Blogging mistakes to avoid


Mistakes happen in every field of life. But, stopping yourself from the fear of mistakes is not an appropriate thing. The lessons learned from the mistakes are crucial to a successful journey.

As a beginner in blogging, you will make tons of mistakes, but what if you already know about every blogger’s common errors in their initial journey? The prior knowledge of mistakes will save your efforts and time because one who learns from the mistakes of others is known as a wiser man.

Blogging Mistakes to Avoid
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Today, in this article, we will discuss how the blogging mistakes to avoid in the long run. Then, the new levels of success will open to you, and who knows that you earn the victory in a short period.


The selection of niche is essential, and usually, bloggers ignore this point. So let’s first understand that what is the niche? Niche is the industry or topic on which you write.

Your blog will optimize soon if your niche is online making money and you provide information on this specific category. Because the public values your content because you are the expert in your place, and ultimately google will also give authority to your content.

Secondly, never use a macro niche as a new blogger. There are already many blogs available in such niches. So, always try to opt for a micro-niche. Hence, the chances of ranking your website will be greater.

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Keyword research plays a crucial role in attracting massive traffic to your blog. Unfortunately, beginner bloggers do not bother to perform keyword research before writing their blog posts.

The process in which a few words or keywords are selected based on search volume, SEO difficulty, and Cost-per-click is known as keyword research. This process helps in increasing sales, leads, and more traffic to your website.

The tools you can use for keyword research are Ubersuggest, Semrush, and Ahref.

It is advisable to use long-tail keywords which are of 4 or more words. The reason is short-tail keywords are difficult to rank.


The content is not that too good is another blogging mistake to avoid. It usually happens when you think that writing is a piece of cake and can write on anything. Moreover, it happens when you hire low-rate and non-experience content writers.

To rank your blog in a short time, the hiring of content writers should take place to provide valuable content for your blog. In addition, if you don’t want to hire someone, you must learn content writing to understand how to write a blog post to create quality content for your website.

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Furthermore, always try to answer or solve the query of the reader in your blog post. There are many ways to edit your blog content. After writing, read your content twice or thrice to edit it aggressively. The use of proofreading tools, i.e., Grammarly, Hemingway helps in creating error-free content.


The amateur bloggers want faster results. However, it takes months or years to build popular blogs.

According to the Weidert group report, 55-70 frequently blogs are required to impact google algorithms. Because, after posting that many articles, google will treat your content as a legitimate source which will increase traffic to your website.

It is better to write a substantial amount of blog posts before initiating your website.

So, give your blog a significant amount of time to grow, and don’t give up too quickly.


One of the significant blogging mistakes to avoid in 2021 is to prepare a proper monetization plan before starting it.

Most of the bloggers presume that they will generate enough earnings through google ad sense. And for this, they will bring traffic from social apps like WhatsApp. However, this is not the appropriate strategy.

If you want to earn a significant amount from the blog, you must prepare a monetization strategy. For example, bloggers can create different social media accounts for a particular blog to increase traffic. It can include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Moreover, affiliate marketing will also help in generating a handsome amount. Affiliate marketing is to sell other’s products by using the referral link on your blog. Hence, you will get a commission for such a sale. In addition, you can also sell your products or services on your blog.

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WhatsApp Image 2021 09 07 at 11.10.10 PM


Many people are looking for how to create a blog for free and make money. However, this object cannot be achievable because a blog requires an initial investment of domain and hosting.

There are many limitations of using free hosting and domain in the formation of a blog. Firstly, in free blogs, you will not have control over your site.

Secondly, limited features are available in free blogs, i.e., limited space and bandwidth. Furthermore, you cannot claim ownership of your content because it remains with the blogging platforms.

The blogging platforms can edit your content anytime without your consent. Hence, it is better not to use a free domain and hosting.

Nowadays, offers a considerable discount. You can buy hosting and a free domain for just $3.99 per month for consecutively four years. The offer is fantastic which you can avail and get rid of free blogging platforms.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) based content is the crucial part of blogging. Without SEO, you cannot rank your website. Unfortunately, in the beginning, many bloggers ignore this SEO part, which wastes their efforts and time.

To make your blog successful, the blogger must know On-page, Off-page, and Technical SEO.

The Rank Math plugin of WordPress helps you to identify whether your content is SEO optimized or not. The Rank math score of your content should be more than 80.

Hence, in this way, you will be able to fetch organic traffic towards your blog.

Blogging Mistakes to Avoid
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In numerous blogging mistakes to avoid, the use of google images is one of the silliest mistakes. Furthermore, using copyrighted pictures in your blog posts will result in heavy penalties for violating the copyright laws.

Instead of using pirated images, bloggers should use sources that provide copyright-free photos. Unsplash,, Burst, and Pixabay are the platforms where you can easily download the pictures for free.

Moreover, you can also use image-creating tools like Canva to create pictures for your articles. Canva is a best tool for bloggers to design infographics for their posts.


Consistency is the main difference behind the success and failure of blogs. Beginners are usually very aggressive in the initial blog phase but lack consistency, which vainly throws their blogs.

Bloggers must maintain consistency in posting their articles. It may be any sequences daily, once in a week, or once in a month. But, try to be consistent because your scheduling will help you to get more traffic.

To understand the importance of consistency in posting blogs on your website, the name of brian dean is a remarkable example.

He is the founder of backlinko. Brian only posts one article in a month as he is quality conscious. But, his consistency of publishing one post in a month leads him to catch organic traffic of 4 lakh users in a month and mostly from google.

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Lastly, blogging mistakes to avoid is ignorance of email lists. New bloggers usually think that only social media platforms can promote their blogs and maintain relationships with their audience.

There is no doubt that social media is beneficial in communicating to a large audience and create awareness to the public who may not know about a blog.

However, email lists help in connecting more closely with the existing audience. For example, email lists build on those who subscribed to your blog and wanted to follow your website.

Bloggers should try to provide quality content to the audience of the email list. The use of personalized messages, disclosing the articles before publishing them on the website, and special offers on products and services help gain subscribers’ trust.

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Every blogger makes mistakes in its initial phase of blogging. And that is okay.

Yet, this guide aims to highlight some familiar and costly blogging mistakes to avoid in 2021. The key here is to facilitate newbies to grow their blogs faster by avoiding the deadliest errors.

The mistakes mentioned above will help you in your blogging career. So do let us know what mistakes you are making in the comments section.