Useful Chrome Extensions for bloggers

9 Useful Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

In this article, I will be talking about 9 useful Chrome extensions for bloggers but before diving into it I’ll be first discussing What are Chrome Extensions? How are they useful to bloggers? What are the best chrome extensions for bloggers and what chrome extensions can help bloggers and websites to create content of good quality?

Chrome Extensions for bloggers
Chrome Extensions

What are Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions are tiny software or programs that aid in customizing and modifying the browsing experience. They assist in adding beneficial functionalities to the chrome browser. The main motive of an extension is to perform a single function. Around this function, other programs are designed.

Why are Chrome Extensions useful for bloggers?

Due to Chrome’s sophisticated design, fast speed, and effective tab management, it has become global. It is known as the leader of all browsers because of its extensibility. These extensions are quite helpful for bloggers. They assist bloggers to enhance their productivity and lessen distractions from the source content. These tools can benefit bloggers in making their content authentic and reliable.

Useful extensions for bloggers:

As stated above Chrome extensions are helpful for bloggers. Some of these extensions are mentioned below:

1) Grammarly:

Grammarly is a chrome extension that can eliminate all grammatical and spelling errors from any given piece of writing. By proofreading the writing, it can make it look more sound and authentic. This extension automatically points out punctuational errors and flaws in each piece of text. Then it provides suggestions to correct these errors.
It provides a good opportunity for a user to improve his/her English by continuously scanning the text and pointing out the errors. Furthermore, Grammarly is one of the best extensions that can help bloggers to improve the quality of their content.

Grammarly Free


2) AdBlock:

Adblock is an extension that helps to get rid of annoying advertisements that pop up when a website is opened. It helps in improving the browsing experience by getting rid of the culprits responsible for spoiling the browsing experience. This extension enables users to save time while researching for their articles and projects. It makes it easier for the users to read the content on a website by eliminating distractions
Adblock also prevents advertisers to track users across websites. Its formidable efficacy makes the browsing experience pleasant and convenient. It is one of the useful chrome extensions for bloggers as it eliminates all distractions

AdBlock — best

3) SEOquake:

SEOquake is a beneficial website that eases all tasks related to SEO. It’s a powerful and free-of-cost toolbar that helps users to investigate customizable parameters on the fly.
This extension provides an immediate SEO summary for any webpage that the user is browsing and shows an interactive SEObar that can be adjusted according to the user’s demands.
Currently, it is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. SEOquake extension is not only limited to search results but it additionally provides a series of reports about the webpage’s SEO value. It is a platform that gives its users unlimited opportunities to uncover any type of information they want.

A Powerful SEO T

4) Pocket:

Pocket is one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers. It allows users to save videos and articles so that they can view them whenever they want. Up to 15 million people have downloaded it. This application is famous among all chrome users. Through this application, all web content can be saved in one place and can be accessed through any device.
The interesting part is that users can have access to all the material saved on with or without an internet connection. Pocket makes research easier and the browser more organized. Integration tools such Twitter, Buffer, Feedly, and IFFT are also available on it.

chrome extensions for bloggers

5) Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder:

This extension enables users to take a screenshot of a part of a web page or a whole page. The users can edit, highlight, crop, blur out needless or confidential information. Another exciting feature offered by this extension is that it allows recording activities on the browser in the form of a video.
This extension is quite useful for bloggers because their job requires them to present innovative concepts in different ways and Awesome Screenshot helps them to fulfill this job.

Awesome Screensh 1
Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

6) Color Zilla:

Color Zilla is another downloadable extension introduced by Chrome Web Store. It consists of a broad range of color picking and color matching tools. This extension helps in getting a colored reading from anywhere in the browser.
Moreover, these tools help in customizing the browser. The eyedropper icon offered by it enables users to interesting options such as designing customizable color palettes, zoom and detecting color codes on selective web pages.

ColorZilla Chr 1
Color Zilla

7) WhatRun:

WhatRun is another exciting and valuable chrome extension for bloggers that helps in making websites and blogs powerful. The novel feature of this website is that serves in identifying technologies that are applied on any website.
In one, only one click users have access to information that not only tells them what technologies are used but also notifies them if any technology is added or removed by a website. Various aspects related to a website such as themes, CMS plugins can be extracted through WhatRun and can be applied to the user’s website.

WhatRuns Chrom

8)Bitly|Powerful short links:

Bitly is a life-saving chrome extension that helps to shorten URLs.People usually avoid long URLs as they seem spammy. Many websites suffer because of this. Bitly solves this problem as it helps to shorten these URLs and make them seem more authentic and genuine.
With a click, this extension creates short, customized, and easily identifiable links from any webpage. It saves bloggers from getting flagged as they must share their content frequently on social media platforms. It is one of the useful chrome extensions for bloggers as it facilitates them to increase traffic on their page.

URL Shortener 1
Bitly|Powerful short links


Font finder is another deep learning chrome-free extension that is quite useful for useful websites. It has a collection of over 133,000 font styles and can work with connected scripts. This font-finding tool is one of the useful chrome extensions for bloggers as it can benefit websites and blogposts to achieve and maintain a good On-page SEO.
An exciting feature offered by this famous online font finding tool is that it provides its user with the competitive analysis of On-page SEO of different websites. It also reports its user with all the details related to the font styles and can help its user in understanding which font style is suitable for their websites.

Font Finder Ch 1

Wrapping up:

Though there are plenty of extensions available on Chrome. But the extensions given above are highly recommended for a website or a blog post. They are all free and require no additional investment. The tools provided by them are easy to use, time-saving, and extremely helpful.