Canva keyboard Shortcuts To become a Pro in designing: Useful guide 2021

Have you ever heard of Canva keyboard shortcuts? If you are familiar with graphic designing you must have heard of CANVA and just in case if you are not familiar with it let me give you a brief intro about my all-time favorite website.

Canva is a graphic designing tool extremely used for its versatility. You can create posters, presentations, ebooks, brochures, and literally anything for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and for other marketing purposes. Unlike other software like photoshop or illustrator where it’s mandatory for you to learn how to use that software, Canva is just a piece of cake.

Despite your experience, you can just create stunning designs and templates with just basic ideas. The good thing is that Canva has unlimited free and pre-made templates and custom designs that you can access without even a penny. The only thing you need to do is a bit of modification and BOOM your design is ready.

Let’s just come back to our actual question which was have you heard of Canva keyboard shortcuts? As now you know that we can create amazing designs while using this platform but there is more to that…

As the name suggests keyboard shortcuts involve some key shortcuts that help you increase the efficiency of your work and assuredly lightens your workload. Let’s be honest, while working everyone wants to wind up things ASAP isn’t it amazing that there is something like that which can speed up your work and help you finish off things quickly?

Yes, that thing is your keyboard and all you need is to learn all those little tips and tricks for Canva keyboard shortcuts and you will become a pro in no time.

As a newbie, if you want to level up your designing skills I will strongly recommend you to start using Canva and master these Canva keyboard shortcuts to create different designs. Try Canva Pro for the best features and benefits.

Create Presentations Swiftly

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Do you also feel anxious when the deadline is just around the corner and you haven’t started with your presentation? Well, you don’t need to be anxious anymore. Here are some simple Canva keyboard shortcuts that will speed up your presentation work.

1- Begin Presentation

To start a presentation you need to press CTRL+Alt+D and your presentation will begin.

2- Blur Presentation

If you want to drop a blur effect in your presentation or simply if you desire to blur a specific part of your presentation your Canva keyboard shortcut key is to Press B

3- Confetti addition

If your presentation is about some party or event and you would like  to have a confetti addition (confetti are small pieces of paper thrown in a party) in your presentation then the shortcut key is to Press C

4- Drum rolls 

To have drum roll in presentation Press D

5-Bubbles popping up

If you like bubble pope up in your slide Press O

6- Timer 

For adding up the timer to the presentation. Press any desired number key for time you want for instance if you want 1-minute time press 1 and so on

7- Stop Timer

To stop the timer  Press X

8- Moving onto the next slide 

If You want to proceed to the next slide Press → (right arrow key)

9- Coming back to the previous slide

To back to the previous slide in a presentation Press ← (left arrow key)

10- End presentation

Finally, to wind up or end your presentation you need to press the Esc key

Get a Shortcut with One Touch/Single key

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Down is the list of some Canva keyboard shortcuts that you can get with a single touch

1- line addition

To add a line to your design you have to  Press L

2- Adding rectangle

To add up a rectangle on your Canva design  Press R

3- Get a text box

Get a text box on your screen after you  Press T

4- Delete any object

This one everyone knows but just in case Press Delete Key

5- To mute or unmute

For muting and unmuting any audio  Press M

6- Start searching

If you just have that random urge to search up on something  Press the backslash key /

7- Select Next

The Canva keyboard shortcut used to select any next item  Press Tab key

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Basic Keyboard shotcuts everyone need to know

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1- Bold text 

What to do when you need to bold a letter just in the middle of your sentence?  why holding a mouse and go all the way to press that bold symbol when you can just press Ctrl + B


2- Duplicate an item

Doesn’t it bother you when to duplicate any object you have to press the mouse button again and again because it did bother me a lot and then I came to know this Canva keyboard  shortcut key Ctrl + D

It just made my life easy :p

4- Copy item

For copying an item Press Ctrl + C

5- Border to text

What  if after typing a text you just got that random idea to add a border to it just to do this Press Alt+ B

6-  Selection of all objects together

If you want to group up things you need to select them all for this  selection the shortcut key is to press Ctrl + A

7- Undo

Honestly, one of the most used functions while designing is to undo because we always get new ideas and want to change our every move. Well to undo Press Ctrl + Z

8- Add a grid

To add a grid to your design just Press Ctrl + ;

9- Zoom in

For having a close look at your design or any particular thing you want to look zoom in and Press Ctrl + “+”

10- Zoom out

And what you need to do after zooming In yes its zoom out (lol) for zooming out Press Ctrl + “-”

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Text Editing Shortcut keys

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My teacher said the thing that plays the most important role in your design is TEXT, so while adding any text be careful because the text is what attracts your audience. Here is the list of Canva keyboard shortcuts for editing your text.

1- Italicize text

For text to be written in italics Press Ctrl + I

2- Border to text

To put a border around your text Press alt + B

3- Increase Border size

If you like to increase border to text Press Alt + shift + = ( before this first select the object)

4- Decrease Border size

If you like to decrease border to text Press Alt + shift + – (minus sign)

5- Font menu

Instead of leaving your keyboard while typing a text to open up your font menu just Press Ctrl + Shift + F

6- Increase or decrease line spacing

To increase or decrease line spacing in your sentence Press alt + up or down arrow keys ( up arrow key for increasing and down arrow key for decreasing)

7- Center align text

Aligning text in a design have crucial importance which can’t be denied as it decides the whole look of your artwork

To center align text Press Ctrl + shift + C

8- Right align text

To align text to right side aligning Press Ctrl + shift + R

9- left align text

To align text to left side aligning Press Ctrl + shift + L

More Canva Shortcut Keys

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There are some extra Canva keyboard shortcuts that will help you equally to increase your work efficiency and help you speed up your task

1- Full-screen mode

For having full-screen mode Press Ctrl + alt + P

2- Exit full-screen mode

To exit full-screen mode Press Esc

3- Rulers

Having rulers showed up on your screen surely helps you put all your elements in correct alignment decreasing the risk of disordered in your design for rulers show up Press Shift + R

4- Add an empty page

To add up an empty page Press Ctrl + enter (key)

5- Delete an empty page

For deleting an empty page if you don’t want it just Press Ctrl + backspace (key)

6- loop video

If you are unaware of loop video let me give a brief idea loop video is a process to record audio in that video continuously to endless tape 

So loop video Canva shortcut key is to Press Alt + shift + L

7- Save

To save your design or artwork Press Ctrl + S

8- Group element

To group different elements together for convenience Press Ctrl + G ( but first select the desired element you want to group up together)

9- Ungroup elements

If you have to edit any element of the group you need to ungroup that element so you can edit or modesty it. To ungroup elements Press Ctrl + shift + G

10- Play or pause a video

To play or pause any video Press the space bar (key)


Canva is also very helpful for your blog designing (you can check more helpful blogging tools here). Using these Canva keyboard shortcuts really helps you finish your design or a project fast. Once all these keyboard shortcuts become handy your artwork will finish in no time. But it needs some time and patience until you master all these Canva keyboard shortcuts and with time and practice, this will be just a piece of cake for you. So do try using all these shortcuts.

You can also look at this guide for more information regarding Canva keyboard shortcuts.