newbies. Affiliate marketing is one of the best monetization methods for bloggers.

Remember! Could you not jump into it blindly? Gather detailed and authentic information. Search for helpful affiliate marketing tips shared by experienced and successful bloggers for newbies. Better to take free courses. Familiarize terminology. Select a niche that matches your interest means choosing the right affiliate program. Then venture on your way to affiliate marketing confidently.

 Here is a comprehensive list of high paying affiliate programs for new bloggers to help you choose your area of interest. Before probing deep into the list, let me clear specific terms to avoid confusion.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

best affiliate programs for bloggers

It is a process by which an affiliate gets profit for marketing a product or service. Marketing happens via links from one website to another. It involves two primary segments;

  • Merchant (product creator)
  • Affiliate (salesperson)

Merchant can be anyone who has something to sell, and Affiliate can be an individual or a company that attracts a targeted audience to buy product/service of the merchant.

Both work together to sell the product/service and share the pre-set profit.

Difference between Affiliate Program and Affiliate Network

The marketing industry bases on these two pillars. People use these interchangeably, but they have differences.

Affiliate Program

An Affiliate Program is an arrangement where an online merchant gives an affiliate website a commission for any sale generated by referral traffic. It is a performance-based marketing.

Affiliate Network

 An Affiliate Network is a platform that allows affiliates to find affiliate offers of their own choice according to their niche.

Requirements to join an Affiliate Programs for bloggers

  • You require a well-designed website
  • Have a business email address connected to your domain
  • Pay pal account or bank account

You can join an affiliate program without a website. Only you have to add links on social media.

Qualities of a High Paying Affiliate Programs for new bloggers

 Look for these four things while selecting high paying affiliate programs for new bloggers.

  • Commission rate -it can vary from single-digit to 50% or higher.
  • Average order value (AOV)- can be calculated by dividing your total revenue by the number of orders.
  • Earing per click (EPC)-the amount per 100 clicks.
  • Cookies duration – standard cookies duration is usually 30 days.

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List of high paying Affiliate Programs for new Bloggers

Here is a brief analysis of Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers.

Share a sale

It is a new blogger-friendly, reliable and best affiliate network. It has been in the affiliate industry for 19 years. They own above 3,900 affiliate programs in 40 categories, including fashion, home, garden, food and drink, fitness, software, etc. That is why it is on the top of the list because of its best affiliate programs for bloggers. The best brands like Grammarly, Thinkific, and Stela &Dot are working with ShareASale

It is easy to sign up here. You have to fill an application. There is not any requirement of traffic or experience to do so. The commission varies from 2% to 20%, depending on the product price and the program. The minimum payout is $50 per month. It offers attractive pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-sale programs.  

The only cons that one can find with this network is that your links also stop working when the merchant goes offline. You would not get any commission during this period.

Popular Individual Programs

  • Tailwind
  • Namecheap
  • Pic Monkey
  • Etsy
  • Grammarly


It is the 20th largest web Hosting company, a highly lucrative and broad-spectrum platform. Bluehost is another best affiliate program for new bloggers. Along with its sister companies, Fast Domain, I page, and Host Gator, it hosts 2 million domains. It presents the best web hosting plans for bloggers at affordable prices.

Here the commission rate is $65, which you get by Pay pal. Payment processes between the 16th and the last day of each month. You have to necessitate a minimum amount of $100 to move the payment forward. You can enjoy 60 days of well-favored cookies life.

Hurrah! You can join it free, get an excellent tracking of referrals on a customed dashboard, and ample opportunities to publish articles and comparisons. You can make money by credibly promoting Bluehost to others. A team of experienced, cooperative affiliate managers is ever ready to deal with queries via email.


A trusted source for SEO tools is leading at the top of the digital world. Over 5,000,000 affiliates are using this software company efficiently. This multi-purpose company serves its affiliates by providing SEO data, website traffic information, keywords, and topic research. It has proved the best affiliate program for new bloggers.

The commission from sales of all semrush plans is 40% which you get by pay pal or direct bank deposit made up to twice a month.

 The Be Rush, an exclusive affiliate program by Sam rush, is the best option for new bloggers to earn money. They can participate in the Be Rush Contest and win $100 for the best content.

C J Affiliates

CJ Affiliate is another best affiliate program for new bloggers. They are formerly known as Commission Junction, have been working in affiliate marketing for 20 years. This top-ranked ad company is ready to facilitate bloggers and online business owners. They provide an organized database to bloggers.

  You can find tons of quality brands on it. In their affiliates, well-known retailers and brands like Robot, Go Pro, Elizabeth Arden, Yves Rocher, and Fossils include. They collaborate with top companies -e. g VRBO, Zappos.Com, and Walgreen. C J generates $15 billion exclusives of % 1.8 billion paid out to their affiliates per annum.

CJ gives a minimum payout of $50 by direct deposit. If you do not make any sales in the first six months, cj.com will eventually close your account. New affiliates may face the problem of getting approved to work with more prominent merchants. However, its friendly search bar, easy setup, real-time reporting, and calculable monthly payment have made it an ideal platform to work. It is a perfect option for new bloggers to feature unique ads on their blogs.  


Are you looking for the best affiliate program to signup for an affiliate sale? Etsy is the best place for it. 2 million active sellers registered on Etsy since 2012. Millions of products are listed here. It is an excellent alternative to Amazon for unique and cool gift ideas.

 If you are a blogger in the right niche, Etsy can generate handsome money as a side hustle. It provides a variety of banners, ads, and curate pages. Here, the commission rate falls between 4% to 8% for qualifying sales. The payment method is made per month or bi-month by check or direct bank deposit. Cookies life is 30 days. Etsy s referrals work internationally.

 Remember, you have to pay $5 for signup on etsy.com, which you get back after receiving your first payment. Affiliates can contact seller affiliates at etsy.com.


Rakuten, formerly known as Link share, has been working since 1996. It is popular among affiliates because of its cashback stores, coupons, and products. It is another the best affiliate program for bloggers.

With its intuitive user interface, advanced deep linking tools, and ability to create rotating banners, rakuten enjoys a unique status among affiliate programs.  Their excellent transaction reporting and tutorial videos help affiliates to take a good start. If you are planning to make a site in which you are telling them different ways to save money then Rakuten is a high paying affiliate program for new bloggers.

Anyone can open an account here. Only you have to apply for each brand. Its major retailers include:

  • Wal Mart
  • Macys.com
  • Calvin Klein
  • Uber outfitters
  • Udemy

You get $10 cashback if you refer a friend.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the best affiliate program for new bloggers. It would not be wrong if this platform is termed a Giant in the e-commerce world. With its growing popularity, Amazon is trendy among the business masses. Amazon introduced its affiliate program in 1996. This program has become the top priority among bloggers and of the best affiliate programs for new bloggers.

With a customized link, you can share any product on Amazon. You can quickly sign up here and get access to unlimited products. It offers a step-by-step guide to newbies, making it one of the top high paying affiliate programs for new bloggers.   

Amazons  commission rate varies from 1.0% to 10.0%. It depends on the category of the products. You can get it by Direct Bank Deposit, Amazon Card, or check. Check processing charges are $15. Cookies life is 24 hrs. Amazon pursues a volume-based advertising fee structure. The more affiliate links you add, the more revenue you will receive.

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping stores. You can easily find products to recommend to your audience. To know about the Amazons Fixed Standard Program, visit their extensive free guide.

Flex offers

FlexOffers is another attractive and qualifies for the list of the best affiliate programs for bloggers. It is replete with opportunities for bloggers to earn money by working with top brands’ affiliate programs. It hosts 12,000 advertisers, out of which 1600 are affiliated in the Apparel category.

If your niche is Fashion, FlexOffers is the best affiliate program to grow your blog. Here is a list of popular brands that offer affiliate programs for new bloggers through Flex offer

  • Barnes & Noble 
  • Macy’s
  • Priceline.com
  • Bloomingdale
  • Marriot
  • Nike

Flex offers charges 1% network fee. It charges this amount to maintain a publisher account.


Awin is UK based international affiliate network that nurtures above 100,000 contributing publishers and 13,000 advertisers. It introduces the best affiliate programs in all niches. It is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

You cannot join it free. It asks for $5to join. This amount is refundable, which you get after you relieve your first payment. You pay this good-faith payment by credit card. Its user interface is not good. Awin is working with famous brands like:

  • Ali Express
  • Fiverr
  • Glossy Box
  • Motley Fool etc


Here’s another trustworthy and best affiliate program for bloggers. Elementor is an excellent Word press Page builder that helps users use drag and drop features in Word Press. The users can see what his page look like before publishing.

You can enjoy a free version. The paid version has advanced widgets, a pop-up builder, a woo Commerce builder, and a theme builder. Another attractive benefit is that Elementor works with any word press theme and plug-in making it to the list of high paying affiliate programs for new bloggers. You can easily use your favorite tools.

Here commission rate is 56% per sale. Payment takes 30 days. It requires a minimum outset of $200 before a transaction. No doubt, cookies life is short, but it never hinders you from enjoying its super-duper benefits. It helps to beautify a website and load faster. It is one of the best affiliate programs for new bloggers.

Pro Tips

  • Be an authentic product reviewer
  • Consider your Audience
  • Focus on Emerging Categories
  • Make genuine Recommendations and Personal Endorsements your top priority
  • Choose Quality Products with a good reputation and Quality Sales
  • Add Contextual Deep Links
  • Concentrate on increasing Website Traffic and Email Subscribers
  • Make sure that you are blogging legally

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Being a newbie is a test in every field. It becomes challenging if your work area is Affiliate Marketing, where Affiliate programs are in mushroom growth. Above mentioned programs are a few of the high paying Affiliate Programs for new Bloggers. You can sign up any confidently without costing any money. They all promise success. Only you ought to be Consistent and Persistent.

Remember, successful blogging means building a loyal community of readers who trust your recommendations. Focus on winning the trust of people instead of filling your wallet.

Work like a pro and shine like a star on the horizon of affiliate marketing.