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11 Lucrative Fitness Affiliate Programs for Bloggers in 2022

In a year, the Health and Fitness industry produces 80 billion US Dollars in revenue globally. Not just that, but by 2024 it is predicted that it will be increased to 23,127 million dollars. It becomes possible because people have started following the motto “The Best Investment You Can Ever Make is In Your Health.

And guess what? Being a part of this industry, you can earn an excellent steady income

So, if you are here to learn about fitness affiliate programs for bloggers to earn more money, this might be the best decision you took today.

Global Fitness Equipment Market Revenue 2015 2025 USD Billion
Source: Androit Market Research

Now, let’s talk about these programs in detail.

What are Fitness Affiliate Programs?

Fashion and health companies need marketers to increase their sales by marketing their products. Those people get a commission on each sale by bringing traffic to their website.

Bloggers’ most known fitness affiliate programs are Fitbit, fitness UK, GMC, Lifetime fitness, Beachbody, and Fitness apparel affiliate program. We will discuss its commission rate, average product price, and much more in detail, so stay tuned!

As this industry’s sales numbers are high, you will also get easy sales with them. It is a great chance to try your luck in this high ticket affiliate program. Additionally, some affiliate programs need you to signup with some other platforms. It includes Rakuten, affiliate window, CJ affiliate (commission junction), and Share a Sale.

What are the Best Fitness Affiliate Programs for Bloggers for extra income in 2022?

There are thousands of fitness affiliate programs for bloggers on the web, and it will be time-wasting to go through each one of them. So, to free you from annoying hassle, our team has compiled the list of the best programs after trying our luck and researching a lot of fitness programs for fitness freaks.

LifeSpan Affiliate Program

Screenshot 71

Commission: 6%

Cookie Days: 90

Average Order Price: $100 to $2000+

About the Company: They sell high-quality fitness and gym equipment like treadmill desks, Bike Desks, and treadmills. Moreover, the top company, i.e., Google and Facebook — their MNCS and CEOs also use their equipment. It is considered one of the best fitness affiliate programs for bloggers.

Why is LifeSpan Affiliate Program for Bloggers best?

  • Great commission that will be increased on a good performance
  • 90 days cookies life
  • It is free to join for everyone.

This program is the best one of all fitness affiliate programs for bloggers.

How to Join?

To signup, you can click here.

ACE Affiliate Program

Commission: 8%

Cookie Days: 3 days

Average Order Price: $200

About Company: People worldwide have been using their products for the last 30 years. Their services range from exercise workouts to healthy recipes. You will find a ton of fitness-related products on their website that will help you make a huge commission. Their affiliates have mentioned that it is one of their best fitness affiliate programs for bloggers.

Why ACE Affiliate Program?

  • High average order price
  • Old and trusted company
  • Different variety of hundreds of products to choose from

How to Join this Affiliate Program?

Ratuken Publishers can quickly sign up from their account. However, if you are not a part of it, you can sign up here to join.

GNC Affiliate Program

Commission: 4%

Cookie Day: 7 days

Average order price: $65

About Company: This is a famous fitness website. Also, they have a huge catalog of health, fitness, and wellness products to sell. Their product’s quality is assured. As this is a global brand, bloggers from any country can join their affiliate program.

Why GNC Affiliate Program?

  • A considerable number of products to choose from
  • You will get access to creatives like banner ads and text links.
  • The program is free to join.

How to join?

You can go to this link and sign up. You can also check high-paying affiliate programs for new bloggers.

Fitbit Affiliate Program

Screenshot 72
Source: fitbit

Fitbit Commission Rate: 3%

Average Order Price: $60

Cookie Days: 25 to 30 days

About Company: Fitbit is the leading industry and is famous worldwide. They sell exercise, food, sleep weight, and activity tracking devices. Their products are marked as number 1 selling for connected devices on Amazon, and it is best for those looking for fitness affiliate programs for bloggers.

Why Fitbit Affiliate Program?

  • The commission rate is 3 percent, but the chances of sales are high.
  • Fitbit is completely free to join.
  • Number 1 selling products for connected devices
  • They are easy to promote and sell as there are various fitness trackers. In this way, you can sell its products to every fitness enthusiast.
  • Uses advanced technology like versa

So you can say that this is one of the best money-making fitness affiliate programs for bloggers.

How to join?

Visit this page and sign up for their program. It is completely free. Only US and Canadian-based website can join their programs.

Aaptive Affiliate Program

Commission: They give commissions in tiers.

  • Tier 1: It would be $15 for up to 100 sales
  • Tier 2: It is $20 for up to 200 sales
  • Tier 3: In the 3rd one, it is $25 for up to 500 sales

Cookie Day: 45-day cookie

About Company: It has 200000 members that get audio and video fitness material through their fitness app. It provides yoga training, elliptical, etc. Not just this, they also sell fitness apparel.

WhyAaptive Affiliate Program?

  • It provides advertising banners and tools for their affiliate members
  • Long cookie day maximizes commission
  • You will also get an affiliate dashboard for easy tracking stats.
  • Free program to join

So we can also consider it one of the best fitness affiliate programs for bloggers.

How to Join?

To join, you can sign up here.

Beachbody Affiliate Program

Commission: 10% or $6 to $9 per lead

Cookie Day: 30 days

About Company: It provides fitness programs, recipes, nutrition plans, and much more. It also gives live classes on meditation, yoga, exercise, etc., to their customers to get them fit so you can stream anywhere. Their best programs are Piyo and P90X, and those who want to enroll in fitness affiliate programs for bloggers should opt for this.

Why Beach Body Affiliate Program?

  • Live classes
  • Nutrition plan
  • 10% commission

How to Join?

You can sign up here. However, the UK, US, and Canada are the only eligible places.

Love Fitness Apparel Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Days: 30 days

Average order price: $50

About Company: This is an activewear company that sells women’s apparel like shirts, skirts, tanks, tops, hats, leggings, jackets, hoodies, and accessories. Moreover, they give commission on 15 of every month or within 30 days of the sale.

Why is Love Fitness Affiliate Programs for Bloggers good?

  • A significant number of women’s apparel to choose from
  • High Commission
  • $20 gift after every 15 sales

This program could also be counted as one of the high-paying fitness affiliate programs.

How to Join?

You can sign up here. Website’s affiliation requirements are minimum of 1x post daily and mention Lovefitnessapparel in your bio.

Natalie jill fitness Affiliate Program

Screenshot 73

Commission: 30% to 50%

Cookie Day: As long as the person keeps checking their website, you will get a commission on each sale he makes.

About Company: Natalie Jill is the owner of this website. Their primary focus is to make their customers eat nutritious food and help them in burning fat fast. They also have a strategy in which they give a deadline to everyone to lose 7 pounds in 7 days.

Their fitness material includes books, coaching sessions, interactive programs by which their customer achieve their goals.

Why Natalie Jill Affiliate Program?

  • They have around 300k subscribers on youtube
  • On Instagram, they around 500k subscribers.
  • Known Website
  • Monthly payment with the minimum range of $25

All these features make it one best fitness affiliate programs for bloggers.

How to Join?

You can click here to sign up.

Life fitness Affiliate Program


Cookie Days: 300

High average order price: $1500

About Company: This company has been working for the last 50 years and creating fitness solutions for their valuable customers. It is one of the most renowned companies for training and exercise equipment. Not just that, they also give online fitness classes using Hola Fitness Cloud.

WhyLife Fitness Affiliate Program?

  • Trusted Equipment
  • Famous athletes have taken programs as well
  • Incentives and Bonuses
  • 24/7 affiliate support

So we can also count it as one of the best fitness affiliate programs for bloggers.

How to Join?

Click here. It is free to join.

Bodybuilding Affiliate Program

Commission: 8% commission on the orders of new customers and 3% commission on the orders of repeated buyers.

Cookie Days: 90 days

Average Order Price: $40

About Company: Largest e-commerce store of fitness supplements which give their customers a variety of choices to choose from. It allows those bloggers who run a coupon-based website to earn 2% on every transaction they make on their website.

Why BodyBuilding Affiliate Program?

  • Their minimum requirement of the total commission to pay is $50. However, if you don’t make this in one month, they will add your commission to the next month’s commission.
  • It is one of the high-traffic websites with traffic of 1.1 million daily.

How to Join?

One third-party website called impact makes the affiliates join the program to create an account there. They will review your application in 48 to 72 hours, and after that, they will respond to you. Also, you can sign up here.

TRX Training Affiliate Program

Screenshot 74 1

Commission: 8%

Cookie Days: 3 days

Average Order Price: $200

About Company: It is one of the best fitness programs for bloggers. TRX helps their customers to get healthy and fit no matter what their situation is right now. Many people have fit themselves using fitness accessories, apparel, training gear, and workout equipment.

Why TRX Training Affiliate Program?

  • An authentic and trustable website
  • Different categories and variety of fitness products
  • The support team for affiliate members.

How to Join?

You can simply click here and join their program.

Conclusion of Fitness Affiliate Program for Bloggers

We have mentioned one of the finest websites and companies that are trying to offer the best commission rates for bloggers who are interested in promoting fitness products. In addition to that, all of these are popular websites, so it will be easy for you to promote products and get sales. However, our top recommendation among the above programs is LifeSpan. You can check and join the one that suits you the best for your blog.