best way to build an email list

Best ways to build an email list from scratch in 2021

Are you looking for the best ways to build an email list from scratch? Building an email list from scratch might seem challenging, especially when you are worried about doing it quickly but efficiently. However, it would be worthy to say that email list building will be your game-changer investment for a successful business. According to a 99firms statistics study, out of 7.9B world population, there is over 4.1B email user and, among these 95% check their email accounts regularly.

Similarly, the content marketing institute’s analysis indicates that 40% of marketers recognize email marketing as essential to their content marketing success. The above statistics are an excellent symbol of why growing an email list is necessary for business. You can promote different kinds of affiliate programs for bloggers with the help of email marketing.

So targeting your audience through email marketing is a proven and productive approach to boost ROI. Following are the best ways to build an email list from scratch:

best ways to build an email list

1: CHOOSE A RELIABLE EMAIL MARKETING PLATFORM- Best way to build an email list from scratch

The initial step to build an email list from scratch is to choose an email marketing platform. Sending merely basic and general campaigns and managing your primary contacts might be workable through GMAIL AND OUTLOOK. But sending targeted and personalized content is crucial to building credibility, improve traffic to your website, better brand recognition, boost sales, strong customer relationships, and optimize your time and budget. Some email marketing softwares like MailChimpSendinBlueConvertKit, and Constant Contact will not only save your precious time but also help you to maximize your revenue.

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2: PRESENT PEOPLE INCENTIVES TO SIGN-UP- Best ways to build an email list from scratch

After choosing an email marketing platform, you need to structure a way to collect emails on your website. You should be able to compel people to sign-up. Definitely, without any benefit, they won’t give you their email addresses. Instead of creating simple registration saying, “Sign up to our website to get the latest updates,” you will receive low conversion rates.

One of the best ways to build an email list is to create a Lead Magnet that will attract people to sign up. Some exclusive ideas include;

  • Discount Coupon
  • Free eBook
  • Catalog
  • Giveaway
  • Survey
  • Checklist/Cheatsheet
  • A webinar rejistration
  • Case Study
  • A template/worksheet

All these innovative ideas give the visitor a reason to sign up using their email addresses. According to the targeted audience and their needs, you can design lead magnets. But you will find that generally, a combination of all these exclusive ideas gives a better output.


build an email list from scratch

Pop-ups may seem disruptive and irritating, but if you craft them carefully then, they can be the game-changer in growing your list. There are various ways to use pop-ups. For example, you can design “surprise” pop-up boxes of exclusive discounts and offers. Your pop-up should be clear and straightforward, and on the other hand, if you have a better understanding of your audience, you can leverage that and create a visual form to highlight the value of your proposal. So, in short, marketers need to create appealing pop-ups through unique content and irresistible incentives such as coupon codes, buy one get one free, etc.

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The objective of every CTA(call to action) is to get a response. So, you need to create an engaging subject line, copy, and value-adds to get high conversion rates. It’s not enough to insert a “BUY NOW” button. Then what to do? Here’s the thing. You need to keep these critical points while creating your CTA;

> Use the correct type of CTA that can be hyperlinked text or image-link (according to your audience and context)

> Your language should be clear. Be transparent to your reader about what you want them to do.

> Place CTA at the right place(in the middle, bottom, or at the start, keeping in mind the nature of your product and audience).

> Don’t use too many CTAs in one email. It might mislead the reader. According to WORDSTREAM, email with a single CTA increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%. But if there is more than one CTA, then they should be engaging.

> The color choice also has a significant impact on the click rates. Make sure they pop up and should not blend with the entire text.

5: LEVERAGE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS- Best way to build an email list from scratch

Social media is a great supporter to help you build your email list. Following are some methods to take advantage of your social media accounts;

> Create a lead generating Facebook add

> Leverage LinkedIn groups

> Host Twitter chats

>Create youtube tutorials 

> Promote your gated content

> Create lead generating Instagram stories and posts 

 The links in your social media accounts will direct the potential customers to your sign-up form. And these will also aid you in the advertisement of your business.


You can also find subscribers outside the digital world. Here are some offline best ways to build an email list:

> Collect email addresses at events or webinars

> If you have physical stores, encourage customers to leave their business cards. You can also drop your cards at checkout.

> Use a sign-up sheet to collect emails 

> Ask them text-to-join

Building an email list from scratch cannot be done overnight. However, by following the effective strategies mentioned above, you can enhance the chances of making your email list in a minimum time.

Some methods will work better as compared to others. But by experience, you will get what works best for you. In short email list building will help you a lot to emerge your business. So with a trustworthy email platform, appealing content, incentives, and a well-designed Web page, no one can stop you from progress. And remember! What matters the most is not how fast you can build an email list but how efficiently you acquire news leads to retaining them

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