5 Proven blog monetization methods: How to monetize your blog in 2021

5 Proven blog monetization methods: How to monetize your blog in 2021

A light purse is a heavy curse! If you’re not establishing a passive income stream in this era, you lack a huge asset that will reward you soon. Blogging is one of the best sources of automated passive income. A Blog needs a lot of effort initially, but it is always worth the effort in the end. It’ll pay you out a considerable amount over time. You will need to know blog monetization methods to earn money from your blog.

There are various examples of bloggers who are earning more in Blogging than in conventional jobs. Many bloggers left their 9 to 5 jobs and made blogging their full-time careers. Let me give an example of Pete Cashmore, who launched Mashable in 2005. According to a report, this blog is earning $600,000 monthly.

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Moreover, Blogging has many other valuable benefits. You will learn many new things through Blogging. You will have an opportunity to connect with a fantastic audience, learn a new skill, learn the technical language, and much more. You can easily design a blog using WordPress. Please read this guide on How to make 100$ with blogging as a beginner? A comprehensive beginner’s guide

Well! Let’s get to the Hot Potato for today which is Blog monetization methods

If you are pondering how to monetize your blog? There are many prolific ways you can monetize your blog. It may be Affiliate marketing, Displaying Ads, Selling Ebooks, Online courses, Sponsored Posts, etc. This article will show you the various most lucrative proven blog monetization methods.

By the end of this article, you’ll get the answer to your question, “how to monetize a blog?”

Affiliate marketing; most fruitful blog monetization method

Affiliate marketing means you earn money by selling other’s products on your blog by recommending them to your audience. For each sale, you get a specific amount of money commissioned for selling that product. It is the most remunerative way of earning money through blog monetization. Many platforms are offering affiliate plans, one of the best in the Amazon Associates Affiliate program. There are others, too, like commission junction, Shareasale, reward style, or ClickBank. You may use the Linkninja extension with rewardStyle to keep all your products links in one place.

Amazon Associate Affiliate program:

Amazon is a vast, trusted marketplace for buyers worldwide. Many people buy from Amazon, so your audience has multiple chances to buy from your link. And you will get a percentage of commission from it. No doubt! This program is a very profitable way of earning a handsome amount of money. This is one of the best affiliate marketing programs if you have a great audience.

How does this work?

In this method, initially, you have to sign up at Amazon Associates.

Then, you have to select products that you want to promote.

Recommend those products on your blog, and attach the affiliate link.

When somebody clicks through your Amazon affiliate link and purchase any product from Amazon, you’ll get the percentage of that. Mostly, it is a 4%-10% commission for each sale. The Amazon affiliate program is recommended if you are new to the blogging industry and do not sell any products or services.

For example, If you have a tech blog, you can quickly write content to incorporate tech-related affiliate links like laptops, Chromebooks, accessories, etc. As people are already benefiting from your tech-related content, selling these products helps you create an almost automated stream of passive income.

Imagine if your commission is $4 for each sale, and you made it sale to 200 people; you can easily make $800. It is that easy and accessible. This is one of the most profitable blog monetization methods.

Protip:  The amount of commission varies on individual products. Choose the product wisely by checking the amount of commission you will get and the products that are a perfect fit for your readers.

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Making money by displaying Ads

Displaying ads on your blog is like setting forth a billboard on your website. Various platforms are offering a CPC program. As the name infers, it is the Cost per Click value, which means you will get the money for each click on the Ad banner. For this medium, it is compulsory to have more audience, because usually, every 10 in 1000 people click on the ads. Generally, The CPC is about 30 cents.

Consequently, If you’ve 10000 visitors per month & 100 people click the Ads, you would make 0.3$. Therefore, Displaying Ads is not much profitable blog monetization method; yet it Is the popular course of action. Because it works and is the fastest method of earning money; if you are receiving an appreciable amount of audience on your blog.

Engadget is a blog about gadgets and consumer electronics; It generates an estimated monthly revenue of $300,000, mostly from banner advertising. Furthermore, Jon Dykstra from fat stacks has succeeded in making monthly revenue of $131,571 through displaying ads. 

How does this work?

For making money through displaying Ads, you first have to apply to an Ad network. The Ad network will review your website, check your traffic, and then approve your blog. After approval, you will be able to choose compartments for advertisement on your blog. You will get an HTML link which you will insert to your ad spaces, and that’s it! You’re good to go. Collect clicks!

Google Adsense has a very effective monetization strategy, but you must have a large audience to make Google Adsense pay. Many experts recommend this for beginner bloggers. Other sources of making money by displaying Ads are Ezoic, Mediavine, & Monumetric. There are many others too you may research. Blog monetization methods using Mediavine usually require less audience than google Adsense.

Protip: Don’t opt for this monetization strategy until you have much traffic on your blog to get you real money.

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Photo by Melanie Deziel on Unsplash

Earn money by selling Ebooks

Selling ebooks on your blog is a very bankable way of generating revenue. Ebooks are a great source of learning, and people tend to buy quality ebooks that contain valuable content. Writing an Ebook is an accessible task; one can use online templates and write one’s Ebook on MS word or Google Docs. You may create illustrations and graphics from Canva & add them to your Ebook to make it look attractive. To remove basic grammatical errors and identical stuff, you can use Grammarly; it is a very noteworthy app for writers and easy to use.

You may write Ebook on anything you are good at if you are an expert in Blogging, making money from home, or freelancing. You can quickly put down your words on Docs to churn out an Ebook of learning stuff for your audience. One can also use its hitherto articles and blog posts on these topics and compile them in one Ebook. If your Ebook stands out then it is one of the very cost-effective blog monetization methods.

Selling an ebook is somehow a difficult task. Nobody likes to spend dollars $ on a digital paper product if it does not benefit them. Therefore, it is compulsory to have considerable traffic on your blog to enhance your sales. You should formulate a catchy title for your Ebook urging people to buy it. You can certainly promote your Ebook on your blog by writing copies or content that may entice people. Compelling content is the key to boost up your Ebook sales.

Write Ebook based on the most viewed content on your blog; because it shows your readers’ interests. Here is Tim’s success story of selling Ebooks. He is selling 10-15 Ebooks per day. He got an $827.99 deposit from Amazon for just one month, and those were the sales in the US only; Isn’t it intriguing?

So, Prepare yourself for writing and selling an Ebook.

Protip: If you don’t have any skill to put down and construct an Ebook. You may hire someone to write one for you and then treat yourself with the high revenue it will generate.

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Monetizing the Blog with Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts may not be the best option for beginners’ blog monetization, but it is an excellent opportunity for established or successful bloggers to earn money. A Blogger or influencer may charge a fee to companies in exchange for an honest review. In this blog monetization methods, a blogger has to review a product he has used and share his experience with his audience. Many companies get in touch with the influencers to increase their brand’s exposure and make it known to a different audience.

According to a survey conducted in 2018 in Spain, 23.1 % of the companies’ CEOs stated that they collaborate with bloggers to enhance the visibility of their brands. Reaching out to an influencer or blogger for honest reviews has tremendously increased the sales of many manufacturers.

Many bloggers charge a varied amount of money for a single sponsored post. Alexis Schroeder has a blog about fitness and personal finances as Fitnancials; She charges around $750-$1500 per sponsored post. This way, she generates $3000 per month from sponsored posts conveniently. if you have otstanding communication skills, this is one of the easiest blog monetization methods, in my opinion.


To be eligible to reach out to brands and companies for sponsored posts. The first thing you should have is a decent amount of traffic on your blog, and the second thing you must have is an engaging audience. It would be best if you were trustworthy and credible for your audience. Their trust in you will make the brands come to you to boost up their sales. Make sure to write an unbiased review. Many bloggers, Matthew Woodward, have clearly stated on their blogs that “a paid review does not mean a good review.”

Protip: Don’t fool your audience by giving biased feedback or review. Don’t lose their trust for a few more bucks, or else they will leave your site. Be transparent to your audience; this is the best practice. Ask the companies that you will write an honest review; nothing more, nothing less.

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Monetize your blog by selling online courses: high- paying blog monetization methods

Online courses allow an individual to learn any skill, anywhere, even in the comfort of their living room. In this epoch, the tuition fee of universities is increasing day by day, due to this enormous rise of education expenses and minor number financial aids; many students are rushing towards online courses which are more affordable and accessible to learn skills that benefit them and make them able to earn money to pay their tuition charges. Selling online courses has given an entire livelihood to numerous folks.

If they can do this! Why not you??

You can easily monetize your blog and win a fortune by selling online courses. This method is not the exact monetization of your blog, but it will render you money from the readers who buy your online course. In simple words, it is the people who pay you to purchase your product (an online course in this scenario). Still, like sponsored posts and ebooks, you should have much traffic reaching out to your blog, you must be a credible personality for them, and you should be an expert about the niche you devise your course. Thus, people will be eager to learn from you and will buy your course.

An ordinary guy Joseph Michael who was living his life from paycheck to paycheck, took the world by storm by devising his online course on the use of Scrivener for writers.

Simply put: if you are an expert in any industry, devise an online course and sell it on your blog.

Protip: you may formulate a free session before launching the course to explain your course outline and to entice your readers to buy your course. Most preferably, people like to buy online courses that make a valuable addition to their skills and make more money by leveraging their skills.

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In a nutshell, monetizing the blog has never been such an easy task; but in today’s world, you can easily monetize your blog and earn a massive amount of money through it. It is an incredible stream of passive income.

But, Blogging is not an effortless task. You’ve to put tremendous efforts, in the beginning, to make it pay you afterward. We know that “Consistency is crucial for success,” but this proverb is more applicable to Blogging; because many people dishearten and leave Blogging due to impatience. Therefore, you have to be a patient and an invariant breadwinner to succeed in the blogging industry. So, now you have an answer for how to monetize a blog?

Good luck with your monetization