financial hacks to save money

10 Best financial Hacks to Save Money

Are you broke when the months end? Can you not save enough to spend later? Do you also want to know the financial hacks to save money for the last university tour? I can feel you! Being a youngster, you need more money other than your pocket money. Surprisingly, money is always the problem, no matter how much of it you have. But here’s the solution. Can this really be true?

Yes! Of course. You just need to be frugal and save a bit from what you got. As simple as this. Warren Buffett shares a quite simple rule for saving money. 

“Do not save what is left after spending but spend what is left after saving.” — Warren Buffett.

People these days don’t know how to use their money efficiently and think that they cannot earn enough to satisfy themselves. They need to learn that the time to save money is when you have some. Saving small amounts from your spending can end up in considerable investments in the end. 

What is Frugality?

financial hacks to save money

Frugality is using your money efficiently and smartly. It means cutting out on expenses and saving some for the future or investing it rationallyIt is an assurance of having things you want in the future. It roots the possibility of satisfying a new desire when it arises.

Making tradeoffs and prioritizing things is the key. Like cutting down on dining out or extra shopping to save money for your dream vacation, car, or higher studies. But not at the cost of having fun. You can surely go out but less often because a man who spends and saves is the happiest because he has both enjoyments. 

Benefits of Frugal Living

Frugal living has many benefits. Some includes:

  • Emergency savings
  • Form a retirement fund
  • More charity
  • The tradeoff for a dream vacation, higher studies or a car, etc.
  • Focus on family, friends, and other important things.
  • Develop a sense of self-control.
  • A simple, happy, and peaceful life with more money (savings). Seems Amazing!

Frugality in Business

What makes the global online giant Amazon different? 

Out of its many principles, Amazon is customer-centric. It never spends on things that seem of no use to the customer. It wants to make customer life cheaper and more accessible. You can say that it firmly sticks to frugality.

Frugality drives efficiency, resourcefulness and, innovation. Every penny saved is the new opportunity to drive more investment, innovation, and therefore more customers, which pushes the flywheel cycle. i.e., Amazon offers low prices, which attract more customers. The larger customer pool increases sellers, which brings out an enormous range of goods, lower costs, and more customers. Therefore, more profits. That is a legitimate point and one of the best financial hacks to save money.

Moreover, Amazon has a concept of Day 1. There is no day 2; every day is considered as day 1. So it always works as a startup with a cost-efficient mindset.

What’s more, Amazon has the Door Desk Award for employees who have efficient ideas, which can create higher savings, reduce costs for the company, and simultaneously be cheaper for customers.

Frugal Hacks 

Want to know more about simple hacks to save money? Here are some:

Budgeting: Financial Hacks to Save Money

Budgeting is the foremost step to save money. Not even saving, it comes under the basics of spending money. It educates you to spend on things that prioritize more and seems much important rather than on everything you like while scrolling down an online shopping app. It means cutting out on useless expenses and saving some to have things you want in the future.

It’s just being a little conscious of your money and not spending it impulsively but on meaningful stuff. Although it might seem complicated initially, you would learn to be more specific and satisfied when spending your money on what you have planned. So we can count it as one of the great financial hacks to save money.

A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. – John C. Maxwell

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Make a grocery list

Before your grocery shopping:

  • Make sure you have the list and follow it strictly.
  • Do not buy many snacks and put your eyes off the items except your list.
  • Focus on buying your stuff and leave the place as soon as possible. It saves both time and money.
Grocery shop less often

Avoid going to a store more often. Make your list and go to a store weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. If you are irresistible and a rash buyer, avoids window shopping too. Make bigger lapses between your visits, and you would find yourself more contented and even with more money.

Stop impulse buying

“Being a savvy shopper is the first step to getting rich.” — Mark Cuban.

We know not buying everything you like while scrolling your online shopping app or walking through your favorite outlet is hard enough. However, it is not impossible! Just think before spending thousands in a blink and remember to rationalize your action. It builds your personality and develops self-control. It saves you from post-shopping torments of buying useless stuff and not having any savings then.

Check out discounts and coupons: Financial hacks to save money
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Try buying things at discounts or coupons. It would save some, which might not be a lot but satisfying. While dining out, having skincare, etc., you can use BOGO or avail brands’ discounts. Brands have more discounts occasionally, like on Eids, Independence, New Year, etc. Save from there, too but avoid buying everything and try to be more specific.

Unplug appliances

Check out these few ways to use less electricity.

  • Unplug and switch off the appliances while not using them. Don’t always leave the switch on.
  • Use energy-efficient lights like CFLs and LEDs.
  • Do your laundry every two days or per week.
  • Use fewer electronic appliances.
Eat at home
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You cannot avoid having fun at the cost of saving some money. But one can go out less often. These days’ restaurants seem quite expensive with the addition of GST, which feels disgusting. So it is considered as one of the great financial hacks to save money.

You can have a lot more meals at the exact cost, which would surely be more delicious too. You just need to exercise a little effort into making it more presentable to make your streaks and comfort yourself for the loss of hanging out. I know it sounds simple. But it isn’t. Moreover, you can use restaurants discounts like BOGO, Vouch 365, or Bank alliance, if any.

Wash and reuse
  • Avoid using plastic containers and disposables and use other sorts of material (glass, metal, etc.) which would be a onetime expense and more environment-friendly.
  • Cut out the cost of tissues with cloth napkins, more comfortable and refined. 
Make More Money

You can make money with these easy ways:

  • Sell out the things you don’t need anymore. (Old books, shelves, electronics, etc.)
  • Invest some of your savings in raw gold or property.
  • Do a freelancing job with any skill. (Graphic designing, Content writing, Amazon VA, etc.)
  • Have a part-time job in your preferred skill. (Photography, Writing, Painting, etc.)

“Every pound is a seedling.

Invest your seedlings in creating a tree.

Re-invest your seedlings to grow a forest”.

― George Choy


You have read some of the financial hacks to save money above. For saving some money from your paycheck, you must make sure that you need what you like. Having money doesn’t mean you should buy everything and buying power doesn’t determine your need. You need to make a tradeoff and a rational decision before spending out your money. Still not convinced?

Look, if you want to buy an extra pair of shoes that you like while passing through Nike, give it a thought and prioritize things that matter more. Still, if you want it, buy it but make sure that you don’t end up buying everything that you like in the store. If so, then avoid window shopping or just drop out shopping COMPLETELY! (Kidding).

One more reminder, though money is the key to living, it comes and goes in a flow. You can spend and save simultaneously but what is essential is that you also look upon the things money can’t buy.