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Best digital products selling guide in 2021? Sell digital products like a pro

You might be familiar with many passive sources of income like freelance content writing, blogging, and many more. But today you will learn how to become a millionaire by creating and own digital products selling on the right platforms at the right moment.

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Digital products are a great way to create passive income. Many online tools can help you sell digital products, but it’s essential to take the time to ensure that your product is high quality and well-marketed before trying to sell it. 

Once you have created your product, you need an attractive sales page to convert visitors into buyers.

 This blog post will walk you through all the steps required to create and sell the digital product successfully accepted.

What are the digital products?

Digital products are a software-enabled service that solves problems for humans.

In other words, all digital products – from an app to website experience (and everything in between) attempt to solve some issue or goal; they have utility and can be easily reproduced without any physical product being made by manufacturers themselves.

Digital products exist as either a digital asset or a piece of software.

They can easily be reproduced and repeatedly sold online without manufacturers because their distribution method is through the internet, where there’s always plenty for everyone who wants it.

Digital formats make these items super easy to access after downloading directly onto your device. You don’t need any additional hardware at all. Digital products are considered one of the best blog monetization methods.

How to create a digital product that can make you money?

The process of finding a good business idea is more complicated than it seems. It’s great to have an exciting concept, but if you want your venture to sell well and be successful in the long run, don’t forget to brainstorm with some research before validation.

Be sure not to overthink things by asking these questions: 

Can I teach customers how my products use? Am I solving any real problems or just making something up as I go along?

The digital marketplace is saturated; you have to dive deep into the ocean of categories of selling digital products and choose the best one for yourself! If you do not want to make digital products you can promote them as affiliate products.

Brainstorming on digital products selling guide:

Brainstorming is a great way to get your mind working on ideas, and it can lead you in many different directions.

If all of those creative thoughts start becoming too tricky (or even impossible), then here are some questions that might spark inspiration: 

  1. Can I teach customers how to use my digital products?
  2. What if they didn’t have any experience with this type before?
  3. Is there anything special needs or skills required for them so we know what they should do when using our digital products/service? 
  4. When it comes to building your business, what are you passionate about?
  5. What values and topics related to them do most in the world help steer that passion towards success?

For example, if sustainability is a significant part of who we are, perhaps teaching others how to live more sustainably would make sense.

Why not bring together our community through events like running virtual guided wine tasting sessions or cooking demonstrations on YouTube for those interested- all while being great at product photography.

Deep Research:

A great place to start your research is with Facebook groups and industry forums. These resources offer insight into what topics people care about, which will give you an idea for digital products selling or services related in some way that could benefit them financially.

After you’ve done some research, it’s time to start generating ideas for your business.

The first thing on the list should be reading reviews from both consumers and other businesses that sell similar digital products or services as yours does.

Blog posts are also helpful when looking at emerging trends in an industry, so make sure not to miss out on those either.

In addition, if there is feedback about company policies through emails, then listen up because these insights could help shape new product development down the road.

Validate your business ideas:

Validation is the process of making sure your idea has a chance at success. There are many ways you can go about validating an opportunity, but before doing any research or spending too much time on them, make sure that they’re worth investing in.

Keyword Research:

Use keyword tools like Google Trends to see how often people search for specific topics and determine potential in those fields based on numbers alone.

It’ll indicate whether our ideas will grow alongside their popularity over time rather than just get lost among others with larger audiences who aren’t interested in what we have going down. 

Google Insights:

Put together various reports from different sources around internet trends.

Google Trends is a cost-free, quick and easy way to get the latest trends in your industry. It’s better than traditional marketing research techniques like focus groups because it doesn’t require quite as much time or investment from you!

For small businesses with limited budgets for advertising and promotions, this can be not easy, especially if you don’t have the means of paying someone else’s salary to do your market research work for you, which could take up their whole time! Then go for the google trends. You should research market demands for your digital products!

Digital products selling on Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify? Which one is best for you?


If you’re looking for an easy way to get started selling on Etsy, I’ve found the site has a lot of potentials. It’s fast and straightforward: your first listing will be live within an hour after signing up.

The focus they have in selecting product categories means that your customers could very well be interested too. There are plenty who buy vintage items or craft supplies here, so why not make it easier by converting them?

Plus, suppose anything terrible happens during this process (say moving platforms). In that case, all these coupons/promotions will help promote what new site would appreciate having someone like yourself involved with its community already established beforehand).

You know what?

Etsy’s market is just about saturated. There are so many sellers with similar digital products, and it can get pretty competitive.

But don’t worry because on top of being able to customize your design more than Amazon or other sites like eBay, you also only pay 5% commission per sale instead of their 10%.

That should make things a little easier for newbies selling there who want something simple without too much effort involved in managing everything themselves (and maybe some help along the way would be excellent).


Amazon is the biggest store globally, selling everything from books and video games to specialist electronic equipment.

Selling on Amazon gives you access to millions of customers every day. It’s easy, and there are almost no restrictions on what can be sold, so it is possible that this could bring a massive influx for your company if done right.


Shopify is an excellent choice for any business looking to sell its products online.

The customizable themes and ability to create beautiful websites with your domain name have made this platform popular among designers, artists, or other creative professionals who want an independent outlet without being part of a giant Amazon marketplace like Etsy.

With features like seamless integration into marketplaces such as amazon prime shipping service, you can take advantage of both worlds by building up traffic on one site while utilizing its distribution power through another.

Top 5 Best Platforms for Selling Digital Products

digital products selling


Selling products on your own website is easy with Sellfy. The platform offers simple solutions to enhance sales, provides an extra boost in promoting content through social media channels, and includes many built-in features that are designed for those just getting started out as sellers or looking into refreshing their catalogs of goods they’ve already got going strong!

As if all these weren’t enough reasons alone why you should be using this service; there are also over 60 thousand different artists who have been making money by selling digital items such as eBooks & comic books video/music etc.

So whether something catches your eye now–or maybe someone else has previously seen one of his designs shine brighter than any other before?


Since you are here, I bet that the idea of digital products selling like eBooks and courses sounds amazing. Monfluence is a fantastic alternative platform that offers everyone to start right away.

Keep in mind, you do not need to pay any fees, and what’s even better- Monfluence charges no commissions!

You can create your account with just an email address or password now from home without having to go anywhere else at all – amazing, isn’t it?


Gumroad is a platform where customers can purchase digital products, such as albums or online courses. The simple interface makes it easy for anyone to sell their product and the embeddable widget gives them peace of mind when promoting on other websites.

With Gumroad, you can sell your digital products with the click of a button. It’s one of those rare platforms that has everything covered and still leaves room for creativity!

Upload albums to their server in seconds (or upload files as large as 10GB), set prices on each item individually if needed–and then let people buy from right within this website’s interface using payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal integrated straight into it too.

In short, there are no worries about whether they’re going through secure channels when buying things online today.


FetchApp is the most straightforward digital download management application/platform on our list so far. With FetchApp, you can easily sell and manage your music files, documents, graphic artwork, or development products with ease.

Anything that’s digital will be inserted into this platform for purchase by users which are available at just $0.99 per item!

The plans start free with 5MB of storage space but there’s always room to grow as long as they have bandwidth unlimited.


Teachable is a dope platform for digital products selling online that relates to sharing knowledge. It doesn’t matter what you specialize in, Teachable has something for everyone on their site!

The course building process can be done directly through the website or using an app if necessary and they even take care of EU VAT so it’s super cool too – start with any of three plans right now before it ends up out of stock everywhere because this thing takes off fast!!

Essential Tips for marketing your new digital products

You want to get your new marketplace account set up for success, but you’re not sure where to start.

What’s the process?

1) Optimize product content:

Creating great titles and descriptions that are optimized can help distinguish a listing from others on this forum-based marketplace system.

Product listings shoppers see (or buy) have differing levels of importance compared with those who make purchases based on their title/description alone.

So, do yours stand out by making them as exciting or catchy sounding as possible while still being informative enough without unnecessary fluff words like “omg!”

That way, when potential customers search through these results, they will find YOUR products first because YOU spent extra time preparing well-thought-out text instead of just posting something quick which might seem appealing at.

The best way to be successful on marketplaces is by optimizing your listings with Feedonomics, a service that will help increase sales and visibility.

You create or update the right keywords for each product page through feed optimization (that means taking time off of work!).

Write great descriptions about what those items are all made from – including any risks if they contain allergens-, accurate categories so people can find products quickly enough without having tiring clicking around too much; well-optimized images which include descriptions alongside them when possible.

2) Calculate profits and set prices after complete market research:

Preparing for the future of e-commerce is not simple.

 Amazon, Apple, and Google have changed how we buy products every day, which has led to an influx in competition among online marketplaces and new rules from governments around the world requiring taxes on all transactions occurring within their borders (eBay).

However, these changes can be taken advantage of if you take your time today; understanding them early will make it easier when tomorrow comes. We can assume that selling digital products is not a very difficult project as you suppose.

The first step would involve calculating profits by researching what each site charges sellers per item sold through them. They may choose wisely about whether or not those fees are worth paying, given there might already exist cheaper alternatives elsewhere where pricing could change overnight without notice.

digital products selling

Resources for creating and selling digital products that can make you money.

Sell educational products like ebooks or courses:

If you’re an expert in your field, there’s no better way to package information and sell it than with digital products.

The internet provides limitless opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to get their name out there – from blogging about what they know best to create tutorials or courses that teach others how to do anything. So it’s a great way to sell digital products online.

Here are some business ideas for ebooks and courses:

  • Ebook – non-fiction and fiction
  • Ebook – for startups
  • Poetry book
  • Ecommerce product descriptions
  • Copywriting templates and formats.
  • Recipe books and cookbooks.
  • Document templates
  • Reports/analytics templates
  • Email campaign templates (upselling, cross-selling, re-engagement, etc.)
  • Creative brief samples/templates
  • Academic research, papers, findings
  • Magazines
  • How to guides
  • Writing cover letters
  • Cv templates 
  • Dispute letters (with banks, attorneys, clients, etc.)

Sell Apps and Softwares: 

The value of software in the U.S economy is $1.14 trillion, and it contributes 2.9 million jobs to America’s total economic output, according to an IA report conducted by Software Org. 

As long as you can find talent with coding skills for your digital products lineup – there are endless possibilities when developing products like desktop software, web-based applications, or mobile apps.

Here are some ideas to create and sell apps and software to generate a consistent income:

  • Games
  • Browser plugins
  • Website themes (WordPress, for example, powers 60% of the internet’s CMSs)
  • Setup for online stores, blogs, websites
  • Selling domains
  • Hosting
  • Zapier templates
  • Code snippets

Audio Files and Music Production Software: 

From a purely marketing perspective, audio can be an underutilized tool for communicating messages.

There is a growing preference for video over text-based media in today’s world, but audio tracks still have their place. 

Audio helps tell stories that would not be as interesting or informative without sound effects, such as footsteps running across gravel paths through an abandoned mine shaft to lure listeners closer by providing context on what they are about to hear.

Here are some examples of selling digital products in the form of audio:

  • Beats
  • Drumkits
  • Presets
  • Sound effects
  • Sheet music
  • Instrumental tracks

Here are some ideas for digital video products that you can create, sell online, and make money:

  • Video animation
  • Entertainment videos
  • Stock video
  • Video tutorials (ex. How to use a DSLR camera, follow along with yoga, How to login or signup for something, how to edit vlog /document/video/clip/anything, etc.)
  • Professionally edited short videos as a service(wedding, travel, etc.)
  • Documentary
  • Stand-up comedy
  • Deluts

Sell your Digital Designs: 

Are you giving your creative skillset a new direction? Designing and selling products online is an excellent way to make money, as long as you do it right. Plus, there’s always those freebies! One of which is selling your designs.

Designers are in high demand, but not everyone knows how to capitalize on their skills. A designer’s job has changed drastically over time due to digitization within the industry while simultaneously being dependent on knowledge use expensive tools, good taste making profit combining creativity.

I found an exciting way that designers can make money without having any design experience! All you have to do is find a niche and upload some freebies or sellable goods online with the logo design service of FGB.

They’ll take care of everything else for you, including providing customers what they need at precisely the price point where it makes sense based on competition/demand.

Here are some ideas for designers to leverage their business and excel in their skillset:

  • Emojis/bitmojis
  • Printable journals
  • Wallpapers
  • Posters
  • Photoshop/illustrator templates
  • Branding services
  • Photoshop services
  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Infographic design
  • Turn images into vector files
  • Powerpoint / Keynote presentation templates
  • Printout origami
  • Printable coloring book pages
  • 3D models
  • VR/AR templates
  • 3D printer design files
  • Icon sets
  • Animations
  • Wedding invitation templates
  • CGI models
  • Comics
  • Printable calendars


Digital products are the future. They have tremendous benefits over traditional physical products, and the end of selling digital products in the marketplace is bright. Digital products are more advantageous. Let’s consider the reasons why they are more beneficial for you! When you know how to promote a particular product, you will start selling digital products like hotcakes.

Lower barriers to entry make it easy for anyone with an idea of or digital products to start selling it at a lower cost than ever before.

No inventory storage– Digital products don’t require any room in your home, just some computer space on the cloud.

Consistent Income– You can make money every day without dealing with physical inventory like clothing or books.

Stable income – Your digital products are never outdated and always sellable.

The rise of eCommerce has been booming in recent years, and there’s no sign that it will stop anytime soon. Technological advances are making digital products more accessible than ever before. Precisely and It’s time to startup and rock! Create digital products and market them well to generate revenue for you in the following years.