Elementor for WordPress – 7 Best Pro Templates

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Skip the blank canvas! With Elementor for WordPress Pro Templates, you can create Professional-looking designs from the ground up. Start with a pre-built foundation that you can edit as required.

Every website creator wants to boost up their page building. You might be surprised to know that more than half of the job is done if you use ready-made templates.

Finding safe and dependable templates, on the other hand, is no walk in the park when you have a plethora of options. The best Elementor templates, particularly the paid ones, are difficult to come by. Anyone would rather spend money on worthwhile endeavors than unproductive ones.

What is Elementor for WordPress Page Builder?

The most popular page builder is Elementor for WordPress, with over 3 million active installs. It’s no wonder, then, that Elementor has become the go-to page builder on the market. The reason is simplified content creation, compelling extras, its massive library, and many ready-made templates and designs that people, especially developers, use to build their websites. These features make for a more pleasant and efficient user experience.

Elementor has made the website building experience a lot easier and more straightforward than you could ever imagine. Building websites on the vast array of Elementor templates regardless of your technical capability is so compelling. It gives you access and power to create designs from scratch, but sometimes hundreds of designer-made pages can save your time with pre-made templates.

Just import the template, change the images, modify the text, and et voila! Your website is ready. And guess what? Only in a couple of hours!

Elementor Pro Vs. Free – Why to Upgrade?

Elementor comes with a free version with many pre-made templates to get you started. However, Elementor Pro Provides many customization options to help you find your style and aesthetic presentation.

See what exactly makes Elementor Free and Pro Templates different. Here is the comparison of extended features in Pro Version:

FeatureElementor FreeElementor Pro
Embed Anywherex
Global Widgetx
Custom CSSx
Pro Templatesx
Price Tablex
Price Listx
WC Productsx
WC Elementsx
WC Categoriesx
WC Add to Cartx
Flip Boxx
Masonry Layoutx
Blog Paginationx
Ken Burns Effectx
Share Buttonsx
Form Integrationsx
Login Widgetx
Animated Headlinex
Facebook Widgetsx
Nav Menux
Media Carouselx
Testimonial Carouselx
Call to Action Widgetx
Custom Fontsx
Header and footer builderx
Dynamic single post & archive page designx
ACF and Toolset integrationx
Scrolling Effectsx
Popup Builderx

Are you still not convinced? Let’s dig into the details for further clarity…

1. Customize Every Part of Your Subject:

With Elementor Pro Theme Builder, you are no longer limited to your subject theme barriers and limitations. You could visually design your header, footer, archive page, posts, and other elements of your site using Elementor. This works on any WordPress theme and calls for no coding. No different theme or plugin offers this. By making the entire web design process visual and code-free, you can complete Projects notably quicker than ever before.

2. Integrate Visually Design Forms Seamlessly:

Contact forms are a vital part of every website. On the grounds, they’re the engines for conversions and leads. Elementor Pro’s Forms Widget is modern because the complete process of managing them is visual. Design your forms at the front end, then connect them to any automation marketing platform and marketing platform or CRM of your choosing with some clicks.

3. Professional Templates and Blocks:

Elementor Pro gives many more Professionally made templates and blocks that can be effortlessly custom-designed to create visually appealing websites. The templates and blocks combine the Pro widgets so that you can create pages Providing slides, animated headlines, forms, and other important Elementor Pro functions.

4. Key Professional Widgets:

Elementor Pro includes a few critical widgets and features which might be vital for any professional web designer. These include animated headlines for brilliant headline design, posts widgets for a remarkable show of blog posts, WooCommerce widgets (free open-source WordPress plugin), slides, media carousel, and custom fonts.

Upgrade to Elementor Pro Templates today and start playing the excellent web designer solution for WordPress.

Where to Find Elementor Pro Templates?

Elementor has a collection of over 100 free and paid templates built by their web designers, which you may have previously discovered. All kinds of landing page designs and layouts are included in the extensive collection.

If nothing else, this article will perhaps make your life simpler. We’ve put together a list of trustworthy sites for discovering awesome Elementor Pro templates, along with a selection of the best examples that we found to be interesting and well-designed.

In addition to the official Elementor template collection, some third-party writers have contributed to the Elementor Pro world.

So, what features make a great Elementor Template that is best suited to your work? You can use any Elementor Template, so why bother looking for a specific one? Let’s find out with the top 7 Elementor Templates we have specifically listed for you!

1.      Elementorism

Elementor pro

Among my favorite sources to discover trendy and gorgeous Elementor Pro templates, Elementorism is top of them. There are now 42 templates available, with many designs, layouts, and objectives. It goes from blogs to weddings to business, agency to music, restaurants, barbershops, real estate, and many more.

Elementor has grown to be the builder of choice for many WordPress users, implementers, and developers, with over 5,000,000+ active installations. It has a tremendous template collection, but we thought it would be nice to include a range of landing pages imported with a single click. And guess what? All of them are available for $49 only. That means you may use the templates on as many websites as you like.

2.      Studiex

Elementor pro

Studiex is a Premium Elementor Pro template designed to develop a landing page for one topic – education or course’s needs. It has incredibly adaptable, performs exceptionally well, and has an extended dynamic range.

Its features include an easy-to-read textual structure, with the course design is divided into a few essential areas, making it easy for visitors to comprehend the information. Studiex Elementor Pro template can drastically transform how you approach creating new blog pages, allowing you to go beyond the primary usage of text and graphics.

This handy Elementor Pro template makes it exceedingly simple to create personalized web page designs without knowing how to code. Tons of customized Page layouts and blocks are available in the Elementor Pro Template Library, all of which include premium high-end stock photos that you may freely use on your site.

3.      Sizzify

Elementor for WordPress

The Sizzify package was developed by Theme Isle, behind some of the most popular themes and plugins for WordPress. In this package of Elementor add-ons, you get a handful of different Add-ons and Widgets specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Elementor for WordPress, such as pricing tables, content form widgets, review boxes, and more.

The Sizzify Elementor Pro templates work well with premium and free WordPress sites. It includes more than ten customer widgets and 20+ plug-and-play page templates. If you own or manage a WooCommerce website, this Elementor add-on can help you organize your products efficiently, like product types, recently seen, best-selling products, or new entrants.

4.      Template Monster

Elementor pro

Template monster is a multi-functional website template service that enables its users to be creative, do customization based on personal preferences, and fully optimize the usage of relevant social media websites. The quality assurance that Template Monster provides is supreme, as it makes multi-dimensional web assets pretty much available with one click to its end users because of the enormous digital marketplace.

Template Monster produces responsive web design templates with four built-in layout options and many additional ones. So, to facilitate the device that is being used to view them, the templates become flexible and quickly adapt to the width of the browsing screen. You do not need to put up several websites for each screen resolution; instead, you can get one of these responsive templates that already have multiple layout versions. To degrade perfectly down to smaller screen sizes, responsive templates switch font sizes, navigation menus, columns, text blocks, and images that change their size and position. 

5.      Templately


Templately is one of the finest Elementor Templates libraries. The most obvious reason is that this templates library is available as a cloud-based solution and a WordPress plugin. Astonishing, isn’t it? Using a plugin-like template will make your design process more efficient because of reliability and performance as it is created by the same developer who started Essential Add-ons.

Templately provides a range of readily available templates that you can use quickly on your site. Thanks to its cutting-edge cloud technologies, it can even save your creations on its servers. You can add specific blocks from a template to your site using either the WordPress plugin, which requires you to open your website builder and add the blocks there or the main Template website, which allows you to select and install your favorite blocks right onto your Elementor builder.

6.      Easy Theme Pack

Elementor pro

Easy Theme Packs have put together a premium collection of Elementor templates, which now includes 15 items with more on the way. The site is updated regularly, so mark it for future releases. Individual templates are $39 each, or you can access all of them for $49. With promising results, several types of templates like commerce, blogging, restaurants and coffee shops, design firms, portfolios, shops, and many more are available on the site.

Easy Theme Pack plugin serves as the foundation for all your designs. It allows you to add and slide to change any website component. Just pick a template you like with a single click and import it into your WordPress site. Use the Elementor interface to modify the text, swap in your graphics, and adjust your own.

7.      Elementor HQ

Elementor for WordPress

Elegant Market Place created Elementor HQ, a Premium Elementor template for Web and Graphic Design websites. It’s highly customizable, has excellent performance, and has a versatile layout. Consider using this Premium Elementor template if you own or manage a Web and Graphic Design website or anything else related.

Elementor HQ offers you custom-made page layouts that you can quickly implement on your website. It provides the web page layout feature for every page of your website. Moreover, you can easily add or remove sections from the page layout depending upon the type of your website. Your website navigation has become super easy because of its drag and drop interface. Undoubtedly, Elementor HQ is among the best single solution and multipurpose packs for your most website-related problems.

What’s Your Favorite Elementor Template?

That’s all there is to it! We hope that our thorough list of some of the top Elementor templates assists you in determining which is ideal for your website. Each template is completely functioning, Elementor compatible, and can create professional-looking websites quickly. Do you currently use a fantastic Elementor theme? Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.


Q: How do I access Elementor templates for WordPress?

A: Elementor templates can be accessed through the Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress. To access the templates, open the Elementor editor, click on the “Add Template” button, and choose the template you want to use from the template library.

Q: Are Elementor templates for WordPress free or paid?

A: Elementor templates for WordPress can be both free and paid. Some templates are included in the free version of the Elementor page builder, while others are available for purchase through the Elementor Marketplace or from third-party designers.

Q: How do I customize an Elementor template for my WordPress website?

A: To customize an Elementor template for your WordPress website, simply open the template in the Elementor editor and use the drag-and-drop interface to add your own content, images, and branding elements. You can also customize the layout and design of the template using the Elementor widgets and settings.

Q: Can I create my own Elementor templates for WordPress?

A: Yes, you can create your own Elementor templates for WordPress using the Elementor page builder. To do this, design your own layout and design in the Elementor editor, save it as a template, and then use it in future website designs.

Q: Are there any limitations to using Elementor templates for WordPress?

A: While Elementor templates can save time and effort in website design, they may not be suitable for all website needs and designs. It’s important to choose templates that meet your specific needs and requirements, and to customize them as necessary for your website.

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