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10 Best Books for freelance writers in 2021

If you’re a freelancer or thinking about full-time work to freelancing, you need to look for some great books to read you can get some knowledge and expertise of this industry. I’ve compiled a small list of the best freelancing books (in my opinion) that you should check out, these books providing everything you need to know about getting started, finding success, and staying sane along the way.

In this article, I will share with you 10 of the best books for freelance writers. So you can get started quickly.

Best Books for freelancer writers:

  1. The 4-Hour Work Week 
  4. the Zen of Social Media Marketing
  7. Rework
  8. MY SO-CALLED Freelance LIFE
  10. The E-Myth Revisited

The 4-Hour Work Week | by Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Workweek is the best book for freelance writers. “The 4-Hour Workweek is a new way of solving an old problem. ‘A four-hour workweek? Impossible!’ I hear you say. Well, according to the bestselling author and business guru Tim Ferriss, drastically cutting the number of hours you work is a real possibility.

The book illustrates the benefits of working online and the advantages of outsourcing tasks at the lowest cost. The author explains how one can create a 4-hour workweek to generate five-figure earnings through online jobs.

The 4-Hour Work Week 
The 4-Hour Work Week, Book depository$22.14

2. The Freelancer’s Bible| by Sara Horowitz

The Freelancer’s Bible is Write down by Sara Horowitz, Macarthur Genius Fellows and founder of the international Freelancers Union and the Freelancers Insurance Company.
I say it is a ‘must have’ for potential freelancers or even people who are already freelancing and want to tighten their game or ‘work on their freelancing.
It guides on all information and challenges of a freelancer. so every freelancer Beginner or expert must follow this book.

The Freelancer’s Bible| by Sara Horowitz
The Freelancer’s Bible Book depository $31.01

3. Creative. Inc.| by Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho

The book guides those who want to start working independently in the creative industry, from animators, photographers, and designers.

That book offers a combination of practical advice and personal success stories from experts, independent experts Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho put together everything from creating a stand-up portfolio to investing (Creative Inc) in a crash course in business for creatives.

If you are unsure whether freelancing is for you, this book is an excellent guide to help in decision-making and does not associate sugar with the challenges of independent work.


4. The Zen of Social Media Marketing| by Chris Brogan

This freelance book is very beneficial for beginners and people who want to take social media advertising and marketing to the subsequent level. The book, The zen of Social Media elaborates on how to take advantage of social media in your business as a way of being competitive.

The author encourages freelancers to take advantage of social media to keep time to utilize for more valuable and worthwhile tasks. This book has a direct approach to the subject matter, Very easy to follow and to put into practice. So this is the best book for freelance writers.


5. Non-Obvious| by Rohit Bhargava

5. Non-Obvious| by Rohit Bhargava

Non-obvious is the best book for freelance writers written by Rohit Bhargava. The author’s writing is like a cool glass of water after drinking everyone else’s fancy energy drinks. It’s clear, plain, to the point, but not dry. Taking the concepts that he discusses, a creative thinking person can use this information in any area of disciplines and not for trend curation.

This book explains how a freelancer can market their business to have a yearly workflow. The book will help predict trends of online jobs and create a market niche.

6. Stop Thinking like  a Freelancer | by Liam Veitch

Another Best Book for freelance writers, written by Liam Veitch, advises freelancers to take their business just like any other business and get exposure to online works. He urges the freelancers to start having an entrepreneurial mind to grow the freelancing.

This e-book “stop thinking like a freelancer” is for those freelancers who think they have a plan. The truth is they do not. Trust me, I was one, I understand what a sad way it is., The biggest mistake a self-made person makes is to think that they acknowledge everything that involves a successful lesson.
This book dispels darkness by throwing light on the right path. The author shows from His personal life what extremes can happen.

7. Rework:  | by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried

It is the most helpful book to anyone seeking success in the freelance business. It emphasizes that freelancers should focus on income-earning tasks and getting exposure to new and inspiring ideas.

They tell you to stop worrying about working out a business plan, the competition, snagging outside investors, and becoming a workaholic because it often does more harm than good. Using straightforward language, ReWork will inspire and guide you to take up several counterintuitive ideas that will help you find success in your business venture.

This book has endless contradictions. They start by “only work 40 hours per week if you work more then it’s because you like to work” then they say “save money and do everything yourself. The only way to run a successful business and work reasonable hours is to hire people to do time-consuming jobs.


8. My So-Called Freelance Life| by Michelle Goodman

Maximum ladies wanted to enter the freelance world, Michelle Goodman offers substantial advice and tips for starting. All the sticky questions you have about women in the freelancing world are answered, such as whether or not to tell your clients that the weird gurgling sound during a video conference call is your sleeping infant. Goodman mixes hilarious anecdotes from several seasoned freelancers with her own experiences. 

My favorite sentence in My So-Called Freelance Life is, “Nobility, to me, is using your creative talents to invent a job for yourself and getting paid a decent wage to do it.” And, that’s the premise of the entire book, finding your right way, earn a living outside of the traditional workplace, and sustaining your ability to do so.

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9. My Creative (Side) Busines| by Monika Kanokova

This book is a practical guide for anyone wanting to turn their side hustle into a full-time job that you are passionate about work. It contains the stories of successful women entrepreneurs, in addition to practical and reliable tips and tricks. My creative business (side) will show you the best way to position yourself as a creative freelancer and earn regular profits.

My creative business is a very inspiring book that focuses on how hard you need to work to make a private business successful and the rewards when you do so. In My first year of freelancing, this book has helped me to focus on my goals and think outside the box when it comes to sources of income and non-revenue.

It’s given me a new focus and encouraged me to pursue things other than my single dressmaking service to make money. So this is the best book for freelance writers.

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10 :The E-Myth Revisited| by  Michael Gerber

The E-Myth Revisited is one of the best books for freelance writers. The E-myth revisited gave me the swiftest jab to the gut in realizing why my business was not growing as fast as I would have liked in the early days. It is full of details of small business owners who want to see their business bigger.

It first taught me that I don’t want to own a job.  I want to own a business. Since that moment, I’ve learned to work on my businesses, not just in them. This book provides the material to help change the mindset of any technician (be they in IT, bakery, florist on any business!) and offers practical advice on how to systematize your business.

the e myth revisited 1


Freelancing is often thinking of as a passive job, but it is dependent on your actions. It is not like working at a desk and getting your work done. Then you’ve to keep developing new skills and connections that lead to new opportunities.

The best way to develop new skills or get expertise on a particular topic is by reading books. Therefore, above this post, I’ve revealed the best books for freelance writers.

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