Making Money on Pinterest 2021 (8 best ways)


Making money on Pinterest yes you read it right and yes it’s totally and certainly possible. I know it’s a bit hard to accept the fact that making money on Pinterest is one of the great opportunities for making cash ( as I also used to think that it’s fake and spammy). Because till date many people consider Pinterest as a mere hub for finding recipes or getting ideas about a home or party decoration and looking for some traveling tips, beauty hacks, DIY, and many random things. Most people think that can I make money on Pinterest. The simple answer is yes.

But let me clear it to you today that Pinterest is not like any other social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook which we just use for fun. It’s a proper search engine that can really pay you back incredibly if you know the ways to use it for a good cause and that’s the reason vast numbers of influencers, brands, companies, and bloggers are making money on Pinterest.

And be honest who doesn’t Know about Pinterest unless they live under a rock so why don’t use this platform which we all know very well and make some living out of it. Let me be frank with you (or let me say it bluntly) making money on Pinterest is a long-term game. It’s not that overnight thing (btw there are no shortcuts to success) that you will have that rain of bucks and cash the next morning. It will take some time and patience. It’s like running a marathon. 

Making money on Pinterest is 100 % legitimate and not at all spam so you also don’t have to be worried about this factor. You just need to learn some sharp and foolproof strategies and you will be able to start making money on Pinterest. 

How to make money on Pinterest?

In this blog post, I am going to share with you 8 brilliant and super easy ways which you can start practicing right away and turn this fantasy of making money on Pinterest into reality. Let’s just jump into it.

Start Your Blog on Pinterest

how to make money on pinterest

If you are familiar with content writing and blogging and if it’s your field of interest you can start making money on Pinterest by pursuing this skill. Blogging has the highest earning potential on Pinterest, bloggers are earning a few thousand to hundred thousand dollars monthly on Pinterest. 

And if you are thinking that you have to be a great writer to start writing blogs, believe me, it’s far from the truth. Blogging is not at all tech-savvy or requires scientific knowledge ( i think it’s the most common misconception), you just need to have a basic idea about how to write a blog. You can easily have a look on youtube for beginners guide or on google how to start a blog.

There are plants of items on the list that you can start writing about. In my opinion, it’s best to choose a niche that suits your interest. Below are giving some simple steps to start a blog on Pinterest

1- Pick up a niche

2- Create content and choose a keyword

3- Link your blogs with ads and affiliate links( we will learn these later on in this blog)

4- Create a pin

Be careful while choosing keywords for your title because it’s the major factor for landing people on your blog. Write 5-1- blogs related to your niche and your audience will start growing.

In my opinion, starting a blog is the most rewarding option and it’s like a get-rich-quick scheme. If it interests you, you should definitely try it out.

Build Pinterest Group boards and Pins

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The classic way of growing an audience on Pinterest is to build our own group boards.

Group Boards is like a Hub where you share different ideas on a particular thing and it has some other collaborators as well simply put different people sharing their unique ideas on one board.

You can use Canva for making eye-catching images and graphics for your boards. Canva is a free service and has unlimited pre-made templates that will really help you out.

Create your pins and then sprinkle relevant keywords on that pin ( relevant keywords going to bring the audience to your board) but try to avoid stuffing keywords as it will not lead to any traffic just put your keywords smartly so that it just looks natural.

Only create high-quality pins and allow only those contributors in your board who will share high-quality pins as well. It’s better to have few contributors to your board as it helps maintain that high quality of your board. You also need to join lots of relevant groups with immense followers because this will also help you gain followers.

Once you have a few thousand followers marketers and brands will start approaching you for collaborations and promotions of their products.

For detailed information regarding group boards and how to create and grow them check out my detailed blog on this.

Money with Adsense

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Have you heard about Google Adsense? It’s a program run by Google in which you can earn money by displaying ads next to your online content when a user clicks on that ad.

As a brand new blogger or person, it’s highly recommended to use Google Adsense for making money on Pinterest. Google Adsense has no strict requirements and it never asks you to have minimum page views.

It is not the best way because Google pays you very little as compared to other ads rates. But you have to start somewhere. It’s better to earn something than none.

I will recommend you use Google Adsense just for the beginning and once you grow your audience you can simply remove this option from the list and opt for something better.

Be a Pinterest Virtual assistant

how to make money on pinterest

One of the great ideas of making money on Pinterest is to become a Pinterest virtual assistant.

There are many companies and brands that are looking for an audience via Pinterest but they don’t have time to manage their Pinterest account. If You Know about Pinterest well how about going pro? 

By becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant you have to manage and optimize your client’s account. Requirements and work vary from brand to brand, but some common things to do are

1- Create pins

2- Automating pinning process

3- Keyword research

4- Running promoted ads

5- Creating sales funds

In my judgment it’s a great money-making opportunity and extremely flexible. You are not bound to any particular place or time, just do the task whenever it’s easy for you.

An amazing thing is that you can handle 2-3 clients together and btw each client is worth 500$. Isn’t it astonishing? You should definitely try this way of money-making on Pinterest.

It’s a total win-win. Now you may get an idea of how to make money on Pinterest.

Run Joint Promotions with Brands

making money on pinterest

You can work directly with a brand and run a joint promotion of their product for instance home decor, or fitness focus Moms, etc. 

But for this, you need a successful Pinterest account in terms of followers and you should have the ability to create amazing pins. You should have

1- Concept of pins

2- Photography

3- Design of Pins

If you are a social person you can do this for sure because it includes the social part of liking, commenting, and sharing pins. You have to reach out to certain brands and follow successful boards so you can get a follow back.

I will suggest you put your contact information in your profile and mention that you are open to businesses and promotions.

Start selling Your Pinterest knowledge

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If you have successful Pinterest accounts and are already making money on Pinterest how about leveling up? Yes, you can increase your income by selling your Pinterest knowledge.

If your account is successful others want to know how and you can use this opportunity and can surely increase your monthly and yearly income and can make money on Pinterest.

Start teaching you tips and tricks through ebooks, courses, workshops, and having zoom meetings. I think this is the easiest way of making money on Pinterest or should I say making money through Pinterest.

Lower traffic to Your own eCommerce website

make money on Pinterest

Running your own eCommerce website (or working for a client) and unable to make enough sales. Isn’t it because you don’t have enough traffic on your website?

Don’t worry, here comes your solution. Start showcasing your products on Pinterest.

But what does displaying your images on Pinterest do? Have you heard of the trail of breadcrumbs (yes in Hansel and Gretel’s story)? 

Showcasing your image is like that trail of breadcrumbs as it will lead the followers back to your main website.

Just create some eye-catching image of your product and then link the image to your main website or provide the website URL in the image description. Always use SEO keywords this will help your product to appear in the google search engine also.

This is really helpful not only for your website but also to help you make money on Pinterest. What more do you need?

Affiliate Marketing for Making money on Pinterest

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This is the most common method among Pinterest users (not only Pinterest users btw also YouTubers and other social media users). 

Affiliate marketing is the process where you partner with a brand or company and promote their products by providing their unique link in your posts, and you get commission per click. You can make money on Pinterest by this mean.

Small companies offer to become affiliates and you can also find affiliations through ShareAsale and Flexoffers.

It’s the most preferred field as it makes a big part of incoming without putting a lot of effort.

POV: It’s better to promote those products which suit your audience because people will only go to the link if it’s of their interest. I am hoping you will get an idea of How to make money on Pinterest.

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