canva pro benefits

Canva pro benefits: Interesting canva pro benefits you must know in 2022

Canva is a free design tool for non-designers to create visual content. Canva Pro means a premium version of Canva that is very beneficial for professional use with unlimited features. There are a lot of canva pro benefits that provide an approach to an image editor, endless downloads of your pick of millions of stock photos, illustrations, templates, and special features for professionals to make visuals effortlessly. The best thing is that you get it all at very cheap rates.

With the various elements of the Canva Pro function added to the primary approach to content creation and its low rates, canva pro is one of the best choices for small businesses. Canva pro benefits are unlimited as it provides easy-to-make visual content for teams, corporations, education services, nonprofits and is also accessible for an individual. You can make logos on canva and help your brand give a compelling outlook.

This valuable tool provides many benefits to their users in this article. We highlight some canva pro benefits that you must know in 2022.

Made graphic design easy with canva editor:

The importance of visual content gets valuable day by day. Every business needs banners, postcards, logos, email templates. The graphic tool makes it easy for everyone. Canva pro provides you with millions of templates you can edit them according to your business need in a short time easily.

Canva provides a media library:

Canva provides a vast library to users. The library has thousands of templates, logos, icons, designs, vectors, and unlimited photos to make any visual content. Users can also use their pictures and access 75 million images, audio, video, and graphics without any extra cost.

Work individually or as a team:

One of the best features is canva pro that you can work individually, or if you need any partner, you can make the team. You can invite people to make the team and work together in canva and make your business ideas more functional.

Canva pro brand kit:

The brand kit represents your brand identity. You can add all your relevant brand content in a small kit and share it with your teams, partners, and other business purposes. Canva pro helps to make a perfect brand kit for your business. You can add your brand’s logos, fonts, colors, and messages to the brand kit. Canva pro also provides a wide range of templates for a brand kit. A brand kit is a visual identity of your business, whether it’s big or small. So we can also consider it as one of the greatest canva pro benefits as well.

Canva pro makes publication easy:

Canva pro is very easy for publication. You can make your design and publish it directly on any social platform. You can easily publish your posts, layouts, mails, and other stuff through canva pro.

Canva pro nonprofit:

Canva offers a nonprofit program for nonprofit organizations. Through canva nonprofit, you can avail of canva pro features free of cost. Following are the features,

  • You can access premium videos, images, graphics, and music
  • You can download designs with transparent background
  • You can make your brand kit, create logos, color fonts, and other stuff
  • You can share creations with your team
  • You can publish your work everywhere
  • You can plan through a content planner

You have to apply for the canva nonprofit program to get the above benefits. First, you have to check your eligibility for this feature.

Canva pro-education:

 Canva for education is best for educational purposes. Students can get its benefits according to their age and ability. It is easy to use for students. Students make their assignments, presentations, syllabus, and all school staff. They can access around 60,000 designs from a library of different temples and presentations, lesson plans, educational worksheets, and other endless features. This could also be counted in the list of canva pro benefits.

Canva pro vs free canva:

Are you confused about the canva free and canva pro versions and want to know the difference between them. Canva free is suitable for making simple designs.

Canva Pro has advanced features and functions to give you the best design ideas.

Here we compare both plans to understand more about their difference.

Canva Plans

Canva free plan:

  • It has 200 000+ images for free
  • It has 250 000 design templets
  • It gives free access to 57 000 graphic elements and 13 000 videos.
  • It has 75 audio tracks free to use
  • You can choose 1700 fonts
  • It has six animation effects for free
  • It provides 5GB of storage space
  • You can invite your team members
  • Its brand kit only offer one color pallet to choose
  • You can make only two folders for the organization of your design

All the above features you can avail of in the free plan.

Canva pro plan:

Canva pro plan amazed users with its unique features.

  • You can remove background from any photo in just one click
  • You can make a professional brand kit according to your brand needs
  • It has 420 000+ professional design templates
  • It provides 75 million photos, videos, and audio.
  • It gives you a content planer for posting your work on social media
  • It gives you access to transparent background designs
  • A team of five have to pay only one price
  • It helps to make animations and MP4 easily
  • You can access your team at any time
  • You can make unlimited folders for your designs
  • It has 3000+ fonts to choose from for your designs
  • You also can make your brand font
  • You can download your created design in any resolution
  • It has a 100GB storage capacity
  • Canva pro provides SVG format to create vector graphics
Canva Pro Features

Canva pro benefits give the business identity with creativity and efficiency. You can choose the best plan according to your need. If you want the best features, you have to upgrade your plan, and if you are ok with a free one, no need to upgrade then.

Canva Pro benefits

Cost of canva pro:

Canva is offering two types of plans, monthly and yearly. Their monthly plan costs 12.99$, and the annual program costs 119$ with a discount. The yearly plan is good because it gives you a 23% discount. You can avail of a free canva pro trial for 30 days that is a bonus for you to check features for free. It will make you decide about choosing the best plan. Canva pro benefits are wider in range in comparison with any other editing tool out there in the market.

Bottom line of canva pro benefits:

In short, canva Pro is the best tool for business, education, and other fields. It provides the best features that help in making great visual content. You don’t need a graphic designer, canva efficiently solve all your problems. Anyone can avail canva pro benefits with hustle-free steps and make perfect visual content according to their need. Canva makes designing easy for everyone.