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15 best freelance services you can offer as a freelancer in 2021

I know some people might hit the nine-to-five job routine and look for healthy alternatives to earn their living. Well, some people like to work from home and earn money online with the help of their laptops and Internet connection. Do you want to know the best freelance services you can offer as a new freelancer? If yes, you are at the right place because here we will demonstrate to you the comprehensive guide on freelancing services that you can offer to get some big bucks Into your pockets.

Not hundreds, not even thousands, but millions of people all around the globe are earning their livelihoods from home by offering services online. There are more than 59 million freelancers in the US alone. Are you passionate about creative stuff or any particular skill you can offer and leverage the money?

Freelancing does not demand a lot of things. One of the few things freelancing acquired from you is your particular skill set, a laptop, and an Internet connection. If you have all of these characteristics, congratulations; you are ready to go and rock.

Not only adults but thousands of teenagers are also doing this; teenagers are also offering freelance services to their valuable customers and earning I had some money.

What is freelancing?

Before diving into the main topic, which is the freelance services you can offer as a freelancer, I would like to briefly introduce freelancing for those who don’t have any idea about freelancing. Freelancing is a type of Process in which you can offer your services in different categories and earn money from your customers by providing this kind of service on other freelancing websites.

There are many freelancing websites like Fiverr or Upwork to start your freelance career and become a full-time or part-time freelancer at your convenience. Freelancers are also called self-employed individuals who are not under any particular employer or recruiter.

These people contact their customers or clients and provide them with their services using online websites, freelancing, or other platforms.

What kind of services can freelancers offer?

If you are an aspirant in freelancing, you must know the services freelancers can offer. There are many services, from content writing and graphic designing to mobile applications and web development. You must realize the basic skill sets in which you want yourself to be good.

It will help if you get the idea of the things that interest you or are passionate about.

Let me allow introduce myself as a freelancer. I am Muhammad Musa Mubashar, and I am a blogger and a freelance content writer who offers his freelance writing services to his clients all over the world. It simply means that if you have a certain skill set, you should leverage that skill and try to cash it out in as many ways as possible.

Branding yourself is important in freelancing

best freelance services
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That is why I am encouraging all of you to make yourself a self-employed individuals and start branding yourself. You can make yourself a brand and represent it to every client you come across.

Another important thing that I would like to suggest is to create your portfolio website with your brand name, which can greatly impact the onlookers or your clients.

15 best freelance services you can offer

The basic thing you should know is to follow your passion and creativity. Suppose you are not good at designing different kinds of art or making logos. In that case, it doesn’t mean you should have to be a graphic designer at the very end. You can pursue a lot of different skills. One of them must be your passion. You should find a particular skill set that resonates your passion and become a veteran in that skill.

Many online courses are available on the Internet, which can teach every skill you need to learn. One of the most popular websites for learning new skills on Udemy and Skillshare. Through these websites, you can get a chance to learn any skill from scratch and make yourself a full-time or part-time freelancer.

Freelance content writing

Freelance writing is considered an Evergreen service that has been utilized by almost every single business owner who owns a website. A freelance writer writes every single blog post that appears on the blog.

Freelance writers convert words into Selling lead magnets and turn the viewers into customers.

Things a freelance writer must have:

  • Creativity for writing unique and convertible copies and content
  • Great English skills
  • Firm grip on English grammar and punctuation
  • Great typing speed and ability to research well on the Internet
  • You must know how to write a great content

If you have all of these capabilities, then congratulations. In that case, you can be a great writer and rock the content writing industry. It’s time to unleash the beast inside you.

You can become a freelance writer from scratch by following this freelance writing guide and how to learn freelance content writing. You will be able to learn every single thing you need to do or become a freelance writer. So it would be one the best freelance services you can offer.

Web Development

If you are a geek at developing different websites and are interested in programming and coding, then web development would be a perfect fit. Well, it looks like a very complicated thing or skill to learn, but if you start learning it, you will have a lot of fun while learning and doing it.

Many freelancers earn thousands of dollars every month just by doing web development; for their clients, and there is a proper guide on becoming a freelance web developer and starting your journey as a web developer.

Freelance Social Media Manager

Social media management is a very popular service offered by thousands of social media managers all across the globe. You all know that due to the revolutionizing and digitalization of the world, every business owner is trying to make their feet on the Internet and try to get more exposure through social media.

So these people try to hire freelance social media managers to handle their social media accounts and convert followers into customers. Becoming a freelance social media manager can leverage if you are a social media freak.

If you consider yourself a social media freak and use social media daily, then social media management would be fun. You will get a chance to leverage your social media interest into full-time or part-time in my living. There is a complete guide on becoming a social media manager and earning a healthy amount of income.

Editing and proofreading

Like content writing, editing and proofreading also come in the content writing industry. We can call it a subdomain of content writing because, in this category, people edit and proofread their clients’ documents, making them look more compelling and error-free.

So if you think that your grammatical strength is great, and you can pick every minor error in the document, then proofreading would be a great choice for you as a freelancer. You can become a freelancer or content editor proofreader and build your strong career ahead.

Graphic Designing

How can we forget graphic designing, which is one of the most popular freelancing services when it comes to freelancing? Freelancer graphic designers earn thousands of dollars. Even some freelance graphic designers earn more than ten grand per month.

There are two major tools in which your expertise matters: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Just like content writing, graphic designers also require a lot of creativity. Your creativity will enable you to generate unique designs and logos for your clients. You can become a proper freelance graphic designer by following this guide. Most freelance graphic designers earn between $30 to $100.

Virtual Assistants: Best freelance services

Virtual systems are also in popular demand nowadays in the online digital industry. Virtual assistants are online assistants who can handle daily tasks, emails books keeping, and such kinds of stuff for their clients.

If you are great at the management and administration of different things. In that case, you will be a great virtual assistant because this service requires great management and organizational skills. People earn from $20 to $60 per hour as virtual assistant freelancers. To become a freelance virtual assistant, you must follow the complete guide on becoming a virtual assistant in 2021.

YouTube thumbnail maker

YouTube is the biggest video streaming website. Hundreds of thousands of YouTubers are building their YouTube channels and earning a lot of money. Every single YouTube video has a thumbnail that attracts viewers and compels them to watch YouTube videos. You can become a YouTube thumbnail creator to generate catchy and compelling YouTube thumbnails to attract viewers. We can also add it to the list of best freelance services that you can offer as a freelancer.

The pictures make you feel good if you are a knack for graphic designing and designing different posts. In that case, YouTube thumbnail creation will greatly serve your clients on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

best freelance services

Canva designing

Canva is a great tool for making beautiful designs in just a few minutes. There are tons of templates available on this site. You can choose any template, edit it according to your interest, and provide it to your required customer. What does that mean? Yes, you are already right. You can offer services to your clients as a freelancer. You will find millions of vector art stock footage or different kinds of templates, and you just have to edit these templates, and it is good to go for your clients. So it is also considered one of the best freelance services you can offer as a freelancer.

There are two versions of Canva that are available on their site free version and the pro version. The free version provides you with basic stuff to do on a basic level; however, if you feel like an expert in designing different templates, you can have a pro version and become a veteran in this field.

Video editing services you can offer as a freelancer

If you like videos and have a passion for video editing, you would opt for the profession of video editing as a freelancer. You can edit YouTube videos and documentaries, add YouTube intros or outros, and all such kinds of things and stuff like that. Video editors earn more than $50 per hour as a freelancer. So it is also included in the list of best freelance services.

Voiceover artist

Do you have a very sleek and impactful voice? If yes, you can utilize your voice tone and some extra income from your soothing voice. You need to have a beautiful voice and a microphone to record your audio. An important thing to remember is a particular accent in your voice. Let’s suppose for a moment that you have a British accent; you should focus on hunting clients who are looking for a voiceover artist with a British accent rather than an American accent. So try to focus on your accent, microphone quality, and voice; you are a great voiceover artist.

E-Book writing

EBooks are widely spread all across the globe after the digitalization of everything and the digital revolution. So, people are focusing more on eBooks rather than printed ones. You can also leverage your content writing strategies and skills to become an eBooks writer. One of the best features of eBook writing is that it has long-term clients. You can earn $400 to $2000 per eBook written for your client. You can also watch the complete guide on becoming an eBook writer and earning a handsome amount of income out of it.

Business coaching and consultation

If you are doing any business and have some expertise in it. In such a scenario, you can become a business coach or consultant as a freelancer to earn some extra bucks in your pocket.

You can consult with them on video meetings or business calls and share the business strategy you came to know after years of business experience.

In return, you can share these valuable strategies with them and offer some money. There are no boundaries to the number of opportunities you can avail yourself and accomplish your goals and objectives in your lives and experience the real feeling of financial freedom.


Suppose you have a firm grip and great command over different languages worldwide. In that case, you can become a translator and translate these languages for your clients.

Your client will give you a document with a specific number of words in any form of document. You will have to translate these words into your clients’ required languages. You can offer these translation services on your own Fiverr, Upwork, or other freelancing platforms.


Transcription has the job of converting the audio in form of written words. So, if your typing speed is great and your listening skills are superb, you will become a great transcriptionist.

You just have to listen to the audio carefully and write the same words you hear in that audio. Transcription is are also earning a lot of money. The average income of a transcriptionist is somewhere between $15 to $35 per hour.

Data Entry

Data entry is also a great way to earn money online as a freelancer. You don’t need high-quality skills to become a data entry specialist or operator. It is added in the best freelance services because it is easy to learn.

You need to be good at Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. You can generate leads for your clients and customers. A data entry operator takes care of his client’s data. A data entry operator scrape information from an Internet browser makes a list of the best possible information, and provides it to his clients.

What is your favorite service?

I have compiled a complete list of 15 services you can offer as freelancers and work from home. Now, it’s your turn to decide which field is of interest and what you want to pursue in the future as a proper freelancer.

If you want to know the number of sites to apply and earn money as a freelancer. In that case, you can look at this complete guide in which I have compiled a list of freelance job sites where freelancers can showcase their talent and skills and get orders from their clients worldwide.