5 important things to know before choosing a web hosting site in 2022

Whether it’s podcasts, tweets, memes, articles, online reviews, online gaming, or any website, there is always any server behind or any business organization that updates it for user access. You can say that choosing a web hosting is the crucial component of any online experience, though invisible.

So if, in any case, you are thinking of starting a small business or beginning a writing career, a website is a requisite. You can go through the process and sign in easily with a website-building software that can swiftly create a functional front-end and attractive website- but there are several things you need to be familiar with before you go on.

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Since you’re hosting your first website, some things might still be unclear.

You would have searched around a little bit and may have come across a wide range of hosting plans with everything messed up in your mind.

Confused! What to choose? Here is the answer. Just select the more affordable one.

But that’s not enough; here are the next few things you need to know before buying a web hosting apart from affordability.

Security comes first. You need to ensure that your sensitive data is safe and that the website performs quite OK, with at least 99.9% uptime.

So, read on to know more!

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Let’s start with the basics of web hosting.

Whether you’re thinking of getting one of those virtual private servers or a shared hosting plan, choosing an excellent hosting agency should be your topmost priority.

Most leading web hosting companies also provide eCommerce solutions, domain registration along web development services, if you don’t already have a website you can get it all done in one place.

However, web hosts are suggested to avoid scams and make your money worth it with superior quality services.

The next thing is choosing a web hosting plan, but before this, let’s make things more evident by basics.

Bandwidth and Disk space

You might think you would not have high traffic since it’s a new business. But what if your business starts growing?

You need to have enough disk space and bandwidth to handle tons of visitors simultaneously smoothly. Consider the web hosting plan according to your work needs.

Moreover, when you get ‘unlimited’ storage or bandwidth in your hosting plan, it won’t measure your usage, and things might still be pretty ‘limited’ because your bandwidth would be limited with your hardware space.

This means, even with an ‘unlimited bandwidth’ package, you can only transmit 10 Megabytes of data per second if your server has a 10 Mbps port. So it is a very important factor in choosing a web hosting for your new blog which you are going to make.

Backup is necssary in choosing a web hosting

There’s always the risk of viruses, malware, and scams. Therefore, the site must be well secured and monitored to avoid data hacking and misuse.

Your hosting plan must have proactive monitoring and enhanced website security. You must consider all the security factors while choosing a web hosting.

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Website Support

Due to technical difficulties, you’ll need swift backup support. There is 24/7 support by good hosting providers. Various methods like live chat, email, telephone can be used for support.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) details the hosting plan’s support. Expected uptime is also counted in by some providers in the SLA.

A 99% uptime would have an expected downtime of 3.5 days a year. However, on a 99.99% uptime agreement, it’s down for less than one hour.

Out of many and the expensive web hosting packages offer five nines (99.999%) which is the downtime of a maximum of five minutes.

Load time

Much similar to uptime is load time that shows the loading time of any web page. The slower load time might frustrate the visitor and affect your website’s traffic.

As disclosed by one Google study, 53% of mobile site visitors leave in a load time of 3 seconds.

Select a better web hosting plan that provides more than 3 seconds of load time. So try to get a fast host while choosing a web hosting.

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Free domain

It’s good to start with the free domain since everything is new and unclear. You would learn more and gain experience with time. Many web hosting providers provide free domains.

Your free domain is usually in the form of [yourname.webhost.com], also called a subdomain.

The blue host also offers a free domain for one year. After that, you’ll have to pay the presented charges to continue using that domain. Important alert! Do add a bookmark to this point.

BLUEHOST– My Kind of Choice

Here is little that you need to know about the Bluehost.

Pricing: Their hosting plans are well within reach of most users, particularly those just starting. You can start off with just 2.95$/month

Reliability: With minimum downtime, the Blue host power a wide number of websites.

Free domain: A free domain is offered for the first year of signing up.

Free CDN + SSL: For each website, you get a free SSL certificate and free Cloudflare CDN to block malware and improve security.

Money-Back Guarantee: There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans with no hidden charges.

With Bluehost Hosting Service, whether you use the Website Builder or standard WordPress, all the features, tools, and guidance will be provided to build and launch a fantastic WordPress website.

Whether you want the WordPress website or the website builder, you can get this by the Bluehost with all the tools, features, and guidance. The hosting service provides quite an easy sign-in process with all the services aligned. In my hosting journey, I will always consider Bluehost while choosing a web hosting.

So choose your desired host and enjoy your startup journey. Good Luck with that!