earn money by displaying ads on your blog

Top 5 proven methods to earn money by displaying ads on your blog.

Advertising on a blog is an easy and effective way to generate revenue with minimal effort. It gradually turns out to be a significant source of passive income for the owners. In this piece of writing, we have compiled a list of methods to earn money by displaying ads on websites or blogs. Not only in terms of monetization but also it helps to create an identity of the website. If you are running a blog or have your personalized website, you have a fantastic opportunity to monetize your blog and enjoy a multifold increase in your earnings.

earn money by displaying ads on your blog

By wisely choosing your favorite plan and strategy, you can get many benefits within a short period.

How to earn money by displaying ads?

The strategy to earn money by displaying ads can prove highly effective in the long run. It keeps on generating revenue even if one stops adding new content to the blog. It ensures full-time income security to the owner as long as the website is maintained and updated timely.

When it comes to displaying ads on websites or blogs, the first question that comes to mind is the criteria to get a successful ad publishing authority. It comes with several requirements depending upon the sort of advertisement and the company’s policies. It requires a specific number of page viewers to get approval and highly unique content that is original.

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What is Advertising? 

Advertising educates and convinces the public about a particular brand or business. It serves as a w tool and helps grow businesses as ads allow many audiences to get introduced to their perspective.

Advertising not only makes a business recognized, but effective advertising can direct them to generate credibility.  According to a survey conducted by vendux, 168 marketing officers estimated that advertising and marketing could cost up to 40% of the entire industry budget, but their results are worth it.

Due to its unavoidable significance, almost all emerging brands and businesses invest in advertising to get more leads. And for the sake of their personal growth, they pay to display ads on websites or blogs.

For convenience, we have listed the methods with their requirements as a comprehensive guide to earn money by displaying ads.

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Types of Advertising.

Advertising has been further categorized into various types depending upon the requirements it fulfills. The Top 5 Typesof advertising by which a blog can be monetized are as follow:

1.Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

This is the most widely used of all types of advertising. In PPC, whenever a reader clicks the ad and is redirected to the adviser’s page, the cost for each click is added to the blogger’s income. 

The more the number of clicks on an ad, the more significant revenue is generated. The highest paying advertisers are being chosen among the group of brands and businesses. 

It’s been estimated that PPC has been considered to generate the highest number of clicks than any other type of advertising. 

The most popular website for pay-per-click advertising is Google Adsense.

Google Adsense:

Adsense is a highly trusted and extensively used ad-providing service. It is an accessible means for displaying ads on websites or blogs for monetization.

Google Adsense includes the pay-per-click type of advertising.

Google adsense logo

It automatically places ads on websites and blogs being approved for Adsense and customizes them.

It’s costs nothing to become a participant with Adsense while Adsense pays you for clicks and impressions. 

Adsense has some strict program policies that someone must consider to get a successful affiliation with Google. If one has accepted and fulfilled all the policy requirements, Google Adsense will likely validate the users quickly.

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2. Cost-per-click Advertising:

As the name implies, cost-per-click advertising refers to earning money whenever a user clicks the ad. The primary difference between PPC and CPC is that the advertiser fixes the cost-per-click rate. It is usually set in terms of a cost-per-thousand scale where the advertiser pays a fixed amount for every one thousand clicks. 

CPC is mainly chosen by the advertisers who aim to reach a certain level of advertising within a fixed budget. Once the goal is accomplished, the ad is automatically deleted from the website.

Media.net is a popular site for CPC advertising.


Media.net is supported by yahoo and is an excellent substitute for Google Adsense. It allows various types of advertising, including CPC and PPC. 

kindpng 29783

It has an artificial intelligence system that suggests strategies to increase revenue. It works closely with the keyword searching system to find the best keywords relevant to a particular audience. It proves even better for more clicks as the ads relate to the audience’s preferences.

3. Selling Ads on your Blog:

Ads selling can be done by two means, one is by a third party influence, and the second one is direct selling.

When you tend to be selling ads without the interaction of any other services, by reaching out to brands and businesses on your own, this sort of advertising is also known as direct ad selling. You advertise their services, and they pay you directly without relying on an ad-supplying company. 

It requires good blog traffic and a high website ranking to be considered by a potential brand for displaying ads.

For third-party reliance, BuySellAds is a good option.


It is an online store where ads are listed for buying and selling. They only approve blogs with high website traffic and rankings. BuySellAds provides 75% of revenue to the sellers and maintains a high transparency level.

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They also go through extensive keyword research and study to ensure the ads are targeted to the relevant audience. It leads to more revenue and impressions for the company and sellers.

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4. Product Reviews:

Product reviews are the paid reviews that are written on a blog for a particular brand. It serves as an advertising and marketing tool for the product as the brand delivers payments depending upon the blog traffic and niche. This is a great way to generate revenue and monetizing your blog. 

It is high-in-demand advertising as blogs with vast traffic turns out to be a recognition for the products. It can be done by directly reaching out to the brands or via a trusted third party named SponsoredReviews.


It is a marketplace for advertisers to get reviews on their desired product, and the bloggers get a chance to earn by reviewing and publishing content on their blogs. The writer fixes the price for each review. 

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Bloggers should build up their credibility by writing honest reviews for the products, and it can consequently bring out a lot more in the future.

Pop-ups Advertising:

Pop-ups are the windows or widgets that appear on the website, often with subscription or advertising offers. They are a great way of generating passive income only if done on the right track with excellent copywriting skills. The layout and context of the pop-ups need to be excitingly impressive to grab the visitors’ attention.PopAds is a popular site for this sort of advertising and displaying ads.


The site provides a wide range of pop ads, and the bloggers set their amount for each pop-up.  By signing up for their affiliate program, bloggers get paid for every ad.

The bottom line.

Blogging has been proven to be a huge source of income over the past years. High traffic blogs generate good revenue but adding monetization to blogs makes earning passive income with minimal effort

Yet, it requires a lot of knowledge and wisdom to run a successful blog with a full-time income. To avoid common yet ruining mistakes as a blogger, check out this comprehensive guide.

All those mentioned above are proven methods through which people have been warming thousands of dollars. Join them by following all the instructions and elevate your blogging revenue to another level.