Beauty Blog Post Ideas

100+ Top Beauty Blog Post Ideas for Bloggers

You are a writer, and you run a Beauty Blog. Sometimes you want to write but do not have unique ideas. You get stuck and have writer’s block. You might think that all beauty topics have already been taken, although there are unlimited sources on the internet.

Is it so difficult to find Blog post ideas for beauty bloggers?

Yes, this is a big problem for a beauty blogger to create a compelling blog post every time. Fortunately, beauty is a vast topic to write on. Besides, people are looking for beauty tips and tricks to solve their beauty-related issues.

If you are a beauty blogger facing this problem, read on. We are here to help you out.

There are many topics that you can write about as a beauty blogger. If you are a new blogger about beauty, skincare, makeup, and hair, etc., you can start from anywhere. 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 in 2022. A comprehensive guide for gamers

Here we have compiled an enormous list of beauty blog post ideas for bloggers.  It can, not only help your current readers but also attract new visitors along the way!

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

This list includes makeup, haircare, skincare, and other beauty-related post ideas. We hope this post, “100+ beauty blog post ideas for bloggers,” will help you to a great extent.

Beauty Blog Post Ideas about Skin Care

elsa olofsson Pm0K9Y3EPUc unsplash
Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

A reasonable and practical skincare routine according to your skin type is essential to keep your skin young, beautiful, and healthy. You can help your readers take good care of their skin with the help of the right and affordable products for their skin.

  1. Morning/Evening Skin Care Routine
  2. Weekly/Monthly Skin Care Routine
  3. Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine
  4. Budget-Friendly Products/Brands for Skin Care
  5. Travel-Friendly Skin Care Items/Products/Brands
  6. Never Buy/Big No No Skin Care Products and Brands
  7. Top 5/10 Skin Care Brands
  8. Quick, Easy, and Effective Skin Care Routine
  9. Skin Care Routine, Products, and Brands for Teens/Twenty’s/Forty’s/Sixty’s, etc.
  10. Summer/Winter Skin Care Routine, Products, and Brands
  11. Skin Care Routine, Products, Brands, Tips for Normal/Oily/Dry/Combination/Acne/Blemish Skin Type
  12. Best Affordable Face Wash/Cleansers/Toners/Moisturizers/Scrubs/Face Masks for Oily/Dry/Normal Skin Type
  13. Best Affordable Face Wash/Cleansers/Toners/Moisturizers/Scrubs/Facemasks for Teens/Twenty’s/Forty’s/Sixty’s etc.
  14. Trendy/Viral Skin Care Products
  15. Organic/Natural Skin Care Products
  16. Investment in Skin Care to Avoid Early Aging
  17. Food/Diet for Young Healthy Glowing Skin

Beauty Blog Post Ideas about Makeup

As a beauty blogger, your makeup methods, products, tips, and tricks should be attractive and inspiring. You must keep your makeup post ideas and content up-to-date.

  1. Budget-Friendly Makeup Products and Brands
  2. Travel-Friendly Makeup Products and Brands
  3. Trendy/Viral Makeup Products and Brands
  4. Best Makeup Product and Brands for Teens/Twenty’s/Forty’s/Sixty’s etc.
  5. Never Buy/Big No No Makeup Products and Brands
  6. Top 5/10 Repurchased Makeup Products and Brands
  7. Trendy/Viral lipsticks colors/Shade
  8. Trendy/Viral/Affordable Eye shadow Palettes
  9. Makeup Tools for Beginners
  10. Cream Blush VS Powder Blush
  11. TV Celebrities-Inspired Makeup Look
  12. Easy Makeup Look for Teen-Agers/College Girls/Office Girls
  13. No Makeup Look
  14. 10 minutes/Easy Makeup Tutorial for Beginners
  15. Everyday Makeup Routine/Daily Makeup Routine for Morning/ Evening/Party
  16. Summer/Winter Makeup Routine/ Look Tutorial
  17. Practical Makeup Tips in Short Time like a Pro
  18. Must-Have Makeup Products and Brands
  19. Best Organic/Natural Makeup Products
  20. 5/10 Secret Makeup Tips from TV/Showbiz Celebrities
  21. Makeup Items According to Skin Type and Tone
  22. Tips for Longer Lasting Makeup
  23. Beginner Guide for Contouring
  24. Tips for Big Eyes
  25. Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners
  26. Celebrity Makeup Looks
  27. Makeup Ideas for Busy Moms

Tutorials/How-To Beauty Blog Post Ideas

How–to is an exciting and frequently written topic nowadays. You can provide a complete step-by-step solution to your readers’ problems. Tutorials are the basic mode of the beauty industry. Unlimited newbies are looking for instructions about how to do almost anything, from applying eyeshadow to purchasing the perfect set of false lashes, etc.

  • How to Remove Makeup
  • How to Wash and Clean Makeup Brushes
  • How to Store and Take Care Makeup Products
  • How to Organize Makeup Collection
  • How to Make Beauty Products Last Longer
  • How to Conceal Pimples with Makeup
  • How to Do Character Makeup
  • How to Apply Makeup Products in the Correct Order
  • How to Select the Perfect Lipsticks /Base /Concealers etc.
  • How to Select the Right Primer for Your Skin
  • How to Apply Blush on for Every Face Shape
  • How to get Back Burn Skin
  • How to Escape Sun Burn
  • How to Repair Damaged Skin Naturally
  • How to Treat Large Open Pores
  • How to select Right Sun Block/Sun Screen for Your Skin
  • How to Get Hair Free Skin
  • How to Deal with Dead Skin on Body
  • How to Deal with Dark Circles
  • How to Cure Hormonal Problems Naturally
  • How to Treat Dark Spots on Body/Hands etc.
  • How to Get Rid of Acne
  • How to Get Smooth Skin after Waxing
  • How to Get Rid of Black Heads Naturally
  • How to Keep Youthful Looking Hands
  • How to Find Your Face Shape
  • How to Find Your Skin Type/Hair type
  • How to Fond your Skin Tone and Undertone for Foundation/Base
  • How to Maintain Your Beautiful Young Glowing Skin for Long with the Help of Natural Ingredients
  • How to Avoid Skin Aging
  • How to Get Glass Skin/Even Skin Tone
  • How to Groom Eyebrows and Lashes Longer
  • How to Choose Perfect Foundation/Select Makeup Brushes

Beauty Blog Post Ideas about Hair Care/Hair Coloring/Hair-Styling/

adam winger WDmvpGs2060 unsplash
Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash
  • Budget-Friendly Shampoos/Conditioners/Hair Masks
  • Shampoos/Conditioners/Hair Masks for Normal/Dry/Curly/Damaged /Dyed Hair
  • Organic shampoo VS Chemical Based Shampoo
  • Silicon/sulfate-free Shampoos
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Hair Care Routine
  • Never Buy/Big No No Hair Care Products and Brands
  • How to Care and Manage Hair in Summer, Monsoon, etc.
  • Best Hair Dye Color Shades and Brands
  • 86.   Metallic VS Synthetic Hair Colors
  • Tips for Long-Lasting Hair Coloring
  • DIY Hair Coloring
  • Must-Have Hair Styling Tools
  • Tips and Precautions for Hair Dying
  • Importance of Using Heat Protectors, serums, etc.
  • How to Treat and Manage Curly Hair/Long Wavy Hair/ Dry Damaged Hair/Frizzy Hair/ Bleached Hair/Early Grey Hair etc.
  • Best Haircuts for Different Face Shapes
  • Trendy/Viral Haircuts and Hair colors
  • How to treat Frequent Hair Fall
  • Treatments for Dandruff, Itching, and Greasy Scalp
  • Facts and Myths about Hair Extension and Hair Transplant

Beauty Blog Ideas on Miscellaneous Topics


  • Best Way to Select Perfume Collection
  • Tips for Applying Perfume

     100. How to Layer Perfume for Long Lasting

     101. Perfume Storage Tips

     102. Budget-Friendly Perfume

     103. Local VS Imported Perfumes

     104. Top 5/10 Perfume Brands in the World

     105. Expensive VS Cheap Perfumes

     106. Tips to Recognize Fake/Copy Perfumes

     107. Top 5/10 Perfumes Celebrities Used

     108. Perfumes Gift Ideas for Men/Women etc.

DIY/Natural Remedies

    109. DIY Mask for Oily/Dry Skin

     110. Natural Remedy for Dandruff

     111. DIY Hair Conditioner

Products Reviews

   112. Review of Hair Care Products

   113. Review of Trending/Viral Products

   114. Review of Skin Care Products

   115. Review of Makeup Products

   116. $1 Items Review

Beauty Blog Post about My Self

  117. My Daily Skin Care Routine

  118. My Makeup Collection

  119. My Daily Makeup Routine for Morning/Evening

Face Masks

120. Best Face Mask for Oily/Dry/ Acne/Normal Skin Types

121. How to Make Your Face Mask at Home

122. Best Face Masks for Summer/Winter

Nail Art

123. Best Tools for Nails or Meni Pedi

124. Trendy/Viral Shapes of Nail

125. Tips to Apply Nail Polish Neatly and Make it Last Longer

126. Beginner’s Guide/Tips to Nail Care and Nail Art to Get Started

127. Nail Polish/Colors Collection for All Time

128. Tips to Keep Nails Strong and Long

129. Latest/Trendy/Viral Nail art Look and Shades

130. Nail Colors for work/Office/Dinner/Parties

131. Importance of Base Coat and Upper/Top Coat

132. How to Maintain Long Strong Nails

133. French Nail Art

134. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Nails Care Routine

Some Other Beauty Blog Post Ideas

135. What to Eat to Look Beautiful

136. Nutrients/Healthy Diet for Fair Glowing Skin

137. Body Whitening Drinks and Diet

138. Stress damages Skin and Hair

139. Effects of Healthy Diet on Skin and Hair

140. Dermatologist Recommended Supplements for Skin and Hair

141. How to Build Your Makeup Collection

142. 5 Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Have in Their Collection

143. Tips/Guide for Beginners/Teens for Acne Skin

144. Beginners/Basic Guide/Tips for Skin/Hair Care etc.

145. Drugstore Items

146. Affordable VS High-End Beauty Products

147. 5/10 Reasons to Invest in High-End Beauty Items

148. A Haul from a Specific Store

149. A seasonal Haul

150. A Haul for Creating a Certain Look

151. Dos and Don’ts

152. Facial Tips, Tricks, and Precautions

153. Eyebrows Tips and Tricks

154. List of Affordable Products and Brands/ All-time Hits

156. Guide to Shop Beauty Products Online

157. Pimples and Treatment

158. Trends

159. Workout Routine

160. List of Affordable Beauty Products/Items


If you are a beauty blogger looking for new things to write about, take a look at these beauty blog ideas for inspiration. Creating a blog series or posts that you repeat is one of the best methods to attract readers to return to your site. These blog post ideas for beauty bloggers are not only popular with readers, but they can also help you maintain consistency in your material throughout the year.

Now you’ve found a long list of beauty blog post ideas. Let’s think about how you’ll get your posts in front of a large audience, and the possibilities are unlimited. You may use tried-and-true blogging strategies in SEO to help your site climb the Google rankings and reach more readers.

We hope that this list of beauty blog post ideas will help you to in great extent and, you will be able to plan out your next few blog posts.

If you want to make your blog posts outstanding and attract your target audience, we recommend you to read how to write a great/fantastic blog post. It will teach you how to write a fascinating and engaging title, why you should use relevant images, and how to create a hook to connect with your readers. You should also avoid blogging mistakes.

Research, essential SEO expertise, and patience are required when choosing a blog post topic and crafting a fantastic blog post. Before creating a blog post, you should think about all these elements to make the most of your time and resources.

Product reviews and how-to instructions are a terrific way to interact with your audience. They show that you care about them as a beauty blogger. You may optimize them for search engine queries and reach people looking for precisely what your post is about.

We hope you find these blog post ideas for beauty bloggers helpful and that they will add value to your beauty blog. All these makeup blog post ideas are exactly what your readers want. I hope you got a lot of inspiration for your blog from this.