how to save money successfully

9 excellent tips on how to save money successfully

Don’t you hate it, When you run out of money in the most crucial situations? You look for tips on how to save money successfully but cannot keep track. Saving money for a rainy day is very important, and you cannot ignore this fact. But before knowing different ways about how to save money successfully, you need to find the answer to one question, Why do you need to save money? If you find out the answer to this “why,” you are more likely to save money. The purpose of saving money can vary from teenager to adult. You must set your financial goals in order to save money successfully.

Saving money can obviate you from falling into various terrible situations like financial stress, continuous working for long hours, instability, etc.

Here is a complete and easy guide on how to save money successfully.

how to save money
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Guide on how to save money successfully:

  1. Set up a budget:

Establishing and planning a budget is the most crucial step. It can help you to control your expenses. For this purpose, you need to note down your monthly spending, make categories of all the things you need to purchase, write down the estimated price of each good. By following this method, you can keep a record of your expenses and save money successfully. Thanks to technology which has made this process very easy for everyone by introducing apps where you can note down everything.

  1. Cut down extra purchasing:

Are you looking for ways to save money successfully? Here is this fantastic tip that can help you to save. Start cutting down extra expenses. Make a list of all the non-essential things, and eradicate those from your daily life. Do not buy something which you don’t use because it will increase your purchases. Do not visit shopping malls often because it will make you buy unnecessary things. This irregular buying will put you under financial stress, and you would not be able to keep anything aside for a rainy day. Also, cancel out all the memberships and subscriptions you don’t use. By cutting down small and useless purchases, you can save money for big things.

  1. Do not smoke:

If you are addicted to smoking, and you cannot continue your day without smoking 7 to 8 cigarettes, you are wasting your money as well as playing with your health. A pack of cigarettes costs 100 rupees; if you buy 1 pack each day, you are spending 3000 a month on smoking which is a lot of money. On the other hand, if you save this money and spend it on some useful purpose, you will feel contented and happy. We all know it is not easy to do, but try, try, try till you succeed.

  1. Establish saving goals:

Looking for ways on how to save money successfully but could not figure out anything? Well, you can start by setting goals first. Try to identify why do you want to save money, and the reason can be anything like education, unpredictable emergencies, a new car, or a house. Once you determine your goals, start saving, penny by penny, and ultimately you will see yourself achieving your goals.

  1. Start with a little amount:

Starting little does not mean you only save once a year, but it means saving a small amount of money every month. Do not pressurize yourself by separating a vast amount of money as savings from your salary. You may save this amount once and find it difficult to save the same amount next month. Make small saving goals, start from small because it is an easy and more consistent way of saving money successfully.

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  1. Track your spending:

Do you have no idea where all your money is going? Do you run out of money before a month ends because you are not checking up on your expenses? Do not worry; we have all been in situations like these. The best way to save money successfully is by tracking your expenses. Record your purchases, try to find out where most of your money is going. Sometimes you are not using but wasting money, and you do not realize it unless you make a list of all your purchases. Be specific about things you need to buy, do not use money like water.

  1. Plan your meals:

“Plan your meals” yes, you heard it right. Start planning your meals before you run out of money and not have anything for a rainy day. In order to plan your meals, you need to make a menu for the whole month. Organize the menu in such a way that there are fewer meat days. While buying groceries, try to buy cheap but healthy products. Do not visit restaurants frequently. This thing can help you a lot with saving money successfully.

  1. Pack your lunch:

Think about it: if buying lunch from the office or college canteen costs you more than bringing lunch from home, what sign are you waiting for? Why are you not packing your lunch? One of the most appropriate ways of saving money successfully is by not buying expensive food or coffee from different canteens. Try to bring lunch from home. It will help you reduce your extra expenses, and you will be able to save some money at the end of every month. With this strategy, you may get to know how to save money successfully.

  1. Buy used books:

If you are a student or an adult who loves to read books and you spend half of your pocket money or salary on buying new expensive books, sorry to break it to you, you are on the wrong track. By spending your money like this, you will never save money. I am not suggesting you stop reading; rather, you can buy used or second-handed books. You can go to your nearby library, purchase their membership and read your desired book. Many students run out of pocket money due to spending money on books. This tip can save you from rainy days, and you can save money successfully.

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Save money successfully on shopping:

You can save money every time you shop. I will introduce you to the top 2 companies/apps that help you save your money on every shopping by giving you cash back. Yes, you got it right A CASHBACK ON SHOPPING FROM YOUR FAVOURITE STORES.

Rakuten is a Japanese-based company that provides you with cashback on shopping from almost over twenty-five hundred stores. In these stores, you can buy everything, from fashion to food or from home décor to technology and travel. To avail of this opportunity more quickly and to get free deals, you can download the Rakuten app. Add the product you want to your cart, click on the cash back option and buy your favorite things. After shopping, you will get money as cashback to your account. In this way, you can buy as well as save money successfully.

Another site is “Top Cashback” this site provides you with the services of almost 4,000 stores. You can shop whatever you want by clicking on links to any store available on the site. You will get a cashback on each shopping, which means they will return half of your money, and you will get the desired product. The purpose of Top Cashback is to help people save their money. You can also save your money by buying things from these stores and not from stores which charge you the full fee.


Saving money is very important; anyone who advises you otherwise is not sincere to you. By saving money successfully you can fulfill your dreams like buying a home or a car, getting your desired work, enrolling in your favorite college; all these things can only be done when you have money in your account. By saving money, you can face the unpredictable events life may throw you in like, sudden emergencies, losing your job, or others. There are a lot of unique ways to save money as well that you can take a look at.

By the implementation of the above-advised tips, you can successfully save money. Also, if anyone asks you about how to save money successfully, you can answer their “how” by letting them read this article.